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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    This is possibly the best advice ever offered here on these forums. It certainly is the best post ever on one of these "why are we still waiting for X" threads. How come his post does not have 10, 20 or 200 up votes? My mind boggles. Was that too snaky? I might have broken my new years resolution.
  2. IanL

    Minefield Mayhem....

    Interesting. Why would that be? Or do you mean they are ineffective if you also want there to still be pavement?
  3. Humm I am surprised at this. Just to verify they had a launcher and a missile right? If you have a save it would be good - unless I am totally wrong and get corrected by someone else before you come back with a save :) Automatic ammo sharing only happens within a platoon. So if the platoon LT gets the ammo it should work but the Company CO or another Lt will not. However you also need to know that auto ammo sharing from non ammo bearers happens only when the consuming team (in this case the MG) is out of ammo and then they will automatically acquire ammo one mag, belt at a time. Dedicated ammo bearers is different - in that case the MG team will use ammo from their bearer team first before switching to their own supply. This allows the ammo bearer teams to zip off and get more while the MG keeps firing. There is no mechanism to transfer non trivial amounts of ammo between teams.
  4. IanL

    "Beam up some ammo Scottie"

    Don't forget that auto sharing only works for units in the same platoon. @rocketman if you did not need reminding of that then just disregard this post
  5. IanL

    Some Suggestions

    My two must haves are Vin's animated text icons. Here is the CMSF 2.01 version (you must have the matching version of this and if you apply a patch you must remove the old one or you will be unhappy): http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-shock-force-2/cmsf2-other/vins-animated-text-cmsf2-v2-01/ I also like to replace the icons. I am partial to my own (not migrated to the new mod warehouse yet): https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2684 But there are other good ones too (some in the new warehouse and some not): http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-shock-force-2/cmsf2-other/lt-smashs-floating-icons-for-shock-force-2/ http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6301 http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6292 http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6189 http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6154
  6. Using the target LOS tool is not directly effected by hide but it is indirectly effected. The target tool uses the current heights of the solider models to make the determination. That's why if you have some soldiers standing and some kneeling you get that grey line for some targets because the standing team members can see the target ground and the kneeling members cannot. Hide will encourage troops to get prone to, you know, hide. Therefore a hiding team will likely all be prone or otherwise behind any cover they have to hide behind. Their view is effected because of that.
  7. What @rocketman said. And while I am sure if you look hard enough you might find anecdotes to support what @z1812 said but this design choice it's not about modelling every possible thing that might have happened its about giving us the feel for what it was like to fight with various forces in WW2. Another example is apparently Churchill tanks could breach many bocage walls on their own but to do so was very risky and exposed the under side of the tank for extended periods and was done very rarely. Steve knew that if we could do that too it would not be a rare occurrence so he decided to not let us do that since designing that feature out of the game was closer to the reality than having it in.
  8. Search tip: use Google. If you preface your Google search words with site: community.battlefront.com you can get better searches of the forum.
  9. I have just moved an install from one drive to another with no problems. I have an SSD drive that is a bit small. I put the latest versions of the games there and then have any older versions and test versions on a larger HDD. This is on a PC.
  10. Excellent news. If the field says use name or email and you used email then it's not really your fault - the instructions are wrong. I can understand kicking yourself a bit for not trying that as a solution but not to hard. Support is awesome though.
  11. Oh yeah turning off UAC would solve any problems that might arise from your setup. Fingers crossed ok no the log in problems.
  12. Cool. I am confident that the pros at the support desk will help. The actual forum sw is hosted by a third party so there could be some delay if the problem goes all the way back there. Hope to hear regular posts from ya soon.
  13. Re install directories: Microsoft changed how they allowed access to files in the program files folder after CMBN was released so the next game started using the my documents folder for the game files. I'm not sure why but the CMBN code was not changed to match. Instead the install was changed to put the game itself into a writable location by default. I don't think that installing CMBN into the program files folder will work smoothly. Maybe it will be fine if you run under an administrator account. Personally I have a Programs folder where I put applications that expect to write data to thier install location. I put CMBN there. Actually now I just put all the games there so I can white list a single root directory to prevent anti virus scans of the games. Re password resetting: Well no one else is complaining about it. Oh wait there might be a reason for that Have you reported it to the help desk? Are you having the same trouble with the help desk account too?
  14. But how will we know what happened to the BMP? Did the missile hit?
  15. On a related note - make use of the full installers for your install process on your new computer. In other words download the full installers for the latest version of the games you have purchased. That will be much less painful than starting at an early version and updating things step by step - especially for CMFI and CMBN.
  16. This will be ignored once ... ... the final movement leg is executed and the new target arc is respected. So I am unsure if the first facing or target arc would have any effect on the team's final orientation since the final way point has its own target arc.
  17. IanL

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    The model position *does* effect the simulation - its not everything but it is how the hit testing is done. Do not for get the choice of animations for guys getting hit is coded to think the starting point for reloading is standing or kneeling. So, if the "reloading modded as prone" model gets hit and becomes a casualty the code will animate the death using the appropriate animation - which will be from kneeling or standing. LOL Good question. I would say the strap is broken but clearly the picture shows that it is not.
  18. IanL

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    Very much enjoying these DARs - well done. I still maintain that this is the best way to operate regardless of how much information you have. Remember cover arcs are for preventing your toops from firing. Only use them if that is what you want - for them not to fire on the enemy. Oh that was just spectacular. Even when ones come out on the loosing end of the stick we should all appreciate this kind of thing.
  19. Sounds interesting. It is possible. When you are in the units screen and you select deploy red or deploy blue that positioning is used if the chosen AI plan has no setup areas defined. As @Sgt.Squarehead suggested the AI plan way of defining the setup offers less control on the exact positioning so I would recommend that the default deployment be used by one of your AI plans. For the other AI plans paint an area on the map for the setup order for each AI group. Once the game starts the units from that group will setup in the area you defined facing the enemy map direction subject to terrain. You can control how that happens by controlling the size of the setup area you create and the number of troops in the AI group. Note: the AI group's setup deployment will only be evident after the player's setup is done. So, if you start the game in scenario author test mode when you are deploying the player controlled side the positions of the AI units will start off in their manually deployed default positions until you press the BRB. Then the AI controlled units will jump to their setup positions. I think what you want - triggered withdrawal of the Germans to also exit the map should be possible. I don't see anything from your post that is obviously wrong. Hopefully some of @MOS:96B2P's advice will help you get it working.
  20. No idea - let us know if it is less than 14. There was a time earlier where the limit was five but a forum update lifted that. I have no idea if it set the limit at a new number or removed it altogether.
  21. I'm going to have to call you on that - sorry nope. The below pics are from CMBN 4.x in Quick battle where I picked a company of armoured infantry for both US and Germans with a platoon mounted and a platoon dismounted. There was no automatic ammo distribution done for the dismounted squads. There was a few less rounds and sometimes more grenades sometimes less. German Panzer Grenadiers (Battalion 44 formation) - dismounted Same formation mounted - less that 100 rounds less Available ammo not automatically distributed to the infantry US armoured infantry (Battalion 44) - dismounted US Armoured Infantry - mounted also less than 100 rounds difference Available ammo not automatically distributed to the infantry
  22. Ah I see I misread your post as all the B teams in one track all the A team in another... Got it now.
  23. Interesting technique. I can see a downside here: all the LMGs end up in one place for example. Do you find that causes issues once you get to your destination?
  24. LOL I don't think we should add a "read my mind" feature to the game - cause well computers cannot do that yet. Remember that the ammo load out assigned to the troops in the game is actually researched information that reflected a standard amount of ammo carried. So, in essence they have already implemented the "Alight, load up" command.