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  1. There ya go. I'm a gamey bastard then . Now I know I am being gamey at least.
  2. IanL

    Squad Level Drones

    If the leader of the team that called the observe mission is taken out then you will not be able to cancel it. Same for Artillery and Air support. Many times you don't notice that for artillery or air because the mission naturally ends at some point (other than Maximum missions for Artillery). I am not sure what you meant about the air controller disappearing when there is on man left. Do you mean the icon changed from the observer icon to something else?
  3. IanL

    Demo crash

    Likely not. The best thing for you to do (and anyone else reading this) is think about what you were doing when it crashed and see if you can get it to happen again. If you can write down repeatable steps then other will be able to verify and figure out what is up.
  4. LOL - good summary. Many of us tank you for taking on the thankless task. Indeed: LOL that was awesome. I especially liked the ending
  5. IanL

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Oh man - that was my thought too when I read @domfluff's post. And I was just an observer to the back and forth on the message board and on part of any email thread.
  6. IanL

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I am guessing (intel integrated video card) with the new install of the demo, your onboard Intel graphics card is now running the game. If Nvidia, use the control panel and make a profile for the demo. That's what I was about to say too. Did that help @37mm?
  7. IanL

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    That is also a symptom of running the game on a poor graphics card - do you have two on your box? If so you need to make sure CMSF is running on the high powered one and not the on the mother board crappy one. The game .exe is specific for the demo so you will need to create a new mapping for it.
  8. Nope not new - yes, it is always nice to see.
  9. IanL

    Out of Memory error

    Actually that info is a little out of date. A while back newer versions of the game were updated to link with a flag that lets 32 bit apps access the entire 4Gb of address space. So the current games running on a 64bit PC will have access to 4Gb before they run out.
  10. I am out of up votes for the day so I'll have to call this out for +1 directly Hey some scenarios are better than others I will not deny it. But really the number of scenarios that are lazy and malicious is minuscule and the number of posts here that are same is non trivial - though thankfully in a small minority. On top of that some scenarios are based on historical information. Sometimes the FoW or mistakes made or just basic resource constraints mean that in real life commanders didn't have the appropriate assets or the task at hand. Quit your whining and pick your sorry asses up of the ground and get back out there and attack! A little nod for @c3k
  11. First of all - awesome job guys. AARs are a good thing. The ending was a bit disappointing but hey that's how things go. I think you provided some good examples and created good discussion. Thank you. On the job training My bold. Is it unrealistic though? Wouldn't tanks who were assigned to be support for infantry use their smoke dischargers for such things? I am talking about WWII here we know that Russian doctrine with their IFVs they *do* use the vehicle smoke for infantry assaults. Really just a question I have no knowledge on way or another...
  12. It might be like fitness. I don't know if it has been fixed yet, but there used to be a bug where one member of a squad would go tearing off on his own, then come back and rejoin the squad. The thing was, even if the rest of the squad had no moved, but had just waited patiently for their little lost sheep, the whole squad would now be tired. Not a bug - still like that. The morale state and the tiredness factor you see is some kind of average of the values tracked for each individual in the team you have selected.
  13. Ouch - the best laid plans. Will the 40mm grenades catch their man? Stay tuned...
  14. That might even be true As humans we constantly are picking at what is wrong with <insert anything here> and frankly it can get a little tiresome. It is nice to be reminded to sit back and see the roses all around you so I for one am happy to see this thread start up. Thanks @kinophile. Let's keep it on track. If you want to complain about (sorry I mean suggest) something feel free to start a new thread for that there is plenty of room for all that - I'm talking to you @Pericles ...
  15. I love seeing bravery. I recall early in CMBN playing a game where a flanking force got the jump on me and even through I was rushing reserves to the bocage line on my left flank it was going to be tight. We all know what happens to troops that are running across and open field towards an enemy sitting and waiting in said bocage. My one team on sentry duty was already down to half strength and as the fire came in and the enemy approached one of the two remaining guys gave up an started surrendering. The lone soldier left held it together and got off a few more shots hitting one of the enemy squad. The wavered and then turned and ran. The next turn my reserve arrived and secured the area.