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  1. If I could have my wish, I'd have BFC change these set up areas for all Meeting Engagements to be the entire length of opposing sides of the map like it was in CMx1. This way your opponent cannot know where your forces are coming from. By using the entire length of the edge of the map, your direction of attack is entirely unpredictable and it lends itself (IMHO) to what a meeting engagement really is. As it is now, a ME is nothing more than a quasi-set piece battle -and they get boring real quickly.
  2. Just finished "Closing the Pocket" as the US and oh, yes. Its coming back to me. Getting more familiar with the scrolling of the map and commanding the units. It is definitely growing on me. Nice job BFC. Man, those Panthers can sure take a beating. Even when immobilized the crew hangs in there. Phew. Can't wait to see meeting engagements. Can't wait for the release.
  3. Thank you Steve for your kind words. I will breath easier. I can't wit til we can d/l the full game.
  4. What!??? No We-Go for TCP/IP? No way! BFC are you crazy?????? IMO, BFC had something really great and now you're letting it go? Just to be like everyone else? I am sorry to say it, but it looks like Combat Mission has become a clickfest game with the so-called "real-time" mode of play. I was VERY glad to see We-Go return, but to leave it out for TCP/IP just doesn't make any sense. I pre-ordered the game to once again enliven my weekends with lively multipayer games, but alas that isn't going to ever happen? That is too bad.
  5. I've a lot yet to experience with this game, but I am pretty much happy with it. I played CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK (a LOT) and they had features that I wish CMBN had. Like moving waypoints, colored bases for the troops, and the CMx1 way of scrolling the map. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I wish there was a way to mute the inane troop chatter without muting all of the sound effects. The phrases are way too repetative. I don't see the chatter adding much at all to the game. Maybe we can delete those sound files? Over all, I am glad the game is here. Uh, the demo, I mean.
  6. I have to say that Mosier's book 'The Myth of the Great War' was a terrific read. I finished it the other day. His thoughts about French and British propaganda were very profound and insightful. I'm not wanting to get into an argument or anything. I really liked it. Cheers
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