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  1. I'm playing the "A December Morning" demo scenario so I guess that's about a medium sized map. I definitely do concede that my GTX 970's usage goes up a bit with Worghern's textures so the graphics card is working harder than with the vanilla textures. But even with the harder working card, I really don't see a performance degradation with Worghern's textures. Maybe a 1-2 fps loss if anything, but nothing I worry about. Please keep in mind that I do not use SweetFX with CMx2 so that could be a difference.
  2. I only have the demo right and I see no performance difference between the vanilla graphics, Aris' beta terrain mod or Worghern's mod with my i7-920 overclocked to 4 Ghz with a GTX 970. What i find is the best solution to keep steady frame rates at 30 fps is exactly what sandman2575 wrote: Set your Vertical Sync to "Adaptive - Half Refresh Rate" if you have an nVidia card. Setting this, I get a pretty steady 30 fps on all scenarios for all CMx2 games with shadows and shaders on and mostly at the "Improved" 3D Model Quality setting. Sometimes I can bump it up to "Better" and still keep 30 fps. The only trade off is that I sometimes get that blurred line for the ground textures, but that is tolerable for steady frame rates.
  3. Pretty sure it will work. I just have the demo, but I'm using a combo of Aris' and Vein's special effects mods and they work fine.
  4. Top quality work as is the norm from Aris, Many thanks!
  5. I just have the demo for now, but this mod really adds to the atmosphere of the game. No doubt I will be buying it very soon. Many thanks for your hard work on this, Worghern. It is very much appreciated!
  6. I just have the demo and the mod works fine with it.
  7. I have an i7-920 overclocked to 4 Ghz and I upgraded from a 660Ti to a GTX 970 in late 2014 and haven't regretted it. I admit I didn't get any performance increase in the CMx2 games, but for other games like Shogun 2: Total War or Arma 2 that use the graphics card intensively, the frame rate increase was excellent. Try to overclock that i7-870 as much as you can. My i7-920 is over 6.5 years old, but it plays almost all modern games pretty well because of its good overclock. I can't see myself upgrading the processor for another year or even two.
  8. Same with myself. With my old i7-920 overclocked to 4 GHz along with a GTX 970, I leave the detail setting to Improved most of the time and only drop down to Balanced for very big maps. Shadows and shaders are on as well. I also limit the fps to 30 using Adaptive Sync which does cause that blur line to show up on some maps, but otherwise my fps would drop down to the very low 20's.
  9. I've been using the AA setting in the CMx2 games instead of setting any sort of AA through nVidia Inspector. Been doing that for a number of years with my 660Ti and now GTX 970. At 1920x1080 resolution, the game's AA looks better to me than setting AA at any level in nVidia Inspector. Even just selecting "Enhance the Application Setting" seems to make the graphics a bit jagged at least for me. So I stick with the AA turned on in the game and leave the settings for nVidia's AA off.
  10. That's definitely what I do for all of the CMx2 games and my GTX 970 with an aging i7-920 at 4 Ghz. Set Vertical Sync Tear Control in nVidia Inspector to Adaptive and also set Vertical Sync to 1/2 refresh rate and I get a very smooth 30 fps. Without those settings, I actually lose fps to below 30 fps. With Shadows and Shaders on and best Texture Quality set, I only have to modify the Model Quality setting from Improved for huge scenarios up to Best for smaller to mid size scenarios.
  11. Under 3D Settings as Ian wrote, check to make sure Antialiasing - FXAA option is turned off. I had it once on for my old 660Ti and it made the text blurry in the CMx2 games.
  12. Super thanks for these updates and for the updates for the CMBS-CMSF and CMA games too.
  13. Trees add a real dimension to the game. CMSF with its mostly treeless setting can get a little monotonous after a while while the other CM games have a lot more variety in their maps. One CMRT PBEM battle I played, my opponent and I basically slugged it out in the forest which was really interesting due to the limited LOS. Ian mentioned that forest fights are challenging and I agree.
  14. The only one that I know of: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5187/details
  15. That would be most welcome! Many thanks.
  16. Many thanks to you Ian and all of the others who donated their time. I use your icons in all my CMx2 games. Much appreciated!
  17. My current computer is almost six years old and it plays CMx2 very well and I'll probably wait another two years to replace it. I have CMx2's graphics settings set to Best for 3D Texture Quality and either Improved or Better for 3D Model Quality and I get a constant 30 fps on almost any battle map with shadows on. That nVidia task of basically locking the frame rate to 30 fps (half the refresh rate) using the Vertical Sync option really does the trick for very smooth gameplay. i7-920 overclocked to 4 Ghz GTX 970
  18. Yes, please do what Ian wrote. I had to do that too after I upgraded to 3.11.
  19. Like Shane wrote, I use an external hard drive and run Norton Ghost on my system every month or so to back everything up.
  20. I've watched the first three episodes of the series and find it interesting and fair towards both sides.
  21. Really looking forward to this. Many thanks for taking the time and effort to create these.
  22. Wow! These look great. And thanks for giving us multiple options.
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