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  1. DMS

    Red Thunder bugs

    That's right, in company HQ must be assistant (since 1943) and politruk - "political leader". Or commissar, as Germans called them (really commissar was in battalion HQ). He could go to platoons to encourage soldiers. Company leader should be captain in the best case or even senior lieutenant or lieutenant. And in squad must be assistant - junior sergeant, machinegunner. Probably they were not well-trained NCOs like in Wehmacht of 1941, but still they were in TO&E.
  2. I think that artillery is not overpowered, fortifications are underpowered in most scenarios. I am making scenario where I set ditches with 1-2m depth and trenches inside. I call 122mm howitzers exactly on this place (heavy, long), a lot of Germans survive.
  3. Field fortifications pack. With below ground trenches and shelters. If someone chooses to use gamey and scan terrain for folds - ok, he spoils gameplay for himself.
  4. DMS

    Red Thunder bugs

    Why? Different ammunition, complexity, 1-st round accuracy problems. 3 years after mass trophies...
  5. DMS

    Red Thunder bugs

    I saw some division equipment lists. Usually tables don't have separated column for SVTs, only for rifles in general. When it has - in the best case division had hundred or two of SVTs. Some examples from my notes: 143 rifle division, 22.02.43: 4059 rifles, 155 SVT, 103 lmgs, 549 smgs, 15 AVS (rare weapon!) 243 rifle division, 18.06.43: 3776 rifles, 181 SVT, 1007 smgs, 196 lmgs. 2-3 SVT for a platoon. I can post document scans for 2 cases above. SVTs weren't produced since 1942. (1 million in 1941, 200 thousands in 1942) It is fun that despite this in organizational charts till the end of war weapon of a rifleman was SVT. (letter "a" in "weapons" column - autorifle) This may confuse researcher.
  6. DMS


    You can't truly understand German mechanized tactic without researching Barbarossa. Full strength Wermacht on peak of its might against nearly equal Soviet forces: with modern weapons but obsolete tactic. Old fashioned army with separated branches against combined arms Kampfgruppen. In 1944 everyone had understood new style of war, Americans created their tank divisions with task forces, Soviets reorganized tank forces in tank corps. But in 1941 tactical difference was the largest. It makes Barbarossa game interesting for anyone who is interested in WW2 tactic, I think.
  7. DMS


    Citadel game would be easy to do. Same or very close TO&E, same vehicles. Open terrain with few objects. But fortifications have to be adjusted, Russian trenches didn't have that sandbags. And foxholes were dig with opening in front for firing prone.
  8. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    -You Soviets shoot at our German planes! -But... They bomb our airfields! -It is whataboutism! We discuss how you shoot at German planes!
  9. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    To all guys who said about Russia grabbing something. Did you ever hear about Russian ship "Nord", that was captured by Ukrainians in Azov sea? Just because she visitited Crimia ports. Captain is still in prison. Ukrainians refuse to release him. I think that you didn't. Am I mistaken?
  10. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Well, when I heard that I wanted to laugh, yes. That guy is 31 years old... Too old for naive idealist. May be it was just a cool story for journalists. That two ship commanders are local celebrities, they came and song Ukranian hymn during retaking Crimea by Russia in 2014. (Or "annexation", if you want) Ukraine have few such gunboats, commanders are known. Yes, SBU admitted.
  11. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Gunboat commander (Roman Mokryak) planned to use "wolfpack" tactics. He said that "Soviet giants can't track many targets" and 1 of "wolfpack" gunboats has a chance to break through and damage a big ship. Some time ago Ukrainian TV made video about that gunboats. Cynic admirals (or special services?) used him... By the way, on the gunboat was SBU agent. Politruk? :) FSB claims that gunboats entered Russian waters that were Russian before 2014.
  12. W. Schneider's "Panzer Tactics" is great book. Company formations, attack by bounds, armored infantry tatctics. Probably the best I read. And... Read manuals! British one: http://wartimecanada.ca/sites/default/files/documents/Infantry Training Part I- The Infantry Battalion- 1944.pdf
  13. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Oh, Ukrainian presidential elections have stopped. They introduce martial law.
  14. DMS

    Modern Russian tank tactics

    May be they plan to use sort of semi-direct fire, when tank platoon fires from 3-4 (5? 6?) kms under control of forward observer or a drone? From open position. Enemy tank will have to show up and fire to cover infantry. At very large distance Russian tank armor has a chance to defeat modern projectile. I think that Russian planners are realists and do not expect that tanks will suffer few casualties. If tank wores out barrel - it is a good case. No, I didn't mean that! It was used before, by Soviets too, but not just by Soviets of course. I mean that Soviet generals planned to compensate low artillery numbers in tank divisions actively using indirect tank fire. It was not just a possibility, but a regular drill. For regiments armed with T-10 tanks and ISU-152 spgs. They say it was a joke. Jokers...
  15. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    So, Ukrainian presidential elections have started! We started to forget about Ukraine, time to remind...