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  1. Wow, I never expected that would be a game limitation. I was really looking forward to a H2H campaign but Hot seat is just not an option for me PBEM is the only way I can go. BF is this as designed for campaigns or is there something the campaign author can do to make this work for PBEM?
  2. Ain't that the truth. In one game I am playing my friend said - man your artillery is killing me. To which I responded "what artillery? I don't have any fire missions on the go right now." The next day he said that it turned out that his spotting rounds landed right in the middle of one of his platoons advancing in the open. Now that the real rounds are falling I was surprised to hear that those spotting rounds were so far off.
  3. Sounds excellent. A campaign playable H2H - awsome. I have two questions: Second coming? Did I miss the first time around or was that from CMBO? On the web site mentioned you have the text H2H hot seat - is it really restricted to hot seat no PBEM? What would cause that restriction or is this a recommendation due to file size?
  4. Just a question that came up today when I was talking to my normal PBEM opponent about the updated Huzzar scenario. At some point in the future one of our PBEM games will end and we have decided to play Huzzar next. I have been installing modes, additional QB maps and scenarios on my machine but my friend has not. If I decide (its my turn) to play the new Huzzar or one of the other scenarios I have dl'ed do I need to get him to have it in his scenario directory first or will the first PBEM game file already contain everything? I'm sure we can "figure it out" by trying but I figured someone here will already know the answer.
  5. How fitting that someone with PBEM in their user name would answer my question:) Thanks!
  6. Good question - I try to keep them as far away as possible like 200m or more:) I have never tried to figure out how close I can get. I do have a game where a sniper team ended up being about 20m away from the edge of a target zone (they were unable to move away from the preplanned bombardment). They were all right - no rounds came close to their near edge though so they were probably about 50m away from the closest shell. Still I would be worried about that 50m I would not bet my life on 50m being safe:). The sniper team is now safely away - 100m but with higher ground between them and the bombardment.
  7. IanL

    Qb Map question.

    I pretty much agree with pcelt and am pretty happy with the QB system. It is true that you sometimes see the same map repeated more that I would like. I am about to try adding maps from here: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1429 to improve that. Note I have not done this yet - I have too many PBEM games on the go right now so no need to start a new one. I am not a fan of no preview but if you are then great. I think the problem is just a lack of variety of maps and packs like above should help a lot. I did use the CM1 QB system quite a bit. My big problem with it was that sometimes the generated map was good but more often than not it was not. And by not good I mean it was odd and wired and unsatisfying to play on. I am *much* happier with the new system overall. Just MHO
  8. IanL

    Run on two machines?

    I'm not a Mac user so cannot comment on Mac specific stuff but I do run the game on my PC and note book. I believe I am legally allowed to do this - it was discussed in the forums. I checked the EUSL.txt file and while running on dual machines is not specified there is nothing about disallowing it either. The curx of the agreement is you get to use the program and you can transfer the rights to someone else but then you no longer can use the program. Bottom line: the point of the agreement is that you agree to be a sole user of the game. To me that means you can put it on two machines for the purpose you describe (i.e. there are not going to be multiple users using both installs at the same time). As for using Time Machine to restore an install on a new machine. I am sure that will work in the, will the game function sense, but you will most likely have to activate the game on your new machine. As far as I can tell the game's license is tied to a machine in some manner therefore if you get a new machine you will need to active the game again. When you bought the sw you were granted four activations and for each year you own the rights to play it you will be granted an additional activation.
  9. IanL

    Pbem Bug

    Thanks, I'll read the tech forum, this happens to me every now and then too. Not the crash but the no saved game file. Fortunately it does not happen often.
  10. +1 After reading the manual and my initial exposure to the game I concluded that Warrior was the way to go - maximum realism for arty etc without introducing additional pain points (that don't have other values) when managing my guys. I am currently playing an PBEM game that my opponent started on Iron and I have to say my conclusions are absolutely correct:) All it did was take me longer to play my turns because I had to keep selecting nothing so I could see where my other teams were so it was a net negative to the game. I would love to see Elite changed: Right now contacts show the simple infantry symbol and display the squad name and number when you click on it. Instead I would like the contacts to show gun, tank, infantry etc. only and when you click on it you don't get *any* more information. I hate the fact that in Elite my guys cannot tell the difference between an AT gun and a squad. And I further hate that my guys can tell that the guys over there are the amo bearer team for the 2nd machine gun team. WTF my guys should be able to tell the difference between an AT gun and a squad but they should not be able to tell the difference between and HQ unit and a scout team or squad or an amo bearer team.
  11. Well said. More general I use my HTs to advance to staging areas (safe or at least safe ish) or for redeploying reserves (again I know the safe paths by then) since they move much faster than dismounted troops. Then I back them off a bit to more safety some times with their MGs on overwatch. I have had several opponents do "the ride up like cavalry thing" and my US squads have brewed up a few 250s with just their rifle grenades. I am sooooo, not doing that:o
  12. That sounds like it matches up with my test pretty well. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1306604&postcount=11 I did not calculate the shot percentage or repeat at a variety of sniper skill levels and I started my platoon further away to see when the snipers would open up. My tests showed that the first shots were fired by the snipers at between 725 and 770m which is not out of line with the comments from the sniper interview quoted by LukeFF http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1306968&postcount=46 One thing I have noticed in my test and when playing a game is that the TacAI does not prioritize targeting snipers. Many times my tanks and platoons target other enemy forces on the battle field or seem slow to target snipers. This is just anecdotal but it is supported by my test: snipers even once spotted don't take a lot of fire from the enemy. This was the chief reason when I let the AI run the snipers and I ran the platoon I always killed the snipers - I had to give target orders to my squads to make sure they shot. Now in a game if I see a sniper team I make sure I order some of my troops to shoot at them - if at all possible. I do not count on my troop's TacAI to target the snipers.
  13. Yes, a very useful tactic - I do it alot. In a recent game my opponent and I had the exact same idea - drop a preplanned bombardment with a delay just on the other guy's side of the objective. We were both thinking the same way - stop the enemy troops from moving on to the objective so your guys can take it first. It was a night fight so LOS was limited and the result was that both sides moved their main force to just outside the objective and waited out the artillery. When is stopped things got bloody really really fast. It was the strangest game I have ever played - no contact for a really really long time and then BAMM all hell broke loose.
  14. I just posted about that on another thread. Sure you can adjust a preplanned bombardment but you reset the delay again too:-( I set a bombardment on the objective 15min into the game and when I tried to adjust it the new mission had a 15min delay too. As in another 15min so I cancelled it and started over.
  15. IanL

    Artillery Delays

    For our edification which howitzers had the 15min delay? That is the longest I have seen. I've had 7 min delivery time and once an 11 min delivery time. In a recent game I out smarted myself - don't do this: I set a pre planned mission on the objective with a 15 minute delay (Long and Heavy). My plan was that by that point I should have my FO in a good position and have a good idea where the opposition was and I would just adjust the mission as needed to take out the most troubling enemy. In an earlier game I had really good success dropping a long mission and adjusting as needed. I thought I was being clever. But as soon as I tried to adjust the mission the delay was re set too. So I would have had to wait 15 more minutes before the adjusted mission would start. I had to cancel the mission and start over.
  16. IanL

    Scenario Creation Advice

    My AI experience is quite limited, so I may be corrected. I think to do that properly you would need triggers of some kind so you can have the reserve react to what other AI groups made contact (to determine where the attack is coming). Therefore you cannot do that with the current AI - there are no triggers. The best that you can do with this AI system is hold the reserve for at time and then pick the flank you will deploy them to. You can have several versions of the AI plan so which flank the reserve is deployed to is not predictable. But bottom line you have to guess where to send them.
  17. In a recent PBEM game one of my Sherman's became immobilized half on the road and half off (not sure what type of terrain is next to the road). At first I thought it was due to the fact that it drove through a breach in the bocage. The lead tank is a Rino and this one was the fifth tank through the breach the first tank made. But I checked its tracks and they are showing green but the tank is immobilized so I don't think the fact that it drove through a breach in the bocage is a factor. I know there was some discussion recently here about tanks getting immobilized on roads and there was a request for saved game files. If anyone on the testing team or at Battlefront needs another example just let me know how and where to send the file.
  18. I am playing a PBEM game where my Stug III crew did a similar thing. It came under heavy fire and lost its commander pretty quickly. The crew were panicked for for a turn and then they opened up again and lost another crew member. Very shortly after that a Serman took out the vehicle and the last crew too. I was surprised to see them open up again.
  19. I had been working on a test for snipers and this thread has spurred me to finish it. I do *not* have the real world experience that you have but when I read your test scenario it was so different than the way I use my sniper teams in a game I figured people might like to know about it. When I control sniper teams, once they are engaged at 300m or less I try to break contact with them and move them to a new location. I like to get my licks in against the enemy at 400m - 600m. I am quite happy with snipers used this way. Given that my regular troops don't bother shooting at those distances my snipers *are* better than regular troops - at that range. I have a test scenario like this: One German platoon (three squads, two shrek teams and one HQ team) vs one US sniper team. I created an AI plan for the platoons to start at 1000m away from the sniper teams who are in a thicket of trees with deep forest cover. The AI plan is to simply close the distance starting at advance speed and then switching to max assault for the last 300m. I ran this test 15 times and here are the results: Average casualties: German 38%, US 15% Average distance first shot fired: 690m Chance that a squad will be broken: 13% Chance that a squad will be eliminated: 4% I also ran the test the other way around - me controlling the platoon and the AI controlling the snipers. In that case I was able to always kill the sniper team but I still suffered an average of 29% casualties and I suffered one broken squad and one eliminated squad in the five times I ran the test.
  20. Something is wrong with this link. I get the following error when I try to follow it:
  21. Ok so I checked the conditions and they are weather is Light Fog, temperature is Hot, ground is Damp and wind is None. The tank as seen below is between a gravel road and grass. Does not seem like a likely spot to get immobilized but perhaps it is not the corner case mentioned earlier. Anyway if the powers that be would like a saved file or two let me know if not that is OK too.
  22. IanL

    Quick Battles

    I enjoy a variety. Right now I have one small, three medium and one large battle on the go via PBEM. One of my medium battles is on a large map too. I find the system very flexible. Sometimes I choose a particular map type (urban, village etc.) sometimes random. Most other things I leave as random but every now and then I fix the light level and weather. After two battles randomly set in the dark I forced the next one to be daylight for example.
  23. Exactly why I started this thread. If the powers that be want a PBEM file just say the word(s). It could be that they have what the need to investigate this problem. I am OK with that too:)
  24. This does not match my experience with TRPs. They have been great for me. I have used them in multiple PBEM quick battles to great effect. I wonder what else is at play. What experience level are your artillery pieces? On board or off board? If on board have they moved from their initial position?
  25. Wow - have no experience with concrete bunkers yet but that sounds like one is in my future:)