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  1. Minute 0:46: Orders One of the tanks under the artillery thinks it has seem more fortifications. But it cannot get a LOF to the area. The observers call in the air support over the town KT6 and the hill KT7. We can let the fly boys take their time getting here and do their worst while my infantry deal with the outer defences. The air support will take 11 minutes to arrive – no need to stay exposed for that time... Since there are other targets to shoot at the Support company HQ will head up to the same spot. 3 Platoon has recovered enough that I can give them orders. They are getting tired so they will move through the woods. The last platoon from A Co that is in good order will try to move to the left and see if they can spot more of the enemy positions. Supported by some tanks.
  2. Minute 0:45-0:46: B Company heads back their observation / jump off points in the woods near KT3. On KT3 observers arrive again. And spot something new – another Stug. This time slightly to the right of the first one. Meanwhile 2 and 3 platoons from A Company are still mostly out of my command but no more artillery falls for the whole minute.
  3. Yes, this one. The pots in question were typically made of copper and over the open flame with get quite sooty. So, the phrase is meant for good natured ribbing when someone says something that ends up being like "do as I say, not as I do"
  4. Well how else would you empty the gun for safe storage?
  5. Wow, focus man focus Says the pot calling the kettle black
  6. Quick update from me. I am moved into my new place. By moved in, I mean we are all here and there are beds setup and lanes between the boxes to move around I am sitting (you are right I should be unpacking) here waiting for technicians to arrive to install some plumbing required appliances and my network panel needs some sorting. So, I am still not in shape to play at the moment even though Bud is back up and running and sent me a turn. Stay tuned and the fun will resume shortly.
  7. This is the better way to go. Even better just have the game realize that two way points are on roads and automatically favour staying on the road net to go between. Then there isn't even a need for a separate command.
  8. Rediscovered for the first time. I remember when the fist post about stars showed up after CMBN came out (I wasn't around for CMSF). It was a cool moment. Really sold me on how awesome this game is. Yes, I know it has nothing to do with game play but is is really cool.
  9. Yes, one of the patches for CMRT caused saves and PBEM files to not move forward. Bummer but it happens. If you want to finish the game you can install the older game along side the new one. Just make sure you point the install program to a different location on your HD.
  10. Yes, I believe so. They need to be unbuttoned. Be aware whom ever you are backing towards has every right to shoot at you though.... 🙂
  11. They will. I tested it myself: They do it on their own. So they need to be in a position where they are busy with important stuff forwards and the spot and are threatened from behind.
  12. One thing you can look at is the win % column on theBlitz's scenario list: http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/combat-mission-final-blitzkrieg/b-15.htm?action=scenarios&game=184 Those are all head to head games and you can find which scenarios are lopsided and which are fairly balanced. These are typically PBEM games so it takes a while for numbers to be accumulated. I would be wary of making a judgment based on a result that only has a handful of games.
  13. Mocking you? I am mocking me. I go to this thread every day, looking at entrails. You speak with angels? -- can you ask them to put hair back on the top my head? Gets cold on top in the winter. Hilarious guys.
  14. Yes totally. In the v2 engine upgrade the made MGs more effective and now you cannot just run at the and expect to win the day.
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