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  1. Good statement, showing roots of this conflict. Typical for revolt supporters: that armed men capturing administrative buildings are "the people", that are "terrorists". Recipe for civil war.
  2. Forward observer calls artillery fast enough, 5 minutes for 152 howitzers. Mortars - yes, they are too slow for unit organic weapons. And AGS lack indirect fire capability. They are widely used in this role in Donbass. Indirect fire is described in manual, it is "official" feature of the weapon.
  3. By the way, I really miss headcount option in QB... Most realistic Soviet formation is variant called "1944" in the game, but squads are too big. Must be 8 men. 70% headcount.
  4. Or a lot of spotting rounds high and low.
  5. At the end of war common practice (during major offensive) was to attach battery commander to infantry company and division commander to battalion.
  6. This is so stupid that I am not sure - are you trolling me or your avatar had affected your personality.
  7. >100mm weapons are prohibited by Minsk agreements... But as Russian BTGs don't threaten to surround VSU units, who cares...
  8. You say this like invading to defeat nationalists is something bad. Unfortunately, Russian government politics is dubious: to save rebel republics and to keep relatively good relations to West.
  9. So, OSCE spots for loyalist artillery? So nice. And VSU is not afraid that they openly break agreements.
  10. Actually real 9 company accomplished mission with minor losses. But real life is not dramatic enough for a movie.
  11. That's right, in company HQ must be assistant (since 1943) and politruk - "political leader". Or commissar, as Germans called them (really commissar was in battalion HQ). He could go to platoons to encourage soldiers. Company leader should be captain in the best case or even senior lieutenant or lieutenant. And in squad must be assistant - junior sergeant, machinegunner. Probably they were not well-trained NCOs like in Wehmacht of 1941, but still they were in TO&E.
  12. I think that artillery is not overpowered, fortifications are underpowered in most scenarios. I am making scenario where I set ditches with 1-2m depth and trenches inside. I call 122mm howitzers exactly on this place (heavy, long), a lot of Germans survive.
  13. Field fortifications pack. With below ground trenches and shelters. If someone chooses to use gamey and scan terrain for folds - ok, he spoils gameplay for himself.
  14. Why? Different ammunition, complexity, 1-st round accuracy problems. 3 years after mass trophies...
  15. I saw some division equipment lists. Usually tables don't have separated column for SVTs, only for rifles in general. When it has - in the best case division had hundred or two of SVTs. Some examples from my notes: 143 rifle division, 22.02.43: 4059 rifles, 155 SVT, 103 lmgs, 549 smgs, 15 AVS (rare weapon!) 243 rifle division, 18.06.43: 3776 rifles, 181 SVT, 1007 smgs, 196 lmgs. 2-3 SVT for a platoon. I can post document scans for 2 cases above. SVTs weren't produced since 1942. (1 million in 1941, 200 thousands in 1942) It is fun that despite this in organizational charts till the end of war weapon of a rifleman was SVT. (letter "a" in "weapons" column - autorifle) This may confuse researcher.
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