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  1. SVT had detachable magazine, but practically was fed by standard 5 round stripper clips. Practical ROF was not so great. Frontline units never asked to give more SVTs, unlike PPSh.
  2. Select units, press pause, give commands, unpause. It's realistic when you haven't time to manage each squad.
  3. They burned houses with flamethrowers! Germans used to burn 1-st line of buildings by themselves not to let Soviets do it, than occupied burned out houses. (from Isaev's article)
  4. With the 1-st wave, sometimes with dedicated assault groups.
  5. That 4,5 battalions per kilometer were echeloned in depth. In first echelon, having task to capture 1-2 lines of defense, were 1-2 battalions. As you know, Soviet companies had few ammo (1-3 drums for smgs and <6 for lmgs) and had to be rotated soon. In fact, it was new semi-official TO&E: 7 th. division, 6 th. division. Weapons were cut not proportional to numbers: light machine guns were reduced to 50%, 3 in platoon instead of 6, for example. 3/4, if we measure by squads number. By the way, in CM "1944" TO&E is pretty close, if only squads had 7 men, not 11...
  6. By the way, how is going work on TO&E? Which variant is chosen for rifle battalions? I hope that 12.44 guards TO&E is ignored, as it was IRL until end of war.
  7. Rifle division (04/600, 1941) had only 18 45mm AT guns. Yes, high command could reinforce rifle division with AT regiments, but they had to be placed on important directions, not everywhere. Large open spaces of Russia were favorable for large panzer formations, they always had a route from flank. But tactically, when they chose direction, why couldn't they use mass of tanks, in line or "Breitkeil"? Frontal attack against few at guns (may be suppressed by artillery or Stukas with some luck) worked well.
  8. Well, in 1941 Germans also used to concentrate tanks. This tactics became expensive in 1943, when Red army started to widely use "pak fronts". If you read Soviet documents, you often see: "Enemy attacked with 50 tanks at direction..." Why not, if Soviet battalion had only 2 anti tank guns.
  9. Developers have limited resources (they can't add multiplayer, for example), but for years of development they fixed most problems and added a lot of features. They actively use Soviet and German documents, trying to simulate battles as realistic as possible. Andrey12345 often posts documents from electronic database "pamyat-naroda" to explain people why they do something in such way. But this realism may not improve gameplay! Real battles were not so sophisticated for modern wargamer. Just line of tanks rushing forward, for example. And it works well in the game under certain conditions. No "smart maneuvers" giving waypoints to every tank or squad, but giving 1-2 general commands to AI instead. Different gameplay, not like in CM.
  10. I don't think that this quote is true. Zhukov is victim of many falsifications as most famous Soviet war leader.
  11. https://www.welt.de/geschichte/zweiter-weltkrieg/article196544633/Rote-Armee-1943-Fotos-beweisen-Kamikaze-Angriff-russischer-Panzer.html
  12. In the article was rude enough statement: that "victory monument" (chapel is a "victory monument") has no foundations. Some Russian journalist translated that monument should be destroyed, for hype, I think. Everyone reposted... And that revisionists attempts to find a victory in any defeat are amazing. It's fun that Germans so much like to talk about shooting dozens of T-34 year after year. It is anniversary of "Bagration" offensive, when thousands German soldiers died because of militaristic madness of their country. But who cares? Victims are boring, stories about crushing 50 T-34s are fun.
  13. I think that reason of more tight Soviet formations is different. Messengers. In 1941 TO&E in company was 1 messenger and in platoon 1 messenger. Absolutely not enough, Germans had 4 in company HQ and 2 in platoon HQ. In 04/550 TO&E (12.1942) (that I posted above) no messengers at all! Second reason is that Soviet divisions were always under strength in 1944-1945. It is Stavka decision: to keep 7000-men divisions. If your company has 70 men, it is not reasonable to use 15-20 men platoons (with 1-2 machineguns) independently. What's about NCOs, well, they were able to keep soldiers in line. To make line formation in the game you have to split squads. By the way, in BUP-42 (Infantry combat manual - 42) is said that SMG gunners must act by groups of 4-5 men. SMG platoons ("avtomatchiki") were considered as "special" infantry for infiltrating and surprise attacks from flank or rear, not like rifle platoons. I am eager to help with documents from electronic archive pamyat-naroda.ru.
  14. Yes, of course, I mean IRL. Just wanted to note it, may be developers or beta testers will see my post. Excuse me if it sounded rude, yes, language issue. In 1941 in TO&E were no assistants, may be that's why in the game we don't see them. Machinegunner assistant was called "machinegunner" and machinegunner was called наводчик, I translated it as gunner.
  15. This is wrong. Machinegunner was leader assistant according to TO&E 04/550 (December 1942). https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/dms_mk1/42227490/452636/452636_original.png "Зам. командиров отделений - наводчиков" - "Squad leader assistants - gunners". "Мл. сержант" - "Junior sergeant"
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