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  1. Ah ok...currently downloading both...would have been nice to know so I could have skipped the mac file.
  2. So that link points to two files. Do we download both or is one for mac and one for windows? If so, which is which?
  3. Ok finally got everything working. Thanks for your suggestion sburke!
  4. Still haven't heard from John. Still can't play the game. I wish there was another way to get some help here. The ticket system isn't working for me for some reason and I appear to be on a back burner or something seeing as how so many others seem to get almost immediate help.
  5. When I made my purchase I was offered the option of disk and manual. I purchased the upgrade and got the download and printed manual.
  6. Yeah, I figured out that it wants a key for SF 1. Trouble is I don't have one. In the past I was told to just install SF1 and then a module with it's key and it would work. Problem is it doesn't work now. Still waiting to hear from John.
  7. It still is not working for me. Everything shows activated except SF1. The screen says activation success and shows this. I hit "Play" and after a delay I get a splash screen. Now all I did was try the Marine bundle again. Do I need to go thru all of them once more? Also I know I did not make a typo on my email address. I expressly checked that it was correct, plus I submitted it twice and checked both times,and it is not a different one. I also checked my spam and there is no response there either. My email address is ###. My log in works to access my account and see all my orders, but I can not log in to see status of ticket. Also when I try to get a link to reset my password in order to access ticket status it says link sent, but nothing arrives. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from John. Thanks.
  8. So all you fellows who submitted a ticket and got the SF1 key. When you submitted the ticket did you get an email or something letting you know they got your ticket? I've submitted tickets twice, but cannot check their status because for some reason I can't login to do that. I figure If I was successful the first time then I would have heard something by now, so it must not have worked correctly.
  9. Well, I can access my account with my userid and password, but not the help desk. So I assumed I had to have a different I'd and password. I have had help from the help desk in the past, so I assumed I had setup a different password. Oh, and I think the help desk asks for an email address, which I tried both, email and userid. Anyway I click on send me an email for a password reset, and though it says it has sent it, nothing shows up. The reason I have a different userid on the message board is because it wouldn't accept my I'd used to access my account. I certainly didn't do it just to have different ID's. so I don't seem to be able to submit a ticket with the help desk. The pain is I go thru something like this every time I've changed computers, had hardware crashes, or something else in the 12 or so years I've dealt with this company. Far more than anywhere else. If I didn't like the games I wouldn't have hung around so long.
  10. WEll, I've tried, but it tells me my log in is incorrect.....I guess you have to have separate log ins for your account, then the message board and now help desk....I clicked forgot password and get the message password sent to my email, only it doesn';t up, and not in spam either. What a pain with this outfit.
  11. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking...only problem is I don't have the SF1 key. I bought the game when it first came out....when was it...2006, 2007? My order listing on my account only goes back to 2009. In the past when I've had problems reinstalling I had been told that all I had to do was install the base game and then a module and use the module key. It always worked, but doesn't seem to work for this.
  12. I'm having the same problem. Thing is, I don't have my SF1 key. In the past when I had an issue I was told I only need my module keys and it would work. I've entered my module keys for marines= british and for nato, and it says version 1 and 2 unlocked for each, but it only says version 2 of SF unlocked. It doesn't say Version 1 of SF unlocked also. I just end up with the splash screed and if restarting I have to activate again because the play button is greyed out.
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