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  1. Just installed CW and when I go to the campagain section, the CW campaigns appear but they are in grey and it says that I "need to install Commonwealth Forces." I have heard this is a common problem with Norton 360....can anyone help (without getting rid of Norton!)? CMBN and CMSF all work fine. Thanks Paddler
  2. I have the same problem- how do you restore the file on norton?
  3. Just got CMSF NATO and I love the Canadian Forces (CF) Campaign! I'm about half way through it and it is great! I am looking forward to other CF campaigns in the future. I have downloaded the 1.31 patch and there are still a few inaccuracies with the CF. 1. Some rank icons are still incorrect. Coys are commanded by majors and platoons are commanded by 2Lt-Capt. The Rank Icon for Pl Comds shows up as major. Also, Platoon 2ICs are Warrant Officers (WO)s but their rank Icon show up as Chief Warrant Officer (CWO). Section commanders are normally Sgts, sometimes Master Cpls (as depicted in the game) The rank structure can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Forces_ranks_and_insignia 3. Light Infantry Coy organization. This is an ever changing beast in the Canadian army, however, there are a few constants: Light infantry platoons have 3 rifle sections and a weapons detachment (Wpn Det) with 1 x C6 GPMG, 1 x 84mm Carl Gustav and 1 x 60mm Mortar. The det is commanded by an MCpl. This is in every platoon. There is a seperate Coy Wpns det that is similar in size. This is normally commanded either by the Coy 2IC (XO) or the CSM (an MWO). 4. Light Infantry Coys do not have the Eryx, only the 84 mm. only mech inf have the eryx (but it is gradually being phased out of the CF) Otherwise, the game is very realistic and its good to see a CF campaign. Keep up the good work!
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