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  1. Congratulations to the BFC team for what I think is the best endorsement for a simulation like CMx2. I can only hope that besides the $$$ stream coming via the contract, you guys also get some feedback on the sim, the kind of feedback that "nerds in white lab coats" can generate, and that helps you make CMx2 (or future ones) better.
  2. Months ago I joked the game would come out in winter... Guess what, southern hemisphere winter is almost here!
  3. I think you were thinking of the BA 64. This made me smile
  4. NABLA like tournaments are very fun @slyniper - excellent initiative! but my gaming budget is very short these days. Happy to post here and boost your signal!
  5. Ah, cheers @Fizou for the heads up, but it seems that they don't ship outside of Sweden... when filling in the shipping form I couldn't change the country to something useful
  6. I haven't tried the Age of Sail one... It does look quite good. People seem to complain about the ground battles... and I didn't love the American Civil War ones. Fun at times but accuracy and realism is sacrificed a bit too much in exchange for fast gameplay.
  7. Off topic, but @semmes how do you get a different signature in each post? Do you add them by hand? Or you know a forum life hack for that?
  8. Just keep track of what is the pose of the squad members. Leaders and gunners tend to switch to the "one knee down" pose while idle rather than being prone. Any soldier not prone is more exposed to fragments, incoming fire, etc. They may also not be able to take advantage of the "microcover" associated with particular tile types. The job of a leader first and foremost is to ensure an adequate level of situational awareness. Being prone is not conducive to that. Similar issues with the guy with the squad status weapon. These guys are more likely to experience "weapon pull" - since they have the big gun they are more likely to use it. So he squats to scan for targets. Being prone is not conducive to use that cool gun. On top of the above we have the target prioritisation for higher value targets: leaders and the dudes with the big gun. In your examples my guess is that what you see is about the posture of the pixel truppen. RockinHarry, several years ago, demonstrated beyond doubt how swapping the default animations had a significant impact on casualty rates. There's still a lot of game to enjoy @semmes, don't get too caught up on the little artifacts that follow from the approximations to the real thing that were deemed necessary to get this game out of the door. Peace out and stay safe!
  9. It's quite fleshed out. Last night I tried the scenario they have made for the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia duel. It was a blast. No pun intended.
  10. Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought is quite fun (early access though). It's somewhere halfway between Distant Guns and the ships game by the War Thunder Dev company.
  11. Brains and Bullets, by "Leo Murray" was exciting and very intellectually stimulating. It was for me a missing piece in a puzzle, I got so excited I have restarted a project I have kept under a tarp for years. Very interesting exposition, illustrated by historical and contemporary examples of how command and control and planning can go totally off the rails even in highly professional armies, why so many owe their life's to flamethrower tanks, or why most CM scenarios should have a 10% casualty level victory condition
  12. I had WW2 in my mind when I wrote the above. You are completely right re: contemporary mechanized infantry.
  13. Hi @Bil Hardenberger, I quite like this revision of the rules. The two waypoint limit seemed to me a bit arbitrary, given how micromanagement usually helps the TacAI to achieve better/happier outcomes. I don't think it is invalid to use a dismounted mortar crew as regular infantry. Most countries train (and trained) their mortar crews as regular infantry, they have additional training that makes them special, but still should be capable of fighting if needs be. Drivers can be assumed to have basic training at least, but certainly sending them out by themselves, like some kind of 1980s action hero, is gamey and should be ruled out. The rules are at a state that seems fit for trying - will try to covince my next PBEM opponent to give them a try.
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