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  1. IanL

    Vehicle Immobilization

    This is more correct. ^^^ If it is raining the ground condition can change - getting wetter. Crushing obstacles such as fences or wire degrades track condition which makes bogging more likely.
  2. IanL

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Icon bugs? Mortar acquire bug? The mortar one sounds familiar but I cannot remember the details...
  3. I was thinking they look like this: yes, wrong army, yes wrong year but I just mean they look like the same style of helmet with the ribbed padding.
  4. Reported. I could not get that to be permanent so fairly minor - any scenario you found where the dome was stuck like that?
  5. Reported and reported
  6. Humm I'm not seeing that. Here is what I see: I checked the reserve BTR units too. I have my graphics and model settings on Best. Could it be a reduced graphics quality setting?
  7. IanL

    Montelimar H2H Scenario

    Interesting. I looked it up and at theBlitz this has only been played twice - both a win for the Germans: http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/montelimar-operation-dragoon-h2h/b-15.htm?action=scenario&id=3705 Clearly not a large enough sample size but could give you some hope
  8. IanL

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    Oh I miss ready your post. I thought you were having trouble with WTII. I am just fighting with the install for the Mac and then I have a bunch of writing to do.
  9. IanL

    PayPal order 'Process'

    I use PayPal connected to my credit card and have not faced this issue.
  10. IanL

    Marking Mines?

    Marking mines does little or nothing for vehicles. How could it? If I drive through an 8x8 area with multiple mines how can I possibly avoid hitting one? A single soldier would be able to but not a vehicle.
  11. IanL

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    I have a new version in the works that will and it will support chatting. In the meantime you can override the game files directory to get it to work. Go to the preferences and edit the Shock Force 2 entry and manually change the game files directory.
  12. IanL

    PayPal order 'Process'

    Bummer. I was hoping for ya. I hope you hear back from support soon.
  13. IanL

    How to Use Extra HQ Units?

    You have your answer from @MOS:96B2P which is excellent as usual but how about going a different direction: delete those units. If you purchase a battalion and strip out all but a company then you can delete the batalion command elements. Then you have some extra points to pick and choose some additional support. My I suggest a top notch sniper
  14. IanL

    PayPal order 'Process'

    That is where the download link should be. Before you give up and wait for support check the My Orders page on your store account and view the details of that main upgrade order. The DL link should be there as well. In the end support will get things sorted...