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  1. Off the charts entertainment value!!! Well done....well done. For the better part of a month, a quick cup of coffee and a 15-20 minute scroll through this thread each morning before heading out the door to the salt mine was the perfect vaccine for the madness that invariably ensued. Whatever shall I do with my mornings, now??? *Snap*! Onto the Axis thread....what else?
  2. Aye! Still play CMA fairly often. With a little imagination it's not difficult to immerse yourself, even with the outdated engine and models. Currently slogging my way through a poppy field with a DRA unit, awaiting the inevitable ambush.
  3. Yaaawwwnnn! Visit any successful gaming software forum and you'll witness the same angst, playing out across countless threads and posts, ad nauseum. Sorry, not bagging on anyone, but I have to wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Emrys. I love CM. I have every game and module dating back to the original, but it's a miniscule part of my life and I have scant time to fret over the next release. My life is far too full and complicated. That, and I'm still having so much fun with the six CM games clogging my hard drive.....not to mention the hurricane bearing down on me with all the wrath of the gods!
  4. From pre to post battle, I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation....a real pleasure to witness "virtually". You're both to be commended!
  5. Still playing this game. Care to share your MODs further? PM sent. Thanks!
  6. It was my way of thanking BFC and spreading cheer simultaneously. Merry Christmas to you just the same!
  7. Merry Christmas to the staff and all CM enthusiasts...even the Grinch who preceded me two posts up!!!
  8. Very enjoyable. My first internet stop each morning with a hot cup of java. Almost take as much pleasure reading these as I do playing the game. Thanks so much!
  9. BTW, where in Wyoming are you located? Spent two years in Cheyenne. Wonderful place to live, if you can handle winter.
  10. I have a PZIV with LOS "gray" to a hill 600 meters north. According to CM Wiki it means not all of its weapons may have LOS. Is that correct?
  11. Nice narrative....really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Hope to see more of these.
  12. Looking for clarification on what the following signifies: PzGrenadier squad with Panzerfaust icon and k in lower right; Panzerfaust icon with 30 in lower right; Panzerfaust icon with 30 in lower right and 2 in lower left. Thanks in advance!
  13. That made me smile. More so, because I can relate.
  14. Looking forward to it. I get a lot of enjoyment out of CMSF and CMA.
  15. Nice to know the CM titles are not affected by the upgrade (for the most part, anyway), but how many of you experienced issues with other games or programs?
  16. Anyone know where I can get Ryujin's HD mod? All the links in this thread seem to be broken/empty.
  17. Ended up buying it. Did a little brush up on my Soviet-Afghan history for perspective, and I'm having major fun with it. I was hooked after my second QB played out like a history lesson: Soviet mech force had to slog their way through a steep, narrow valley as the Muj hit them from the slopes. Mech advance slowed to a crawl after the first recon vehicle was lit up by an RPG ambush.
  18. If you're not up for the complete reads, try this summary instead: http://edocs.nps.edu/AR/org/CSRC/csrc_jan_02.pdf
  19. With the purchase of CMA this morning, I now own all the CMx2 games. I suppose it’s safe to say I’m becoming a CMx2 addict, as I usually have at least one battle raging at all times across the full spectrum of games. Worse yet, I fear I may have also spread the disease to my son, if the four or five PBEM conflicts he currently has ongoing is any indication. On a short road trip the other day we were discussing the myriad directions BF could take the current engine and we came up with the following, in no particular order: WWII North Africa: Afrika Korps, 8th Army, 7th AD, Free French, El Alamein, Tobruk, Gazala….a personal favorite of mine Fulda Gap: This is number one on my wish list. Fought this battle in my head a hundred times over as a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. Lots of possibilities here. Think Sir John Hackett’s The Third World War. WWII Pacific Theater: Not really pining for this. Primarily an infantry slog in jungle terrain. I’d likely wear out my Alt and “T” keys. Vietnam: See above. Sino-Soviet Clash: Intrigues me. Not sure it’s ever been done in an electronic wargame. Wouldn’t have to deal with my personal quirk of never playing against the US. Arab-Israeli Wars: As something different, I’d be up for this one as well. Korea: Like Vietnam, I don’t think this war sells in the electronic gaming market. Falklands: Small, limited, dull (with apologies to anyone who took part). Desert Storm: Too one-sided. OEF and OIF: These are still too personal for me. Rather see updates to CMA and CMSF. I’m sure there are other possibilities out there, particularly in the hypothetical, but this is what we came up with off the top of our heads shortly after emerging from a CM induced coma.
  20. If you enjoyed that, try "The Bear Went Over the Mountain". It's a review of tactical operations from the Russian standpoint. Read it on a cross country flight. You can find it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Bear-Went-over-Mountain-Afghanistan/dp/0788146653
  21. CMA is the only CM game I don't own and I'm thinking of picking it up. I understand some now find it difficult to play this early generation game, but I just recently returned to CMSF and I'm having a blast with it so I'm contemplating a buy of CMA. Maybe the only drawback is the scarcity of MODs in the Repository. Are there any other MOD venues for this game? Thanks in advance!
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