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  1. Well, IRL Germans had solid trench line, occupied by minor forces. They tried to avoid massive artillery strike on their main forces and used to set them back. Soviets knew this and tried to assault 1-st trench line by surprise. In the game there is no solid trench line and player didn't get divisional artillery, looks like battle in the depth of defense. I would play like usual, slow advance, spot MG nests, call mortar fire on them. Attack on broad front, clear flanks, be aware of mines and AT guns. Assault guns should be 50m behind infantry line according to regulations.
  2. Yes, and to 7 men after 44. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/137088-soviet-infantry-squad-organisation/ But each rifle company now has 1 smg platoon.
  3. But what's wrong with old bullets? Corrosion? Yes, 7,92 bullets (actually 8,2) through 7,62 barrel were not good, I guess that rifles became smoothbore after some time. Well, NKVD could support them with something, but small weapons ammo in big quantities was not transportable by air. They couldn't drop enough so that every partisan would get at least 50 rounds to his rifle every month. That's why this extractor modifications were recommended officially, by instruktions. They also had to modify case, so Mauser round would lay in x54 chamber without resting by rim. There were enough abandoned Soviet weapons, dropped in 1941. So yes, they didn't need to attack Germans for weapons.
  4. Once I dispersed platoon (1943) in 300-400m wide area. I splitted squads, set teams 50m from each other. Then my opponent attacked and teams on my far flank started to surrender without taking any losses. ) Really, they are "fragile" when splitted.
  5. In CM squad organization affect gameplay, unlike other games. You can't split Soviet squads, because they get morale penalty and start to panic after getting fire. The reason is absence of squad leader assistant. Soviet squad had only 1 NCO, while in German were 2. That is true... Until 27.09.1941. Below is Stalin's order №374. He states, that on machinegunners posts (Also ATR riflemen, mortar and artillery gunners) must be designated "most skillful and initiative" soldiers. They must be promoted to junior sergeants or gefreiters. In TO&E must be created new position - squad leader assistant. They got more salary, 12,5 rubles additionally. So, in Soviet squad of 1944-1945 were 2 NCOs, like in other armies. Another question - squad headcount. In 1941 TO&E squad headcount was 11 men. In 1943 in 4/550 TO&E headcount was reduced to 9-10 (including platoon HQ or not). In 1944 high command decided to stop reinforcing rifle divisions too full strength (according 4/550 TO&E), leaving maximum strength 6-7 thousands men. HQs of rifle divisions started to make calculations to define subunits headcount (As far as I know, there was no centralized TO&E like before) Some of them are published, I post them below (in next comment): for 141 men company (full strength 4/550: 4 squads, 9 men), 111 men (4 squads, 7 men) and 90 men (3 squads, 7 men). I think these schemes are most close to reality. 1-st variant (141 men) is in the game already, it is called "1943". I would suggest to replace game TO&E "1944" by one of these schemes: for 111 men company or 90 men company. With 4 (3) squads, 7 men and 1 lmg in each one. I think 111 men companies are best for the game, because you can delete 4th squad if you want. Note that these schemes are not "under strength". They are for full strength divisions of 44-45 (6000 or 7000 strength). No divisions were reinforced to 4/550 TO&E as far as I know. May be few, coming from rear, that didn't take part in battles of 1943-1944. 11 men - this is from 1941, not 1944. And if some very lucky division would get large reinforcement, they would rather add 4-th squad instead of making 3 11 men squads. So, Soviet squad had 2 NCOs and 7 men with 1 lmg. (And 2 or 6 SMGs) There were no official "teams", but according to regulations lmg could act separately, covering movement of the squad. So, I think that squad could be divided to 2 teams: lmg team leaded by machinegunner (SL assisnant), 3 men, and rest of the squad, 4 men. Actually, lmg team had 2 men, but it's hard to believe that 1 assistant could carry 6 DP disks, having weight 40kg. + his own rifle.
  6. MG was heavier, DP had heavy disks instead of belts, in summary weight was nearly equal. But even regular army soldiers used to drop that DP disks. I guess partisans were carrying 2-3 in the best case. Soviet partisans remade extractors of DP and Mosins to used German ammo. (It's interesting that 7.92 bullets passed good through 7,62 barrels) I think any irregulars did some sort of modification or reloaded ammo. Probably the hugest storages of ammo were German, with their 1200-1400 rounds for every mg. I think that theese SMGs were rather PDW than combat weapons. For self defense.
  7. Thank you! I had found some documents about TO&E, can post if needed (in separate thread)
  8. BFCElvis, are 11 men squads in the final version of the game? I think it can be a mistake. I'd posted documents some time ago, in full strength Soviet division squads couldn't be more then 8 men. 8 men in squad - the best case, average number would be 5-6. 11 men squads were only in pre-war TO&E. In 1944-1945 red army had problems with manpower, units couldn't be reinforced by draft of locals. All divisions were transferred to so called "7 thousand TO&E", having only 6000-7000 men. And soviet squads have no squad leader assistant? Actually there were 2 NCOs in Soviet squad, squad leader (sergeant) and machinegunner (gefreiter=corporal).
  9. Thank you for informative answer. Too heavy for partisans! So, major part - German weapons and may be some Soviet. (In 44-45, after the war weapons were replaced by soviet after some time, of course) But no huge German ammo loads with 1200+ rounds for a mg. How much did they carry? Some 50 round belts? It would be interesting too play battles partisans against partisans, with more important role of rifles. They had to rely on them as most ammo saving weapons, I guess.
  10. Weren't they armed by Germans? No politics, just curious. That west Ukrainians folk songs: "Машингивери", "лента за лентой" - they are about Mg-34/42, I guess. DP was magazine fed.
  11. Bad... But they should! 1-st platoon of rifle company had SMGs instead of rifles, other weapons stayed like in rifle platoons. There were shortages of DP machineguns, and that is not completely unrealistic, but still DP were distributed to the platoons evenly. (I am afraid that poor SMG gunners will be wiped out by those Sturmzugen at 210m…) It seems I misunderstood, on screenshot above there is DP. But the squad is too big, I think, 11 men - too good for 44-45... Ammo load for DP - 188, 4 drums. That is realistic! 6 drums with 282 rounds were optimistic a bit.
  12. By the way, do SMG squads of rifle companies have machineguns and snipers? That SMG squads should be better at medium ranges.
  13. "the major change that came in early 1944 was the conversion of 1 of 3 Rifle Platoons into a Submachine Gun Platoon" In the summer of 1943 actually. "штат № 05/40 in December 1944" I am not sure that this TO&E was implemented in fact. May be just in some of the guards divisions. 1× Section Commander, Jr. Sergeant (OR-5) or Sergeant (OR-6), armed with 1 PPSh-41/PPS-43 Submachine Gun 1× Deputy Section Commander (Senior Rifleman), Yefreytor (OR-4), armed with 1 Mosin-Nagant or SVT-40 Rifle** 1× Light Machine Gunner, Private (OR-1), armed with 1 DP-27 Light Machine Gu Mistake: actually LMG gunner was deputy.
  14. No, this is just a slang. Any German infantrymen were called "avtomatchiki", because Germans relied on heavy automatic fire (from their MG-34).
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