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  1. Urg! Really? Yes really because I tried it again and yes they fire their MG's when open up command given. The thing is, is that you do not need to do that with German HT. The German gunner stays hidden and pops up when a target is seen. Any reason why that is? Thanks for the response it was very helpful and Happy New Year.
  2. I've run into a problem with American halftracks not being able to fire their MG's. Does anyone else have this problem. I set up a QB and gave all my HT's fire orders first round but they refuse to fire. Attached is my file (no password) I started a ticket and part of John's response was for me to post here as well. He is going to give my file to the beta testers. I am curious what happens to the HT's if this file is played on a different PC. Thanks halftrack test 001.bts
  3. If after the first minute nothing happens give your tank a hunt command it will move, stop and shoot once the barrel has LOF If you have save games and can go back in time try it out and see what happens. Just because you can "see" a target does not mean that the bore of the barrel can. All it means is that someone sees it. Yup it would be nice it the LOF/LOS target line showed what the barrel can see but unfortunately the game does not work that way.
  4. Up and running 3.11 all good. The "activate" link was created after I downloaded the patch. I looked in the folder before installing the patch that is why I only found the MG activation link. Anyway, all good now and so far all my mods are working.
  5. Phil, thanks for taking the time to do that for me. I read the very same thing but I got all confused because when I follow that path I don't see an "activate" link but an "activate combat mission market garden" link. I just assumed there will be links for each module. Thanks for your help, I'm going to download the patch and see what happens. Wish me luck
  6. Phil Thanks for the help but I don't have a "activate new products" app. When I upgraded to 3.0 a shortcut was created on my desktop to activate it. I still have that one but do not have shortcuts to activate my modules. I followed the download instructions and looked in my battlefront file folder but can only find the MG activation link, can't find the CW module link.
  7. I hope someone can help. I want to upgrade to 3.11 but cannot find the "activate CW Module" link. I can find the "activate MG module" link but not the CW one. (I hope you all understand what it is I'm trying to say) Currently I have CMBN installed correctly (to the best of my knowledge) updated to version 3.0 (so it says 2.20 on startup) I also have the three module icons on the start up screen as well. I'm afraid to upgrade to 3.11 because I'm worried that I won't be able to re-activate the CW module and screw things up. Help! Thanks
  8. 8 games, 7 RT and 1 BN. I'm also play testing another RT battle with a friend. (Don't tell my wife....ha ha)
  9. PanzerMike, I decided to play this one out against AI. I'm early on in the battle having received my second reinforcements. The map is outstanding, the briefing is excellent, immersing me in my mission. I look forward to opening the road. Will report when the mission is complete.
  10. Really? Is spotting perfect? No...... But it's not that bad that it makes the game unplayable.....but it does make it unpredictable at times, that makes it challenging and challenging can be fun. :)
  11. Shooting an ATR from a jeep with the top down, head going through the roof. :)
  12. They took a licking....... But kept on ticking.... But not for long :mad: I count about 12 or so hits on the King Tiger alone
  13. DasNoogie, Spotting in the CMx2 engine cannot be calculated as is was in the x1 engine. The days of knowing exactly how far into the woods I need to put my men so they are not spotted but they can spot are over. It is much more of a "feel" kind of thing. Look at your environment from the soldiers point of view and go from there. Leave your men stationary for a few moves and they will spot things better. Are they VET or GREEN? All these things are taken into consideration and once you get it all figured out from good old trial and error......spotting will frustrate you some other way. War is hell and spotting in CMBN/RT adds to that hell. LOL Makes the game more fun when there is an element of surprise.
  14. Can't wait to play this out with one of my PBEM buddies. I play my scenarios blind so I am fighting the temptation to take a peak at the map.
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