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  1. Can you explain your decision regarding the rule for translating the operational level morale / training into the game? I do not think that units with high morale should also get a high level of experience. I can see operational morale modifying the CMBN motivation but not the CMBN experience level. The CMBN experience level might change over the course of an operation but I do not think it should vary so much as morale. Perhaps some determination of starting experience level for a campaign and then based on some number of combat exposures that experience could be adjusted up while replacement of losses could adjust the level as well (possibly down).
  2. I have a question. When you say team vs team do you mean multiple players on each side sharing PBEM turns and saves so they can be an overall company co and platoon commanders on each side in the same battle?
  3. Not with every setup. On my machine when not docked (has only one monitor) print screen does not work - I have to use FRAPS. When docked and using dual monitors print screen does work (but it takes a snap of both monitors worth of pixels). Quirky. :confused:
  4. I am not against making new friends but there is no need to abandon us slow pokes either. Just keep a copy of the un-upgraded game around while you want to play with your old friends.
  5. Yuck, no one wants triggers for that. And if any one says different I spit on them putooie. You are of course correct, if they design triggers to do bad things then playing the game could be ruined. But, come on, this is Steve we are talking about, he would never create a feature that would be bad like that. We just want the AI to have the ability to react to a human attack by allowing them to muse a mobile reserve effectively. Or reposition a static defense when one of its flanks collapse.
  6. Hee, hee. No one can win I actually thing they have done quite well. Becoming immobilized is not impossible with the 1.1 patch but you will see it less in dry good conditions. That was the issue before tanks would bog and become immobilized on dry flat terrain. They still get stuck in the mud and fords and when the ground conditions are soggy. The fixed two things - it is now much less likely to end up with an immobilized tank in open, flat, dry ground and driving near the road edge is no longer the most dangerous place to drive a tank.
  7. How else are they going to get to their island
  8. Oooo nice - I'll try that next time. I kept running the install every time.
  9. See what Steve did there. Gave "co player" supporters hope and then took it away but the hope still hangs around there in the back of our minds. Well answered:)
  10. I am certainly not an official source - just a happy customer. But I think I get where BFC is going so lets see if I can answer your questions and get it right. A bit of yes and no here. Both opponents will need to be playing the same version of the game. You both need 1.01 or 1.1 to play (I currently have both of those installed on my machine since I still have a game going on the 1.01 patch). Packs will not be much different from modules in terms of inter-play. Consider the CW module: CW needs the base game patched to 1.1 to work. But I can still play against an opponent who only has the CMBN base game (patched to 1.1 though) as long as we stick to scenarios that are designed with the base game. Same will happen for packs. Consider a hypothetical future where there is a Funnies Pack that ships next. If you have CW installed and I have CW plus the Funnies Pack we can play as long as we stick to scenarios that were designed with the base game or the CW module. The question I have left is will the game be coded to recognize what version is the minimum needed? By that I mean if I have the CW plus funnies pack and I design a scenario will the game be smart enough to indicate that the scenario is playable with the CW version of the game as long as I don't include units only available in the funnies game or will it just flag it as needing the funnies pack if I have that pack installed when I create the scenario? NOTE: The above is a hypothetical future my made up pack is not real I just used it as an example. Thankfully Mods for this game are totally orthogonal (love that word) - separate from the features so Mods will not cause confusion. Patches are for bug fixes upgrades are for new features. Patches are *not* going away anytime soon - cause neither are bugs.
  11. LOL - I agree we do sound like many Americans. It is my American friends that think I sound funny. I still do not hear it:)
  12. With the announcement of CMFI and the following upgrade to 2.0 BFC will have implemented half of my top priority list of features. After I post this I am going to edit my sig line so for posterity here is what my sig looked like before today. Number 1 and 3 are coming soon. Thanks BFC I am really looking forward to the new release. But in the mean time I am sure having fun with the existing game. Thanks again. Ian
  13. They do pick their weapons up and rejoin the fight. I just rescued a scout team that gave up just before back up arrived. Once their mates had pushed the Germans back and joined them they put their arms down and returned to normal. Broken, but active again.
  14. No it is not possible for users to add custom armies to the game. There have been mod work done to make current models in the game look like they are from other armies. Look a the recent threads talking about mods to create Pacific theater battles.
  15. Nope, with the CW module the pre-order people got access to the download before the rest of us. Initially the word was it would be days before they opened it up to everyone. It was painful. In the end it did not take days but...
  16. Let me start by saying I am very happy to see your announcement and I plan to order ASAP. So here is my request. Make it possible to pre-order download only. Please. I have no desire to have anything mailed nor do I need CDs but I do want to play the game as soon as it is ready to go. When the CW module was released only those who pre-ordered could download right away. Which is fair enough - they paid money for the privilege. The thing is *I* want to pay money for the privilege but I do not want anything mailed to me. So, BFC while there is still time please make it possible to pre-order download only.
  17. I presume that you can have the upgraded CMBN 2.0 along side an install of CMBN 1.01 and an install of the patched version 1.1 (with the CW module) such that you can start which ever one you want. This is how you can continue to play your on going CMBN PBEM games and start playing around with the upgrade features too. I currently have CMBN:CW (1.1) and CMBN 1.01 sitting on my hard drive. I have one game going in the 1.01 version and several in the 1.1 version some CW related and some not. That way you never have to choose between playing your ongoing commitments and playing with the new stuff.
  18. Awesome stuff. Fully modular, upgradable, extendable and backwards compatible - it is the holly grail of programming. Nicely done! Looks to me like you guys have made the right decisions about separating engine from content and after a lot of work are poised to take full advantage. My hat's off to you.
  19. LOL me to - sniff. Yeah the money is an issue but money is just money. I am already having trouble finding enough time to play CMBN as it is. If I have Itally, Eastern Front and a modern war to play with to I'll never sleep
  20. Thanks @womble and @sublime - I "get it" now. I'll have to find an opportunity to try it. I do not have any games going right now where I am playing the Germans where this might come up.
  21. Agreed, thanks Bimmer. I was eliminated in the first round but I still had fun and would do it again any time. I am glad that in the end the person that eliminated me (@eniced73) has gone deep in the tournament. I can console my self with the fact that I was beaten by a clearly excellent player.
  22. Interesting I have to admit I do not "get" this. In what situation can you do this? When running from cover to a flanking or rear position to the enemy tank? How does this work? What difference does it make if I give the order end point to the AS I want them to fire from or the AS one square closer to the target? I thought they would not setup to fire until they stopped moving and moving an additional 8m would mean more time until they fire. I hope someone can shed some light on how this works.
  23. The Stug III's gun is really low - it sticks out of the front of the hull. They have a great profile. In Carbide Carbide I moved my Stug to various firing positions and the most of the time I had no trouble getting it to be able to fire where I wanted. I had about the same amount of difficulty as I did with the PzIVs - which is to say very little.
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