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  1. DMS

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Marines with that IARs are interesting. IAR vs PKP at 500 yards with strong wind! But they are too numerous...
  2. DMS

    CM Sniper tactics

    Soviet WW2 snipers should be left behind lines during attack. They can achieve good headcount if attack is delayed or fails - 4-6 kills. Not bad for a single man with Mosin rifle. While company is attacking all mgs are focused on attacking men and ignore 2 men in grass. And just 1 kill in critical moment can be more deceisive than artillery barrage... If this kill is hmg gunner, for example. I send them forward with slow command before attack usually. Effective range is 200-300m, not 600.
  3. Sure, it is Kstn for regular Grenadier division. (Interesting, how much units got enough Stgs to implement this Kstn) Looks very simmilar to Soviet SMG platoons tactic and to Stosstrupen tactic of WW I! With some differences, of course. In Soviet regulations the main idea is to outflank the enemy. (On micro-tactic level, by 3-4 men groups) Looking at pictures I guess that usual formation was a column, not line? Yes, and post 11.1944.
  4. It would be great! For me the most interesting is fire and movement technique. Did Gruppen advance by bounds? Did Gruppen attacked together or separated in Truppen? Could Feurgruppe divide in Truppen, so each would support MP Gruppe? Do I understand right, that Sturmzugen is return to Stosstruppen tactic of WW I?
  5. Thanks, great site. This is november kstn (Fire squad with 2 4-men lmg teams): http://www.wwiidaybyday.com/kstn/kstn131v1nov44.htm The most interesting is tactics! It seems I have to learn German...
  6. Interesting document for German speakers. Organisation and tactics of sturm platoon in grenadier company, 1945. http://wwii.germandocsinrussia.org/ru/nodes/6244-delo-54-dokumenty-ob-organizatsii-taktike-deystviy-i-boevoy-podgotovke-shturmovogo-vzvoda-grenaderskoy-roty#page/2/mode/inspect/zoom/5
  7. Yes, because they had SMG platoon in each company! So other 2 rifle squads had less SMGs, only 1 for commanders. Are you sure? I saw such TO&E variant, but just a variant among others. Rifle regiment had 1 SMG company since 1941 (only SMGs and some rifles, no MGs). Since 1943 there were smg platoons in companies (with MGs and snipers). HQ in some regiment could assemble platoons in a company, but... Some officers complained that SMG platoons are useless before getting close, I don't believe someone would assemble SMG battalion in a rifle unit. Because other battalions would be out of SMGs.
  8. Hanomags should be used only with tanks, behind tanks. That's why AT guns aren't so dangerous: gun will aim at tank, not at APC. In this case you don't have to dismount. Mounted panzergrenadiers don't slow down and move fast after tanks, they can support them. They can use mounted MG and rifles, they can quickly dismount (if attack slows down) and deploy 2 more MGs. As well as HMGs and mortars. Light Sdfkz 250 are extremely dangerous, they are very fast and can quickly go through fire sector of AT gun before it makes 2nd shot. Imagine 30 vehicles, rushing forward... Just 1 company. Not represented in the game, but you can manually create it. Problem is that in the game they are useless against flank threats! If men with AT grenades are running to them from the flank, hanomags will start to slowly turn... Mounted schutzen won't fire unless you press "unbutton"...
  9. Well, when you read German memoirs... Senger-und-Etterlin, for example. Though he commanded light APC, they are more numerous, faster and more dangerous. 1 platoon - 10 halftracks, if I am not mistaken. Enemy gun can kill only 4-6 men in worst case, not 8-10. And that 4 men have more space.
  10. Yes, some corrections of armoured infantry behaviour would be great. I read that Germans tended to fight mounted when they could (to follow tanks). When they could = when there is no AT guns. But... In the game they are usually got shot, panic, start to turn while gunner is exposed... Schutzen raise too high if you command to unbutton. Not like in this picture!
  11. I remember at least 1 ricochete from Panther mantlet! By T-34-85. I was surprised, as I thought that DM is simplier.
  12. Why do you think that there were so much PPS-43? As far as I know, PPSh-41 were in majority. For example, 32 rifle division, 8.11.44: 446 PPSh-41, 151 PPS-43. It was produced for Leningrad front mainly.
  13. +1. I think SMG platoon should be given as a variant. Because I am not sure that 100% of rifle units adopted changes. SMG platoons were critisized in 1945, after end of war. (Because they are not versatile, other platoons are without SMGs and are limited in firepower in urban areas) And squads shouldn't be so large... 8 men is the best case, not 11. In "reduced" TO&E (сокращенный штат) there were 3 8-men squads with 3 lmgs. 4 8-men squads with 1 lmg (In best units, 6 lmgs were an exeption) or 3 8-men squads. Player can just delete the odd squad.
  14. I would like to see more "typical" formations, not "elite". It's interesting to see what a platoon with 2 DPs and 20 Mosin rifles can do. I liked option "best/worst equipment" in CMSF. Best units would have some SVTs and 4 DPs, worst - only mosins and 2 DPs. (May be with AVT, SVT or PPSh instead of 2 DPs) Sturm platoons with Stgs were "German reply" to Soviet SMG platoons in every rifle company, as I understand? Did they have Mg-42? Soviet SMG platoons had DPs and snipers.
  15. DMS


    Because... It is belt-fed and 7,62x54, I guess. Because of firepower. RPK-16 was made for special forces, as I know. To clear buildings with short barrel. (Though there is version with long barrel)