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  1. Hmm... would I be more happy if BFC stuck with working only on the period and theaters I am interested in? Most certainly! Are there other advocates/client/customers who are interested in other periods and theaters than I? Certainly. Should BFC pursue other ventures (i.e., stuff we'll never see as John Q Public) for non-gamers who see the value of a tactical sim that could be tailored for their needs, and pay potentially much larger dollars for it? Certainly. Should Steve and Charles do what they want with their company, directing its investments and time? Certainly. Sometimes, reality is a b@#$h.
  2. Can't believe it hasn't been mentioned yet in a "What I'd like to see..." thread. Space Lobsters of Doom!!! How well would your M4A3E8 stand up to a ginormous crustacean? Does an MG42 just bounce off the carapace? Would 8.8cm KwK 36/37/41's rule the battlefield? Way too much potential fun to be had...
  3. There, fixed a typo in your last sentence...
  4. sigh If you work in software development, you know there are ALWAYS software bugs present. Yeah, the 'development guidelines' want 100% coverage of testing cases, but as software complexity grows, the 100% mark grows what feels like exponentially -- generally no-one can afford to test all the possible permutations. It all depends on the risk associated with an error. For a game like CM, the bar can be much lower than, say, flight control software for a commercial airplane. Pixeltruppen meeting an untimely demise is vastly different than real world results. Some errors you know about prior to release, some you don't until it is released "into the wild". People do unexpected things. I've been releasing software in one capacity or another since 1986, and nothing is ever perfect. You always strive to eliminate anything known to cause issues for X percent of cases. The question is always, "What is X? And where does a particular issue get prioritized? Above or below the line?" IMHO, BFC does a good job of eliminating egregious issues and issues enjoyable, playable software. Patches follow to improve what has been released. I say go for it. I'd rather be playing than waiting forever...
  5. Just one more pre-order in the long mission to support BFC and what they produce. From "the good ol' days" where, wonder-of-wonders, someone actually produced a game that felt like "Squad Leader come to the PC"; platoons of 3 men marching in unison to the next waypoint, realistic armor, AFV combat modeling, 3d terrain, the 'Cesspool' threads, getting your German uber-armor thrashed in VoT when the Allied armor appeared... yes, those were good times. And it's still good. Sure there are niggles here and there, but playing time vs $ spent still beats any other game I've bought in the past 25 years. Many have come and gone, but the CM family is still loaded on my machine. Even bought CMBS and the add-on, even though I'm not a fan of modern combat and armaments. If you like what they do, support the company.
  6. No, no, no... CM SLOD -- Space Lobsters of Doom.
  7. FWIW: I'm on a Mac, not Windows. I just went through a full installation exercise when my home-built Hackintosh finally died a deadly death after 8 years, and I updated to a new iMac with MacOS Mojave -- the first attempt to migrate wholesale from a Time Machine backup to new machine did not fare well (Mojave has some 'quirks' compared to Sierra), so I wiped the disk, reinstalled Mojave, then set about updating with all the applications I routinely use. I found it amazingly smooth to both retrieve, then install all the CM2 titles I have (CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB, CMBS, and basically all the additional modules/addons/engine updates for those games). I download the full versions of the games one-by-one, and worked through activating one game while the next in the list was downloading. Danke.
  8. Rome to Victory... oh yes! Been waiting a long-ish time for this one to come out the gates.
  9. <userHome>/Library/Mail is the base root. Depending on folders in your Mail app, I have V2 and V4 folders. V2 is basically empty, V4 has UUID named folders under there... which is which I don't know at the moment, but I have multiple email accounts that I aggregate in the Mail app. To suss those IDs out, sending an email to one account, then checking in Finder to see which folder got updated _should_ let me figure out which account ties to which UUID. That might get you started...
  10. Hmm... if Santa is nice and brings me a new MacBook Pro, I might migrate my Hackintosh to Win 7 (and get that out of it's current VM) to give it a go. i7 3770k, 32GB RAM, 500GB SSD, nVidia GTX 660Ti - tech is a little old, but should have the horses to play -- I'll have to be selective about what games to buy... CMFI gets the most play time currently...
  11. I would guess CPU is for computing turn results, GPU is for rendering, which is where all the really cool stuff happens. Disk? Meh, once the game is loaded, that's kind of a moot point, but SSD is nice all around. Who cares if it takes another 2 seconds to compute the results of a turn. What you want is nice replay. Put your money where your eyes are. My 2 cents (yeah, I know, I still run a GeForce GTX 660 Ti, 2GB, but my desired upgrade path is over $1k, so it's gotta wait).
  12. Mac results: Up and running fine. I downloaded, and went ahead and entered license keys for the whole CMFI chain (CMFI -- got the dreaded 'X', then GL -- 'X' again, then v3.0 Upgrade - Play activated). On start, 'You need a license for 4.0'. Quit the app, ran the 'Activate New Products - CMFI.sh' in the app folder, entered the 4.0 bundle key, and TaDa! Up and running. Thank you Steve et al.
  13. As a fellow software dev I have heard, and probably made, an analogous statement in countless meetings. That is why there is the saying that "the last 20% ends up taking 80% of the time". 'Chaos is found in greatest abundance where order is being sought.'
  14. Yup, Philmont Scout Ranch, outside Cimmaron, New Mexico, 23 miles from Base Camp up in a valley. Overcast night, and ZERO ambient light. One of the other adult leaders got up in the middle of the night for a constitutional and turned left instead of right. Couple of steps and smack into a pine tree trunk. Some very un-Scoutish words ensued, waking those nearby.
  15. Mac All-in-One 4.0 installer worked great on a pseudo-Mac (homebuilt Mac Pro-alike using compatible parts). Made the switch from Win to Mac back at CMBN and haven't looked back since. Installation has been easy-peasy ever since (CMBN+, CMFI +, CMRT, CMBS), including the 4.0 upgrade. Kudos to the Battlefront crew for making it ever easier to support my second vice, or is it the third? Hmm, velomobile, CM, scotch, or velomobile, scotch, CM?
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