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  1. I haven't played the just-released update yet, but the thing I miss most is some sort of indication that a soldier has been killed. In CMBN we have red crosses and flashing icons when a unit is lost. In CMT there is neither.
  2. Glad to hear it's known and will be fixed. I'm definitely not seeing it only under heavy load, since it appears even when zoomed in very closely with only a few units on screen. And, yes, these were US paratroopers exhibiting the problem.
  3. If that worked for you I'll give uninstall/reinstall a shot and see if it cures the issue. That's a relatively painless process to try before having to dig deeper.
  4. I've only played one PBEM game so far in v1.10, but I'm seeing a bug that I never saw in all the months that I played v1.01. Under certain circumstances the soldiers will turn into polygonal "blobs", for lack of a better word. It looks to have something to do with the distance of the models from the camera, because if the soldiers (or camera) moves a bit closer or a bit futher away the problem disappears. I've captured a video of the issue here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/scg2j6s27guthev/Polygon%20soldiers%20-%20Broadband.m4v edit: This is the Mac version of the game running on my 2011 iMac core i5 under Lion.
  5. Oh yeah. Having tank crews panic is not a complaint at all. Frankly, if my best buddy's guts had just been splattered all over me as we sat inside our iron hulk, it would probably take more than 15 minutes before I'd be like "Oh, you want me to go get back in that thing? No problem"! However, because the game can't know the things that the human playing it knows you often get behavior that is probably not what you'd get in real life. Such as crewmen bailing out of a tank right as the threat is destroyed (by another friendly AFV) and running around out in the open, when it's obvious they'd be much safer back INSIDE their big, steel shield. It's just one of those things that is very difficult to simulate.
  6. That's been my experience with my own tank crews. Once they took a hit they would bail out and run screaming to the rear. In fact, in this very game ALL of my tanks that were hit had the crews bail out and panic. Of those, several crews were panicked for a very, very long time. When this game finished (around turn 38 or so?) I had a crew that was hit in the opening minutes of the game. They proceeded to run clear to the other side of the map! They hadn't so much as seen an enemy scout since taking the hit...yet they were STILL panicked at the end of the game. We're talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 minutes after losing their tank, these guys were still too freaked out to even take a "move" order. What's worse, their tank was the ONLY one that didn't get one-shotted by the enemy Shermans. If I had been able to rally them I would have had an operational armor asset. But nooooooooooo!
  7. The toughness of this tank was an anomaly, but the American tanks were able to consistently get off the first shot, even while on the move, even buttoned with dead commanders, while my Panzer IVs that were sitting still with perfect lanes of fire sat and did nothing. So, it's not that the American tanks were all indestructible, it's that most of my own armor never even got off a shot. For what it's worth, I replayed this turn three times to see what would happen. All three times the Sherman was destroyed within two hits. Two of the three times it brewed up/exploded on the first shot. So, basically very, very, very, very bad luck on my part, I guess. <shrug>
  8. The game finally ended (I got my ass handed to me, thanks to nearly indestructible American tanks) so I was able to capture this from the American perspective. Video available
  9. I would really love this feature, if for no other reason than to be able to watch a game play out without any interaction on my part. Each one would be like a mini war movie. Lots of eye candy and none of the stress of an actual game. :-)
  10. The crew didn't bail out because they were panicked (though they certainly were. Every one of my crews that's taken a hit has panicked so far). I don't have a problem with that. If I were in a tank that was hit by an AT shell from 200m away, I wouldn't stick around to see if I could live through another. The problem is that the tank shows as "destroyed", yet there doesn't seem to be a thing wrong with it. How is a tank destroyed when there's no apparent damage?
  11. I also have the flickering icons in 1.10 on my 2010 iMac. I don't have the shadow problems that you have, but have had strange shadow weirdness (shadows that look like stripes, flickering shadows, etc) since day one with this game (even under the original release). I was hoping it would be fixed in 1.10, but it's just as bad as ever.
  12. For what it's worth, my PzIV hit it once more at the beginning of the following turn (ricochet off the turret), then drove off, as I'd issued orders for it to move elsewhere. Even after a 7th hit, the tank still appeared to be operational, I'd seen not a single casualty cross, and the crew had not bailed out when I lost sight of the vehicle.
  13. This is my question as well. If all of the systems are green, the engine is running, the gun is fine, the weapon controls work, etc.... why is it destroyed? Saw the same thing a third time in this very same game. Here my crew are bailing out of a "destroyed" tank, even though all the subsystems are green. For those that were asking about a covered arc, I did not have a covered arc set. Steve has said multiple times that covered arcs should rarely be used, and only in certain circumstances. Since my tanks were looking straight down the road and had buildings on either side, there didn't seem to be much point in using a covered arc. The only place to look is straight ahead.
  14. I'll have to go back and re-watch the turn to determine what ammo the PzIV was firing. At this range, I really don't think it would matter all that much. Especially since all of the hits were penetrations (the 5th was a partial). I won't know what it looked like from the American side until the game is over, but I didn't see a single red cross pop up.
  15. I think the Yanks may be employing King Tigers, cleverly disguised as Sherman 105s.
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