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  1. BletchleyGeek

    A Thought Offered for Discussion

    There is a famous computer war game that, for some time and reasons that escape my comprehension, was marketed as having AI so good that one could pretty much sit back and the computer do things for you. Guess what. There was a considerable number of comments on the Internet to the tune of "oh yeah it's so cool, but you know, the computer is so much better than me at playing the game that I eventually shelved it". That was pretty much a moment like this for those guys, having the goods and then letting them go The really funny bit is that it was complete baloney. Anybody who actually played the game with some attention, would appreciate that the AI while good and helpful, was immensely inferior to a experienced player with a bit of an eye to detail that used the available AI orders to the maximum effect.
  2. BletchleyGeek

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    Let me raise my drink to that 🙂 And now let me write a down a worthy bulletised replica Remember than Green troops aren't just worse than Regular. They're GREEN. They shoot less, they're not marksmen and if they're roughly handled they won't be wanting to come for more. Using a heavy weapon just because you trucked the f*cking thing across a kilometer of deep snow, over a bunch of stone walls and across a ravine isn't a very sound rationale. Especially if it is not carrying any canister ammunition, like certain similar weapons used by the Germans do. Commonwealth infantry battalions are a very balanced force, which relies on Bren Carriers for mobility. No Bren Carriers = Not Much Tactical Mobility. The Canadian infantry is made of stern stuff, but they're not magical like the NZ infantry is. They're not pack horses either and they're not as highly motivated to charge onto HMGs as a bunch of Japanese infantrymen with their officers chasing them with very sharp swords could be. There is a trade off between speed and security. Exploring the middle ground, and using the idea of advanced detachments when applicable, is better than bound your way through the above mentioned deep snow and stone walls. Use your reserve to defeat decisively enemy counterattacks. Also, use your HMGs and LMG teams to supplement the fire power of the CW squads, rather than as independent units. That's pretty much it. I look forward to play with @General Jack Ripper any time. There's just three guys in the world I would go out of my way to play with again CM, and he's one
  3. Thanks for the implict recommendation Dave. It also help that neither side had as doctrine "first strike": Chris Crawford - legend developer - point was that the first strike was pretty much the end of the road.
  4. Interesting AAR @DMS. I concur that nothing - good - is cheap anymore, anywhere My own experience with the scenario is that the Red player has a real chance to overcome the German defenders. Even if defeated, I would say it would be hard in an H2H game as the German to keep casualties within the strict parameters given. The MILAN teams can be a distraction and cause some attrition, it would be funner if those guys came at a random timing. Also interesting is the choice the Syrian player has to make about the infantry on the slope, giving a good impression that reducing surrounded enemy forces while defending the outer ring is the hardest of tactical problems.
  5. A war that never was is well served by a game that never(?) will be.
  6. BletchleyGeek

    Combat Mission future

    Not making any, just helping with WITE 2 at the moment. Some day, maybe
  7. BletchleyGeek

    Combat Mission future

    Actually I disagree at two different levels Michael. Models go wrong for very clear reasons (imo) and most of the time is for the better (gameplay wise) not to fix them. This is informed by my experience both playtesting and working on building sims. I think it is very safe to say that like 90% of the time that you see a reasonably well designed model go off the rails is because you're not capturing a human factor. For instance, you can work out a very reasonable and detailed model of logistics, combat and transport to portray a campaign like Typhoon or the Bulge. But if you don't have in your system something, mechanics or rules, that either create certain incentives or compel the players to employ their forces in a manner consistent with that documented for their historical counterparts, you can kiss goodbye to "reproduce" a historical outcome or anything resembling it. A typical example is having an operational representation of Barbarossa where the Red Army player isn't compelled to behave as if he thought his forces had a chance to defeat the German Army anywhere, anytime. Otherwise you'll get the STAVKA playing the part of Brave Sir Robin. Another typical example are games where the Allies player can evacuate the Dutch East Indies, the Malay peninsula and Burma in a game covering the initial steps of the Japanese offensive in early 1942 without any kind of repercussion. In the CMx2 games, and as @slysniper said on the recent thread on how to use snipers, for all its realism, is still a game. We do all kind of crazy things since pixeltruppen aren't real people. If they die, due to our stupidity or our excessive optimism or our timidity, we're fine with that and don't have nightmares, develop PTSD or feel compelled to write to Steve letters expressing our condolences. There's no consequence to our acts. Unless one day the pixeltruppen escape the computer and decide it's time to do like their Westworld colleagues and have some fun too.
  8. BletchleyGeek

    Combat Mission future

    The cherry on top would be to have a Ryan Gosling lookalike as a model for the face of the pixeltruppen. And of course, imitating that signature "naturalistic" interpretative style he is so appreciated for.
  9. Looking at our profiles I only see one difference. Do we unlock the 1.74MB upload limit when over 1,000 posts? @Michael Emrys must be able to upload a gigabyte per post. By the way @Bulletpoint, how did you get to find out about this? Just curious.
  10. 140 kbytes for me @LukeFF - please let me know how to buy a ticket for the 21st century.
  11. BletchleyGeek

    Combat Mission future

    Since BFC approach is to have the data (TOEs, input for the models of weapons effects, etc.) that drives their simulation baked in with the executables, I am not sure how possible it actually is . I would wager that the "branches" of the engine corresponding to each "family" are probably at odds with each other in both obvious and subtle, irritating ways that require a lot of manual work. But a happy thought @LongLeftFlank. CMx2 in 2020 being two bundles, WW2 and Contemporary, on STEAM (tchoo-tchoo).
  12. BletchleyGeek

    Combat Mission future

    Making an adaptation/crossover of Pournelle's Falkenberg Legion exploits in the "CoDominium Future History" books would probably require less resources and allows to recycle existing art assets. No jungle terrain, sadly
  13. BletchleyGeek

    They meant september of next year!

    True, we didn't have a thread specific to AB but general about WEGO and RTwP wargames ut
  14. BletchleyGeek

    They meant september of next year!

    I don't think that 100$ would cover the development costs.
  15. BletchleyGeek

    They meant september of next year!

    I think that discussing Veitikka's excellent game is better served on the General Discussion forums. We had a thread for the game already.