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  1. BletchleyGeek

    Question about infantry animation files

    Not sure how many people are reading this forum @RockinHarry, have you tried to upload it to the new CMMODS? I think there this may be more visible.
  2. BletchleyGeek

    Ideas for CMx3 Armour Penetration Effects

    Close calls like that were surprisingly common, especially in close quarters combat. I am reading Mark's Panzerkrieg and there were lots of opportunities in the battles for Voronezh and Stalingrad. Also a common theme in the 1942 to 1943 battles is one side being surprised by enemy tanks materialising from behind a ridge and at close range.
  3. BletchleyGeek

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Just look - with attention - up the thread Michael. I was taking the piss. Unless 'snak' is snark in Canadian.
  4. BletchleyGeek

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Don't be so snaky Dynaman, you got plenty of rifles, pistols and sub machine guns to play. Snak just pisses off people and makes them to get entrenched in their initial positions. Snak aside, clearly something got longer to solve than Steve assumed. It is clear that there is a lot of work that needs to be done by hand to release patches and games, and perhaps there aren't enough pairs of hand for it. Maybe the feedback on the Rome To Victory campaign came back and wasn't great, maybe there is still some OOB imperfection like Italians having Bazookas because a copy and paste error... who knows. Yet, as long as there is people grumbling there is people caring. The day that there is only snak left will be a sad day.
  5. BletchleyGeek

    What Are You Reading?

    I am kind of expecting that in the books, whenever they come out, Cersei comes on top. Because GRRM's worlds are sometimes a lot like our own world and the most ruthless, cold blooded murderers of kin and foe alike are the ones who most often won and got to write History. Or something similarly messy and vaguely unsatisfying. In GRRM books if the good guys win usually comes at a price.
  6. BletchleyGeek


    The list is certainly exhaustive, there's even a military cookbook 🤢🤢🤢
  7. BletchleyGeek

    What Are You Reading?

    I never read historical fiction, but I quite liked Vindolanda. The historical notes at the end of the novel are a reminder of how much is lost to us from Roman times, even if imagination can fill the gaps in very entertaining ways
  8. BletchleyGeek

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    Hmmm that sounds familiar Great initiative to start this AAR, following it closely too!
  9. BletchleyGeek

    Why was CMBO removed from GOG?

    A while ago this was brought up by someone, and Steve didn't sound very happy to learn about it. GOG has been caught in the past putting up stuff in the store without verifying rights to distribution.
  10. No idea what is the movie but this selection of scenes is quite awesome. Just in case @Battlefront.com is considering upgrading the text messages and the decals...
  11. BletchleyGeek

    Over-Powered Artillery and general game lethality

    This, pretty much. The kind of situations you describe are indeed the sweet spot of CMx2. As you and @DMS point out, one needs to shape the terrain mesh in order to obtain a more accurate and effective representation of fortifications. Your Enter Germany scenario did that quite well. It is though sometimes hard to create useful trenches or fixed heavy weapons firing positions because of the terrain grid resolution. A 6 meters wide "slit" trench is like 10 wider than it should be. Still waiting for the patch to correct a few things, but maps have a lot to do in amplifying casualties. I find the CMFB maps to be kind of the peak of map making in CMx2 - dropping mortar shells in a flat as a parade ground piece of terrain is way more effective than doing so on the Belgian countryside with its ditches, and general uneven, hilly terrain.
  12. BletchleyGeek

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    Stuff like "we have hacked your computer and have footage of you enjoying porn", with a sentence like "by the way, your password is XXXX"? And XXXXX is a password appearing in one of the big password data dumps. That is a scam that has been out for a couple months, but like those thpusands of entreperneuring Nigerian princes with millions of dollars to give away to willing business partners, they probably still do it because there is some fish taking the bait.
  13. BletchleyGeek

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    The practical difference I am aware of between credit and debit cards (other than interest rates) is that if you use the later to say, rent a car, you'll also get charged for whatever is the amount set as the deposit/excess. The money is then put into "escrow", whenever the rental company gives the green light, you get a refund. With a credit card you only get charged if the rental company feels within its right to claim the money. In other words, with a debit card, you are literally giving the money pretty much as if it was cash in hand, with a credit card, it is imaginary money until there's a problem. The issues I have found is that typically, the rental company (even big ones) are hopelessly slow refunding, and in one case with Hertz, I had to make a few angry calls to have them cough up the real money they took from my accounts. If you're operating in a foreign currency, you'll be also paying double comissions etc.
  14. FWIW I played the Germans against @Lethafacein a similar way as you played the US side @slyniper. I didn't win 🙂
  15. BletchleyGeek

    What Are You Reading?

    There you go