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  1. ok so when i try to do quick combat on a city map. the game hangs on 43%
  2. Ok so i have always loved combat mission, but as all of us know the engine isnt the best when it comes to performance. I have and i5 3.5 ghz processor. 3g ati video card and 16 gb of 1833 ram. I can play the total war games on maxed settings with no issues. To boost the combat engine for better performance, do we have to manually allocate video memory to the? if so how do we do that. Or does anyone have any tips. My current settings are the default except I boosted textures and modles to "improved"
  3. 1st: is the game going to be a bit more stable, ToW2 really lags in SP and a bit online when there are major battles. 2nd: will this game be on steam, if not, i recommend it and i know many people who are only willing to buy ToW 3 if its on steam. Steam is the reason i fell in love with ToW because i decided to give it a shot during a sale, one of the best games i ever bought, i own every one now and all DLC
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