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  1. Thanks for the suggestion... I've opened a ticket... didn't know of this "feature" until now! Cool. Thanks, Ricroma
  2. Hi, I've bought Market Garden a couple of days ago. Today it crossed my mind that it was a long time that I didn't update my bios and chipset. Did it... and... game doesn't start anymore... I get the "It seems like there was a problem with your license" message. The problem affetcs both CM:BN and CM:FI. I hope someone can fix this. I understand that it was my choice to update my system... but... it seems a little odd that, even though it's the same machine of a couple of hours ago I cannot play the game anymore... Please tell me what to do. Ricroma
  3. Ok, so this is what I've found out. It is not the lack of the internet connection that make my license go bad, but the lack of the usb wireless adapter. When I take it out (i.e. I need an extra usb port), and then start the game I get the "License error" message. When I plug it in again, the game starts and works fine. Not a big deal, of course, still if there's a way to make the game recognize my computer even when there's no usb key plugged in it would be nice... Ricroma
  4. just posting this because I've found it odd... I was playing with GL, when I've quit, there was a Window open saying something like "license error. you may want to contact your vendor". I've tried to start the game again and had this message a couple of times again, then after awhile the game started normally. it's a week that I don't have any Internet connection, I don't know if this could matter somehow. oh, and yes I've (successfully) activated the game when I've first installed. hope there's no problem... thanks, ricroma
  5. Ops, sorry, just realized I've posted this in the mod section of CM:FI. Sorry again, please move the post in the right section, thanks. Ricroma
  6. Hi all! Well, GL has just been released, so I don't expect much activity in this post... but still I'll try! Well... the last few days, while waiting for GL, I've decided to give Normandy another run, and I've stared the Courage and Fortitude campaign. I've played it a couple of time before but this was the first time with 2.01 patch and... I'M STUCK! I'm not a great player in general, but this time it's getting really annoying! I'm in the second mission, where you need to cross the river and capture the hills at the end of the map. Well... so far I've been disastrous! My guys cannot reach the other side of the river, no matter what, I've tried everything! If I rush them they get pinned/killed by the mg defending the other side, if I slowly make them cross they get spotted and shelled by the enemy artillery. Smoke: it just doesn't "cover" that much... the enemy always find LOS in between the smokes columns, hit someone, all team gets pinned on top of the bridge. I send my MG and HMG teams on the side of the river facing the enemy positions so I can lay suppressive fire on them... does it work? No. After a couple of turns of fire, an artillery barrage starts falling on my guys' heads wiping them out... I have lots of artillery but it seems to do not that much damage... In other words: suggestion on how to beat this scenario for a bad/frustrated player? Thanks, Ricroma
  7. Oh, that was afast answer... thanks! Lets see if it works again: so, should I leave work and go gome for today or should I wait a little longer for "over time" work? :-D
  8. Thanks for the answer. For online registration I imagine that the crappy connection I have right now should be enough... is really that much data that need to be sent/received? (I was a little exagerationg when I said about the 2mb, still it won't be able to download the full 2gb expansion). Thanks again
  9. This may not be the right thread where ask this question, but I'll try anyway. So, I've recently moved to a new apt and don't have internet connection yet (or rather, I do have a crappy wireless connection that will take days to download anything bigger than 2mb). When GL will come out can I purchase and download it with my work computer, save the file on a pen drive, and install it on my home computer? Thanks for the answers! Ricroma
  10. Hi! For a long time I've been away from CM due to personal issues. Now I'm back, and I see lots of changes, upgrades, and stuff. THey always recomend to delete the mods and so I did. Now I want to reinstall it but it seems all so confusing... this is my question: - Do GRAPHIC mods work on all versions of the game (mainly aris'); Thanks for the help!
  11. Yes, I've too noticed this strange "attraction" of BAR soldiers while playing the allied campaign. And I also want to point out the opposite phenomenon: the almost unkillable german mg soldiers! When my guys are able to spot and pin down a german squad, they may kill almost all men, but no way they shot the mg guys! The same goes with artillery: during the campaign you are provided with a large amount of artillery, and I was often able to place an almost surgical barrage on germans squads. Still, when the mist cleared guess who was still standing: the mg guys!
  12. Hi, first: great job Battlefront! Second: I'm stuck in the second battle of the allied campaign... can someone give me some suggestions? I'm not a super player, so I may have used really catastrophic tactics, but... I've tried everything I had! 1) First try: I wanted to play safe and historical. Sent my HQs and FO out looking for covers and good spotting positions. I've managed to spot several german foxholes, shelled them with artillery, then I've sent the infantry out... they got chopped up by other foxholes... shelled again, sent the infantry, chopped again. At that time my infantry company was already out of combat possibilities and still didn't get to the first slope... Ah, before you ask, I've tried to use my MGs to provide suppressive fire but they had few to none effect: most of their bullets are flying over the heads of the german guys lurking from the foxholes. The SPG I've got after few turns performed even worst: as soon as they moved in the open they received concentrated fire from a lot of german positions panicking or even bailing out... 2) Second try: I didn't care to spot too much, bombed the hell out of possible german position and sent two squads out assaulting. As soon as they were in the open they got chopped again, and didn't manage to make 100 meters... So, basically, a safe approach didn't get me anywhere, and a "TO THE BAYONETS" approach eneded up even worse... Any suggestions? Thanks, Ricroma
  13. I have the answer that will please everybody: CB:TW (no, no Total War, but TIME WARP) An add on that will make Shock Force and Battle for Normandy cross playable!
  14. Ok, I missed all the previous stuff and didn't know anything about the announcement. My life was good: playing and stuff. Now you guys are just mean...
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