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  1. @ncc1701e posted an AAR thread with a set of rules for handling area fire and C2 that was quite a bit simpler than the command friction and spread sheet method. Check it out here: @Bil Hardenberger and I played a quick battle with a version of these and quite liked it.
  2. IanL

    NATO Units????

    LOL that is easy to do.
  3. IanL

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    I would start with the assertion that I will be building a balanced combined arms force. At least some of the fight will be in town so you will need some infantry. Also this is a meeting engagement so you also need some fast moving components. Not having the game in front of me I don't really know if 2800 points is a company size or battalion sized. For the sake of argument lets say its company sized. I would start with a company of infantry make sure one of the platoons has half tracks or bren carriers. Since you are the Canadians you could keep the carrier platoon and have a reduced infantry company. Then you want some armour so a platoon of Sherman tanks. I might try for a 105 Sherman but it would be a nice to have and not a requirement. 81mm mortars are a definite thing you want or if this is battalion sized 105 instead. I would definitely make room for one or two top notch sniper teams - they are great for detecting approaching enemy units and causing them some pause while you manoeuvre to respond if needed. The the mobile infantry and a tank or two (half tracks, trucks or carriers first) scream into town as fast as possible taking up positions around a key location or two. Use the tanks to interdict your enemy's approach and have the rest of the infantry head off at a jog escorted by the rest of your armour. Then start securing more of the town and your flanks as you can. Re-purpose the half tracks, trucks or carries as you need to. IMHO
  4. IanL

    Orbat / Custom organizations

    That you cannot do. Modding really only lets you skin the models and the UI. You cannot create custom organizations or tweak the stats on your favorite tank.
  5. Well that's interesting. I would recommend trying an uninstall and reinstall. If that doesn't work try contacting support: Battlefront Help desk
  6. IanL

    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    All these bloody streets look the same. How am I supposed to remember where I am or how to get back?
  7. IanL

    RTS & Wego

    Actually you can also open the scenario in the editor and export the briefing text and then open it in your favourite word processor (Word Perfect perhaps : - ) and read it as big as you like.
  8. IanL

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    I'm not sure about more interesting; it's more practical though
  9. IanL

    Briefings Text mod

    But as for bigger; no there is not mod for that.
  10. IanL

    Random mines placement?

    There is a handful of interesting tidbits there. Some playing around needs to be done I would say: Does the technique work with mines? Does it work the same in SF2 The need for two plans: that is surprising and probably not intended. If you find answers let us know. I honestly don't know when I'll get to these questions given the size of my list...
  11. IanL

    Reinstalling all

    I thought it worked the other way around... people who only like modern but not WWII were the blasphemers Yep, them too
  12. IanL

    Reinstalling all

    What he said... But in answer to this question - no - new purchases of the game get you the latest version. The upgrade prices and packages are just for people who purchased games in the past and who want to get the new features. New purchasers always get the latest.
  13. I am sure that @Artkin has a plan but what @Bud Backer and I did was (correct me if I get any of this wrong) share a couple of folders one just between us and one with the other players. It could have been a sub folder too - it really doesn't matter since the save is password protected too. Who played first varied some what but basically I used my regular turn manager to make sure I had the latest turn to watch and then, if it was my turn to go first I would issue my orders and save the game and copy that to our other folder so that Bud could pick it up and finish his orders and the produce the .ema file for the other team. If he went first - just reverse the roles. Yes, it was fun. There were issues - if you think regular PBEM is slow... Sadly I am not able to commit the time to participate but I hope you find some players and have a blast. Make sure you report back here.
  14. It wasn't me.