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  1. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    -You Soviets shoot at our German planes! -But... They bomb our airfields! -It is whataboutism! We discuss how you shoot at German planes!
  2. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    To all guys who said about Russia grabbing something. Did you ever hear about Russian ship "Nord", that was captured by Ukrainians in Azov sea? Just because she visitited Crimia ports. Captain is still in prison. Ukrainians refuse to release him. I think that you didn't. Am I mistaken?
  3. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Well, when I heard that I wanted to laugh, yes. That guy is 31 years old... Too old for naive idealist. May be it was just a cool story for journalists. That two ship commanders are local celebrities, they came and song Ukranian hymn during retaking Crimea by Russia in 2014. (Or "annexation", if you want) Ukraine have few such gunboats, commanders are known. Yes, SBU admitted.
  4. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Gunboat commander (Roman Mokryak) planned to use "wolfpack" tactics. He said that "Soviet giants can't track many targets" and 1 of "wolfpack" gunboats has a chance to break through and damage a big ship. Some time ago Ukrainian TV made video about that gunboats. Cynic admirals (or special services?) used him... By the way, on the gunboat was SBU agent. Politruk? :) FSB claims that gunboats entered Russian waters that were Russian before 2014.
  5. W. Schneider's "Panzer Tactics" is great book. Company formations, attack by bounds, armored infantry tatctics. Probably the best I read. And... Read manuals! British one: http://wartimecanada.ca/sites/default/files/documents/Infantry Training Part I- The Infantry Battalion- 1944.pdf
  6. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Oh, Ukrainian presidential elections have stopped. They introduce martial law.
  7. DMS

    Modern Russian tank tactics

    May be they plan to use sort of semi-direct fire, when tank platoon fires from 3-4 (5? 6?) kms under control of forward observer or a drone? From open position. Enemy tank will have to show up and fire to cover infantry. At very large distance Russian tank armor has a chance to defeat modern projectile. I think that Russian planners are realists and do not expect that tanks will suffer few casualties. If tank wores out barrel - it is a good case. No, I didn't mean that! It was used before, by Soviets too, but not just by Soviets of course. I mean that Soviet generals planned to compensate low artillery numbers in tank divisions actively using indirect tank fire. It was not just a possibility, but a regular drill. For regiments armed with T-10 tanks and ISU-152 spgs. They say it was a joke. Jokers...
  8. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    So, Ukrainian presidential elections have started! We started to forget about Ukraine, time to remind...
  9. DMS

    Modern Russian tank tactics

    Urban enviroment is a good reason to launch "carousel", reloading 1 platoon of 3. Classic Soviet tactics encourages to use echelones: 1-st echelone attacks enemy in the outskirts of the city, 2-nd goes in being prepared to urban combat. So 1-st echelone would go back to reload HEs, while 2-nd continues assault. Somewhat carousel of larger scale. .
  10. DMS

    Modern Russian tank tactics

    It is not really new. "Tank Carousel" was used in Chechnya. In fact it is just using of echelones. 1-st echelones fires, 2-nd covers, 3-rd reloads. Indirect tank fire is not new either. It was learned by heavy tank crews already in 1950s. But combining with drones and C2 systems it can be interesting. Something like British "pepperbox", but more accurate thanks to modern technologies. Typical formation is BTG, 10 tanks, 30 bmps. Just imagine 40 barrels giving 5-10 shots at their objective ahead before attacking. Compare it to battalion's organic 6 82mm tubes and 6 AGS-30! Why to save 125mm HEs if they explode in burning tank in case of failed attack?
  11. In Soviet tanks also were pistol ports. Firing from pistol ports in the game would be nice... For Barbarossa game it would be usefull feature. In 1944 Germans used fausts instead of getting close and throwing explosives on engine. Another example of firing from vehicles - Su-76. Crewmen took more SMGs and fired to sides.
  12. In 1941 many KVs were lost being left without infantry, sometimes at night. Destroyed by pioners, 88 or 105 guns, set behind or in flank, while main forces were attacking from front.
  13. And headcount. For Red thunder it is more important - in the 1945 there were no 100% strength divisions in Red army. 6-7 men squads were normal. And in Wehrmacht too.
  14. This is line tactics. Like in old times, but with wider intervals and vehicles. Company columns deploy there, platoon columns deploy here. I read textbooks, they are focused on right formation. Russian 2000 manuals are different, more fire and maneuver elements. In late Soviet - no. Infantry manual of 1938 is more sophisticated than manuals of 70-s. Soviet style attack is attack in ideal line formation, perfectly timed. Infantry attacks behind tanks last 300m, bmps stand back and support by fire. (Squads maintain 50 m intervals so bmps wouldn't hit them in backs) In open terrain without big obstacles this tactics is very dangerous. But it can be ruined by defile or any obstacle that must be passed: corner of a wood, hill, town. Or minefield. One platoon will slow down, second will be too fast and line crashes... Bunch of bmps make ideal target for a ATGM battery.
  15. DMS

    Bradley's fire TOWs?

    Interesting that slowly moving tank has more chances to survive (happens often enough in version 3.0), but fast moving is hit with almost 100% probability. Looks like simulation of lead mistake. Static target = zero lead, moving target - some average lead (may be 5 mils for example) for any speed.