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  1. IanL

    New Website status update

    Way to go!!
  2. Initial situation This AAR is being played using the Quick Battle system from the v4 engine in the new version of Shock Force. We are playing a Red probe with Bil taking the Syrians vs Canadians commanded by myself. The back story we decided on is that the NATO advance is proceeding well and the Canadian battle group has been assigned to flank protection for the main advance. D Company has been directed to take up positions around a village on the main East West road in the area. Taking the walk through the village to meet with the local elders was something that Capt. Leslie actually enjoyed. The security situation for these types of meetings was much better here than in Afghanistan where, as a platoon commander, often had to provide security for the CO in one of these meetings. Over there it was always a nerve racking time. Here, today, his men had taken up their positions already and there was no love for the Assad regime around here. There was no love for the Assads anywhere actually – even in the enclave where his family drew the most support it was based on fear not love. So his walk today was pretty safe. Walking through the village reminded him of the last time he was in Syria. When he was just a boy visiting his father who was stationed on the Golan Heights as a UN Observer. Back then this trip to Syria was an exciting event. He got to fly on Hercules from Germany to Damascus where his Dad’s apartment was. The trip had made an impression. Not just the Roman ruins and the amazing castle Krak des Chevaliers (and having lived in the UK a few years earlier he knew castles) but it was really the people that impressed him the most. They were so friendly and open. It was this trip and listening to his father tell the stories of visiting with security guards on his way home each night that cemented in him the certain knowledge that you can go anywhere in the world and the regular people you meet are more like you then they are different. This meeting was just a formality but an important one. They would not be here for long and the Canadians had no mandate to provide any kind of assistance this was just to introduce the force that would be on their door steps for a while and point out that most likely nothing eventful would happen today, tomorrow or the next day. Capt. Leslie had put off this meeting for a hour because he had to spend time on the radio sorting out their artillery support. They were not expecting any action and so had only been assigned only a battery of light artillery and some Battalion mortars but he wanted to make sure they were ready with solutions plotted just to be sure. For some reason there had been a delay. Usually the artillery guys were ready before his FO was but today somehow the assignments had been confused and no battery thought they were supposed to be on call for D Co.. He had the reputation not as a rising star but a solid cross the t’s dot the i’s find a solution get it done officer. And he had done so again. Other officers liked him because he did his homework and was fair even when he was pushing for something. He didn’t make a big production but he didn’t back down either. He remembered his Dad used to say “not everyone can be a rising star, those stars need good officers to get their jobs done”. His Dad’s other advice when he joined up as a junior officer was “always listen to your Sergeants and Warrant Officers, they are the ones that have the experience know how to help you find solutions and keep you from screwing up”. He had taken the advice to heart. Force selection: The Quick Battle system is still not complete so don’t read much into what you see other than the happy path I will describe J. As you can see the usual points panel is there along with the selected force’s flag and available branches. The various units might still need tweaking in the QB list and single vehicles and teams is not officially complete and the points might change. All the usual caveats apply. No one has tested the auto pick force make up yet – although the three times I used it during testing it actually did a good job. At any rate before release this stuff will be tweaked some more. Similar to the CMBS game there are combined force battle groups available. That is where I will start: Defending in a Medium Probe lets you purchase about a mechanized company or so. I start with paring back to D Company and a platoon of tanks. Then I do something I started doing recently – renaming the top commander on QB battle field after myself. I think it is more fun to think of yourself down there in the game. Hopefully no one thinks it is too arrogant since I have never served as more than a truck driver but I’m adding a little colour this time based on an alternate reality where I joined up back in university like I very nearly did. Now the hard choices. I am pretty certain that Bil will be bringing armour to this and those T72s are every bit as deadly to the Leos as the Leos are to the T72s. That means I need to be able to handle enemy armour. So, to get the points room to have some support I chose not give up a tank but instead gave up a platoon of infantry. Therefore the basic force is two platoons of infantry and one troop of tanks. With that I’ll settled I chose to keep two of the battalion’s AT LAVs, one battery of mortars and a sniper team. Never leave home without your sniper team.
  3. IanL

    New Website status update

    It's reported already. Not that its bad that you posted about it, just reminding you that nearly everyone else was there first
  4. IanL

    New Website status update

    I swear if I hear that one more time I'm going to stop this car and you will walk home.
  5. Holly crap you're right: http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/BattleForNormandy/Campaigns/index.html @Bootie I have a copy on my HD if you need to discuss retrieving it.
  6. IanL

    Fortified Map?

    Oh yeah that would be sweet.
  7. IanL

    Fortified Map?

    No joy.
  8. IanL

    Fortified Map?

    Same - cool... We have had discussions of this on the forum before. I believe I was explaining BFC's official word on the subject. Gotta find that from the source...
  9. IanL

    Fortified Map?

    Oh it could be modelled. It is a question of priorities. Would you like Shock Force sooner or later, would you like illumination added what about Schwimmwagen? I joke but it really does come down to priorities. I still hold out hope that one day... Oh yeah good point actually it can. The problem is that you cannot blast a mine field directly but if you are lucky and the mines are near a wall or bocage or wire and you get the blast direction correct you can take out mines and the blast-able target. I seem to recall that happening in an AAR once.
  10. IanL

    Fortified Map?

    Marking mines only helps infantry cross a mine field. Even then don't have them run through it - just walk. It makes no difference for vehicles. Engineers cannot clear mines in CM - the time needed for that job is way out of scope for a CM game. Now if we had bangalore torpedos or the modern equivalent that would be awesome!
  11. IanL

    New Website status update

    My Account from the top menu and then My Orders from the page. But - and it is a big but - you can see your orders but not what you ordered and no keys or download links are displayed. It is a known problem and Steve is working to fix it. He said he would announce it here once it was fixed. But earlier @Elvis said you can submit a support ticket (with account name, order number and / or product info) and they can send you a download link.
  12. IanL

    New Website status update

    I had the opposite for a big part of yesterday.
  13. IanL

    Fortified Map?

    Well there you have it if @MOS:96B2P says so it is so. Hummm... I am sure @MOS:96B2P is still correct: the thing is I swear I have done this. Now I am not sure if I miss-remembered or if something has changed.
  14. IanL

    Fortified Map?

    Yes, absolutely. I have done all combinations of the above except direct tank fire vs mines. But I see no reason that it would not work, I just have not done it. As the old saying goes, if a little HE didn't work, add more.
  15. IanL

    New Website status update

    I am seeing that too It should be on the order page where the pending status is shown. Hummm I wonder if it is related... Edited to add - I'm reporting it now.