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  1. I only reload when catastrophe strikes and it is clear I do not have a reasonable chance of accomplishing my objectives. Most of the time I learn at this point that I have made an error in judgement accounting for the issue. It is a learning curve. This is what keeps me coming back. My point was that the casualty rate SEEMS at times to be extraordinarily high in situations where units would be taking cover. I am not an expert and I do not wish to make my casualty aversion an issue about the game design. It is what it is and I love Combat Mission. I appreciate your comments,
  2. The thrust of the post, in the beginning, was a concern about time constraints and how "unrealistic" they seem to be. The thread has morphed into thoughts on scenario design. I am less concerned about the time constraint issue and I have no issues with scenario design. I have found few with major issues FOR ME. I may have problems with a scenario but it inevitably turns out that the problems are mine alone and not due to the scenario at all. I am in awe of the time and effort it takes to design a scenario for combat mission and thankful for those that create them. However, I am horrified how bloody battles are in the game. Whole squads wiped out in a burst of fire. Early on there was mention of how time limits often lead to high casualties as players rush to complete the scenario using brute force. I agree and am neurotically casualty aversive. I will do anything I can to avoid unnecessary loss. This usually means recon by endeavor. I start out with a plan and if it goes south and the casualties mount, I start over. I accept I have cheated by learning enemy dispositions by encounter but in the process usually discover that I have erred in choosing my approach and method. I would love to have a less bloody battlefield and imagine a better game world where squads hit the dirt with each incoming burst of fire to avoid becoming mincemeat. It would mean more going to ground and defilade and immobilization and less gore but it is only a game and it is what it is. I would like to see a thread about the casualty dimension of the game but I will bet it has been discussed to extinction. In the end, it is a game (/simulation) and the 'rules' (game design) are the ultimate constraint. Remember scenario designers have the same constraint.
  3. Just invested 150 + hours finally in CMANO over the past couple of months while I had some free time but ultimately decided to put it aside and switch back to Combat Mission as my main focus. Had a lot of fun. It does have a steep learning curve and it is indeed Harpoon on steroids and well worth the investment in time and money. It does involve intense micromanagement and the frustration involved finally overwhelmed me. It is probably my lack of skill and dedication. I may return if the proposed strike planner ever materializes. We are living in another golden age of combat simulations. Armored Brigade from Matrix is on the horizon too but I am a sucker for Shock Force!
  4. Installed CMBN and cannot find where the program is installed to access it. I can find CMRT and CMFB in Program Files (x86) but cannot find CMBN. Thanks,
  5. Very helpful thanks. I have upgrade 3 for CMBN. Will follow directions.
  6. Have no Combat Mission titles installed but I have purchased CMBN, CMRT, CMFB and CMBS. I will be getting the bundle 4 upgrade package. Do I need to install older versions first? From reading here in this forum I think I should be able to install all version 4 titles from the bundle pack without having to install older versions first. is this correct? Thanks,
  7. Do not want to hijack this thread but there seems to be two issues interwoven here. One is a concern about bunching and the other is about the lethality of combat in CM. I have been astounded and even put off by how bloody close combat can be in the game and have had to fight the impulse to blame the game for the carnage. The amount of effort it takes to protect my troops which I consider a priority has led to a very deliberate and stealthy method of approach to arrange the sudden delivery of overwhelming fire superiority on the enemy. The amount of effort this takes always amazes me and the tension created is often unbearable. I have been playing off and on for years and in reading this discussion I finally realized how this is really an expression of how successful the designers have been in creating such a great game. If this makes me a fanboy so be it.
  8. Loud applause. You captured the dialogue perfect! A slight tip of the helmet from behind and a wink...
  9. Agree completely. Worked last night and couldn't get home 'till today. Downloaded without incident and installed. Absolutely loved CMSF. Can't wait. My dilemma: just got started on Beutezug in CMRT and am determined to work through RT but there is CMBS beckoning me onto the rocks. Yikes! So quality stuff, so little time. Thanks, Battle Front.
  10. Bought and installed CMBN 3.0 (3.11) upgrade but accidentally deleted shortcut to Activate Modules. How do I get it back? Thanks,
  11. So, do I have to install the original (version 2.0) of the game first after purchase of the 3.0 upgrade or can I just install it from the new 3.0 upgrade all by itself?
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