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  1. Ok, thanks. I didn't think I'd done that with Italian unit, but I must have.
  2. I just tried playing this game as the Axis, and took over most of Russia, mostly with German units and Germans holding the cities, but with a few Italian and Axis minor ally units. The Soviet capital fled from Moscow to Siberia, then to Stalingrad, which we captured two turns ago... I've pretty much won the game, so this is just a weirdness rather than a big issue that Italy now controls all of Russia's resources, but what determines which Axis nation an Allied nation surrenders to?
  3. 10harold66, I did the same thing with the tractor works scenario. It is now playable, except it takes forever to place and plot one's own turn, if you want to give any kind of good orders. Kind of fun for the sheer scale, but it's a crazy scenario. The designer includes a massive number of units and has the German player place them all on the map within close range of the assault target. There isn't enough map to properly disperse them or put long-range weapons at appropriate ranges. And the Soviets do have artillery and apparently air support too.
  4. I am running 1.03 on Windows 7. The only problem I've noticed that I think has to do with the OS is that if I am running some programs (Firefox, Visual Studio 2008), then CMBB will sometimes not let me task-switch back to CMBB. If I leave CMBB (e.g. via Alt+Tab) with those programs running, sometimes it will get in a state where whenever I switch back to CMBB, it appears for only a second and then minimizes again. Closing the other programs will let me get back into the CMBB session though. I too am not planning to spend money for a patch that requires an Internet login to play.
  5. Thanks Cranky. The number of battles per operation only goes up to 20, but the battle number you can assign reinforcements to arrive on goes up over 100, even though I think they would never ever appear in the scenario. I know I had scheduled some reinforcements for battles 21-30. In this case, the preview was working ok, at least of the map. I didn't look at it after I'd entered the units, though. Erwin, I don't think so. I have a nice computer built late last year, so actual capacity of the computer shouldn't be an issue. But it could be a bug caused by it being something that didn't exist when CMBB was programmed.
  6. Thanks Cranky and Erwin! I hadn't saved any earlier versions, so took a few hours' solemn break, and I started over. No problems so far, with the same size map, and I made regular backups. The differences I can think of are: * I didn't do as many reinforcements this time. * I didn't include an all-Partisan-nation reinforcement group for the otherwise-all-Soviet player. * I didn't mistakenly schedule reinforcements for later than the operation lasted. The max operation battles is 20, which I had used, but I mis-remembered it as 30 when I was making reinforcement groups, and had scheduled some for battle 24, battle 29... The new battle is otherwise quite similar, and seems to work fine.
  7. Hi all, I'm an experienced CM player getting back into playing a bit. I created a new operation in the scenario editor, with a 6000m x 1200m map randomly generated, previewed it, edited it, I think 30 battles, lots of reinforcements, and saved it as a file. When I then tried to load it later, either to play or to edit, CMBB (version 1.03, which seems to be the latest) threw an exception and crashed. Windows 7. So I guess I made it too big or something? I can run other large scenarios and campaigns. My question is, what are the known causes of scenarios/operations crashing? And is there a way to recover an operation that always seems to crash when loaded (I assume not)?
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