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  1. Broadsword56

    My CMBN 4.0 upgrade says it's missing 2 files

    OK thanks -- I'm all set now.
  2. Broadsword56

    CMFI Gustav Line v1.12 how to get latest version?

    OK thanks -- I got the fresh install done and have requested a new activation key with a help ticket.
  3. Broadsword56

    My CMBN 4.0 upgrade says it's missing 2 files

    I searched the BFC site and can't find any downloadable file called "CM Normandy 4.00 Full Windows." Nothing when I search on "installer" either. The only thing I see is "CM Battle for Normandy Big Bundle (Windows)" but to get it I'd have to pay $105, and that's for all the same content I've already bought and paid for since 2011. Still confused.
  4. I just applied my CM "Big Bundle" upgrade to my CMBN that was up to v 3.11. When I launch CMBN, it shows the title screen and 4.0 on the lower right (so far, so good) But there's an error message on the screen that says it's missing 2 files and to contact support: normandyv220.brz normandyv312.brz Where do I find these or how to I get them to make my CMBN launch?
  5. Broadsword56

    CMFI Gustav Line v1.12 how to get latest version?

    Thanks, but since my original CMFI install started with the physical CD, would the license number from that box allow me to download a fresh version of CMFI from the website?
  6. Been away from CMFI a long time. I bought the Upgrade 4.0 Big Bundle for all the CM titles back in late 2016 when it first came out. I just now got around to trying to play CMFI and use my current version. In my folder where the upgrade should be was this message: Hello CM Fortress Italy fan! We experienced some last minute problems which couldn’t be sorted out ahead of the Holiday break. We expect to have the kinks worked out of it by mid January. We’ll announce the release on the front page of our website and the discussion Forums. Today I launched CMFI and I see my current version is 1.12. After looking on the BFC site for the game, I see a reference saying the current version is an all-inclusive v. 2.0 Where do I get that v 2.0, and how do I eventually get the v 4.0 upgrade I already paid for? Is that waiting for the upcoming 4.0 patch? I'm totally lost as to the sequence of upgrades I need to do in order to make my CMFI as current as possible.
  7. Broadsword56

    Ok just a little venting....

    Ahhh, that' s nothin. I remember when we PC gamers routinely had to manually add lines of code to our config.sys and autoexec.bat system files, just to be able to boot up a game and have it run with the limited memory that existed on machines of 25+ years ago...
  8. Broadsword56

    Campaign editing

    Can you please explain what the files are, what they do, and how to use them?
  9. Broadsword56

    Another reason for a centralized Forum...

    IanL, please try the tests in 4.0 with fortifications like trenches and foxholes, and then pound them with HE and small-arms fire and see how fast even good troops flee their good cover. Buildings are likely a separate issue altogether.
  10. Broadsword56

    Another reason for a centralized Forum...

    This. None of the new content means a thing to me until I know I can enjoy playing the CM titles I already have. Reluctantly, I've shelved them and gone back to board wargaming until I know the documented problems with 4.0 have been fixed. But I still have hope and keep an eye to these boards to check back from time to time. Any bones for us in this area?
  11. Broadsword56

    CMRT TacAI Engine Comparison

    I think you both nailed the problem. Any guess as to how long we will have to wait for salvation?
  12. Broadsword56

    CMRT TacAI Engine Comparison

    ...and some foxholes and bunkers too, please.
  13. Broadsword56

    CMRT TacAI Engine Comparison

    So happy to see this thread, the seriousness with which BFC is taking the issue, and the chance of a fix eventually! As someone who's devoted many hours to CMx2 and has played it devotedly since it first came out, I don't criticize it lightly. But this displacement-out-of-good-cover bug broke the game for me since 4.0 came out, even when using HIDE and permanent pause and every other workaround that's been mentioned. And I play exclusively 2-player PBEM, so this is not a bug that only bothers those who play SP against the AI. This has been THE most realistic WWII tactical wargame in existence for the better part of a decade now. So it broke my heart to see what it's become now, and it was only with great reluctance that I finally put CMx2 on the shelf while waiting for this fix. And when it is fixed, I'll be celebrating and ready to jump right back in. I just hope that day isn't too far away.
  14. This is just what I needed, Mad Mike, thanks. Now, if I map anything involving September 1944 in this vicinity, I can check to see if it's already within your area and where it is in relation to your area. If I do anything I'll mention it here to keep you posted. Here is your map boundary superimposed on the boardgame play area, overlaid on Google Earth.