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  1. I presume that will be December 2020, otherwise he would have said a few weeks rather than months. Southern hemisphere winter starts in June, but definitely Steve didn't had that in mind Good to see you around the boards again Phil!
  2. Maybe one day all these "bug reports" will become "suggestions to tweak algorithms and mechanics" or "requests to revise algorithms and mechanics". The ease of communication via the Internet from behind a pseudonym seems to have been detrimental to the ability to communicate.
  3. My experience is even better @Erwin, my bank here in Australia recently cancelled one of my debit cards preemptively and sent to me a replacement via urgent post, as they had got evidence that the number (not the CVC) of the card had got compromised. That's pretty much the best we can expect from a bank. I do reuse passwords for sites likes forums (e.g. Matrix, Battlefront, etc.). Surely more than one prospective "hacker" will have been disappointed following up that password seeking for gold and finding just commentary on nerdy stuff.
  4. An old thread I had bookmarked Maybe @akd can reflect on what has changed if anything over the past seven years. There was also a very good discussion on the topic of cover and "micro cover" (which is the concept analogue to terrain fire effect modifiers used by Command Ops @markshot) but I can't find that (or those?) threads. It may sound obvious but the most solid cover in the game are obstacles like walls or hedgerows and terrain. More recent maps tend to often represent terrain elevation in a more nuanced way, and the value of reverse slopes etc is better accounted for in scenarios.
  5. Remembering and celebrating the contributions and sacrifice of the grandparents' generation probably helped.
  6. Thanks for the update and happy new year to all the team!
  7. It means that the password you use on the forums has been found by Google on a known database of hacked data (this same service is provided by the website https://haveibeenpwned.com/). If you are using the same password on your online banking, netflix, amazon, etc. you should be changing it ASAP.
  8. Hi Steve, great to see you on the forums again. Many developers and publishers seem to keep e-mail newsletters in high regard. The Epic Games store, which was setup not too long ago, asks whenever you buy a game whether you would like to share your email with the publisher/developer, so you usually get newsletters etc. with new releases and stuff. There were some concerns about its compatibility with the European Union GDPR, but those turned out to be unfounded/quickly fixed. Also many devs I have supported via crowdfunding keep newsletters and send them more or less regularly (or you can subscribe via email directly to any new posts by the project developers on Kickstarter/Fig/Patreon etc.). Blogging seems to be alive and well, I still read most of my nerd news via RSS/Atom feeds. To connect with the younger generations I have no idea what you have to do. Setup a discord server? Videoblogging? But that could be curious to behold. Even one of the coolest old dudes in game development I bother following - Mitch Gitelman from Harebrained Schemes - looks distinctly out of place and slightly unhinged - in a good way - when compared to his younger peers 🙂
  9. Well, the way I see is the following. US Army infantry squads firepower is lacking especially when compared with that of countries equipping their infantry squads with organic, real LMGs. Indeed, not a huge difference since you are already at a disadvantage. So if I look at the Brazilians I will be like "okay, let me plan for this attack and make sure I have light mortars and HMGs from the Weapons company attached. Four squads will be more than enough for the task". And that will be possibly wrong. By having the vintage rifles possibly I will need 4.5 or 5 squads to do the same job. That half team worth of weight of fire may or not prove useful, but I would rather account for it than cutting corners.
  10. Not sure if there was a revision (since BFC doesn't produce comprehensive changelogs) but I have noticed that the shaders in CMFI now look better on my NVIDIA card (with the latest drivers). Lighting effects over surfaces are softer and more pleasing to the eye my eyes.
  11. That's a significant reduction in squad firepower.
  12. The Windows installer is by default pointing to a "generic" path on the C drive, rather than the folder I had CMFI installed in. So watch out for that eager clicking installing R2V somewhere else you want it in.
  13. My imagination doesn't trump your experience if you think it is doable the happier I am tbh. My reckoning was that PLF, NVA on the one hand, and US, ARVN on the other, were already a quite serious project (was ever the official US Army TO&E followed in Vietnam? I do recall reading somewhere - Hastings? - that Abrams kind of slammed the fist on the table and forced everyone to turn up in Vietnam with his take on TO&E). ANZAC and ROK sounded to me a bit of an "above the call of duty" pain with their own particular equipment and organisation.
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