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    Turns not saved to Outgoing Email Folder

    That was exactly the problem Schrullenhaft. Thank you very much. I went to the outgoing folder and noted it said read only, switched it to read & write and now it works. You are a lifesaver!!
  2. Hi, I am running 10.7 Lion (Mac) and up until my upgrade to Lion yesterday everything worked great. I then had a problem with the patch and it would crash the game upon start up. I do think that problem was caused by an older patch, as it seems to be fixed now that I redownloaded the patch. My problem is when I finish a turn and save (for a PBEM) it doesn't seem to save to the outgoing email folder. Not sure what to do about it.
  3. socialistauditor

    Mac/PC PBEM/TCPIP compatibility

    I too would really like to know this as well (I have a macbookpro I play bootcamped right now and would like to play my friends on PC while playing the Mac OSX version). To reiterate, can you play Mac OSX and PC at the same time via PBEM and TCIP?