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  1. It is not a certified true copy but very close to the reality. Only playable in hour 2
  2. Could we connaitre the success of the sales of the opuses of fight mission and or find them in certain countries? If we can buy the cd in certain hypermarkets. I live in France and if my recollections are good, I had discovered fight afrika korps mission in hypermarket in Luxemburg. And I bought fight shock mission second-hand force on a site.
  3. Concerning to me no concerns to pay the extensions but it should not become complex. CMBN is unique, historic and very realistic. That has to make 15 years that I adopted fight mission Imagine if it is necessary to proceed to the reinstallation of cmbn, a great deal of modules to be installed. And all these passwords
  4. Before proceeding to the installation, think of making a protection on an external disc, it is very useful.
  5. I reinstalled everything, I wait for the method of correct installation of the version 3.10 in French before installing him(it)
  6. The card is immense, units by thousands but that turns on the pc
  7. The installation is complex. When it was ended, the opus Commonwealth was missing. During the reinstallation of the latter, more average to insert the keys of licenses. Due to installing complementary modules, if it arrives a problem on the pc, it will become very complex to reinstall everything. I am certainly going to drop fight mission definitively. There are too many complementary(additional) modules. And of complex installations
  8. PM sent. I appreciate the big maps a lot. The last one whom I made: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=113912&page=5
  9. Size of the map: 3008 x 1792m First decisive tries(essays) It will be a titanic battle
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