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  1. @Ithikial : Yes, I will modify this. 🙂 @akd : Just brilliant! 👍 I never knew about this. Now I learned something new - thank you for the photos, the discussion and the proof! 🙂 2 x Like! 😉
  2. @akd But this is only a drawing. The one who made these could be wrong. This is as evidential as John Powell's drawings of Sadam's weapons of mass destruction, isn't it? Who made these drawings? What are they based on? Can we trust them? Please advise. From my understanding the Volkssturm armband had to be worn on the upper arm in order to be good visible for all combatants. @BFCElvis @Ithikial_AU @MOS:96B2P @ACanadianCat @MichaelEmrys @MikeyD @Mord @mjkerner What do the beta testers and developers think about it? Wouldn't it be appropriate to change the position of the Volkssturm armbands before the offical release?
  3. Hello together! In this screenshots it looks like the members of the Volkssturm are wearing their armbands as cuffs. I am very sure that the men of the Volkssturm were marked with a moveable armband that could be slipped over every coat or jacket and it was worn on the upper arm for better visibility. -> Like today's captains in a football/soccer team. It was not a tightly sewn cuff/bracelet like e.g. with the SS uniforms. Here are some photos, that support my statement: https://imgur.com/WTLCT1S https://imgur.com/qvNtDAr https://imgur.com/yZ7ay4S https://imgur.com/V7ejAX1 https://imgur.com/kgpmlAK
  4. CM:RT / DR - Downfall of the Reich CM:RT / FP - Finally Peace CM:RT / TD - Total Defeat (or alternatively: Total Victory) CM:RT / RB - Raging Bear CM.RT / LP - Last Push CM:RT / FP - Full Power CM:RT / MV - Maximum Violence CM:RT / DS - Death Struggle CM:RT / RA - Reich in Agony CM:RT / TW - Total War
  5. Just some more brainstorming, if I may: CM:RT / ER - End of the Reich CM:RT / IR - Into the Reich CM:RT / SR - Smashing the Reich / Storming the Reich CM:RT / SE - Scorched Earth CM:RT / RR - Reich in Ruins CM:RT / DR - Death in Ruins CM:RT / SV - Stalin's Victory CM:RT / KV - From Koenigsberg to Victory CM:RT / KB - From Kiev to Berlin CM:RT / LV - Last Volkssturm CM:RT / ST - Soviet's Triumph
  6. @MOS:96B2P Thank you, Karl and all mates for your comments and reactions. @Mord " the stomach clutch and drop " <<< yes, I like that one too - fully agree - very well animated. One can almost feel the pain of the little pixel man. The "monkey run" ... LOL! 😄 @Michael Emrys Yes, I know about the "fence problem" but I've just imagined/assumed that such issues are fixed in CMx3. 😉
  7. My additional wishes (beside those that have already been mentioned) for CMx3 would be : - the trenches and fox holes should be like in Shock Force 1 >>> IN the ground and hard to spot from far away - better sandbag barriers for AT guns and more sandbag variations - tanks should be able to roll over infantry, cars, AT guns and even break through some house walls - better explosions, smoke, fire and burning >>> hey come on, it's a WARGAME! 😎 A wargame is not only about strategy and tactics - people also love to play these because of the chaos and destruction - completely destructible environment (like it is possible in "Men of War") - overhaul of the dead bodies and death animations >>> at present there seems to be a MASSIVE overappearance of the "Egyptian Body" and there is only one "dead resp. dying" that looks really good IMHO: It is the one who falls on his back and his arm additionally falls to the side - medics and ambulances - motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecar - better sounds for motors, engines, guns, grenades, explosions etc. >>> and how could BF add the muffled/incompehensible voice files from CMx1? - chain tracks and tire tracks in the ground (where it appears in reality) and footprints in the snow - more mild colours resp. less intense red during the unit setup/deployment mode. This intense red makes people blind. - an option for to set WIND CONDITIONS - a camo net to hide AT guns and Flaks - slower turning tank turrets and no twitching - tanks should be operated by the crews instead of acting like self-operating/automatic "Terminator2 machines" - more realistic movement of "hunting" soldiers and the soldiers in general It is only a wishlist but dreaming will probably still be allowed.
  8. Thank you, MOS:96B2P (I know your name but because of privacy etc., ok, K. ? 😉). Not really sure about it - are you eventually a Beta Tester and has this error/mistake been reported to the Battlefront developer team? Will it be patched? Thx!
  9. Hello together! Again a post from my side to help improving the best game in the world! I'm just starting a new battle in CMBN with Waffen SS defending and now as I choose a motorized SS Panzergrenadier batalion in the purchasing screen, from the category "Mechanized Infantry", I realize that they don't have any vehicles. No Opel Blitz trucks or Kubelwagen, not even an old bicycle... can it be? The same applies to the SS Panzerdivision Escort Company, in both categories, "infantry" and "mechanized infantry". In the category "Wehrmacht", there are always ammunition trucks assigned to this formation (Panzer Div. Escort Company), even if it is only in the "infantry" category. So I'm wondering that the Waffen SS, which ususally was better equipped than the Wehrmacht, should not have had any trucks in Normandy? This is an error in the TOE, I guess. Have been looking for a thread on this topic before, but it looks like nobody has noticed it yet, so I'm posting it here for discussion or for notification and improvement. 🙂
  10. FEEDBACK ON THE DEMO: The demo is absolutely great! I'm enjoying it so much! Finished the Alamo scenario yesterday and now playing the marines landing on the beach: Flashes and tracers blitzing everywhere! It's so AMAZING! Having so much fun - this is probably one of the best weekends in my life! 😄 TECHNICS: I'm running the demo under Windows 10 in resolution 2560 x 1600, with no problems. The game and models are looking great! Machine: i7 - 7700 CPU Quadcore, 3.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 1050 Ti. 💻 Just an honest, not too overpowered, average machine that does the job very good, bought for under 1000.00 Euros on Amazon. DREAMING OF THE FUTURE: Hopefully there will be a Shock Force 3 one day, another HYPOTHETIC war scenario, of course, but based on/inspired by the events in Syria (plus Iraq) from 2011 - 2018 with Russians, Americans + other NATO countries, several Islamistic Rebel Factions like Al-Nusra etc., Syrian Army, Turks, Kurdish Peshmerga etc. There could be endless modules. I also would like to have more modules for CMBS (especially NATO), because modern warfare, today's armoured vehicles and weapon systems are the OBER HAMMER! 😉 😃
  11. Hello together! Again a post from my side to help improving the best game in the world! I'm posting it here in CMSF2 before it's release so that this needs no fix afterwards - but this little translation error has appeared in ALL CM titles since the introduction of game engine 4.0 . In the GERMAN version of game engine 4.0 the command / (or description for the action) "Embark" is translated with "Einschiffen" and this is unfortunately not correct. The correct / proper military term for getting on a vehicle is "Aufsitzen" - which originally means "to get on horseback" (English: "Mount"). And like the English command "Mount" it also comes from the cavalry times. 🐴 English - German Mount - Aufsitzen Dismount - Absitzen Civilian expression would be Get on - Einsteigen Get off - Aussteigen The German word "Einschiffen" means to really / literally / de facto going on board of a real ship. - And, in a second, colloquial and somewhat wider meaning, it can also be said for peeing into one's own pants / bed. 😏 😄 OK, I hope that my explanations were helpful. Thanks for your attention.
  12. Hello together! Again a post from my side to help improving the best game in the world! There is a small issue with the Russian anti tank rifle teams, which I think, needs to be looked after by occasion: If e.g. an American Bazooka man is hit, his team mate (or even other soldiers) can pick up the bazooka and a part of the ammo and use it. The same happens with panzerschrecks, sometimes even with panzerfausts and it happens always with sniper rifles - but unfortunately it never happens with Russian anti tank rifles. I assume that this happens in error at the moment and that AT rifle teams were originally meant to act/behave like panzerschreck teams, sniper teams etc. ... Or am I wrong? Second thing is: When you supply a Russian AT rifle team with extra AT ammo from a supply truck (14,5 mm AP-I), the total number of this AT ammunition doesn't rise, but the additional rounds are listed separately instead. This has no further effect to the team - it is using the additional ammo as well as the original ammo - no problem - but it just doesn't look good, as all the types of ammo that a unit has in possession/at hand is usually counted together (one number per each ammo type). Yes, it is only a mini flaw.
  13. After all that is produced (CMFI, CMRT,CMSF2), which I am anxiously awaiting, of course , would it be within the scope of the possibility that we shall get a title from the early war events, like a "CMRF" (Combat Mission: Raid on France) 1940?
  14. Regarding a more strict spotting system: Battlefront could create a "real iron" mode (or transform/adjust the existing "iron" mode) in which the player can't see the enemy units in general anymore but only when he clicks on a friendly unit and when this friendly unit sees (or hears) an enemy unit. An exclamation mark in the unit's icon shows the player that his unit sees or hears something and that he should click on the unit for more information. By sharing the information between the own friendly units, more and more units are getting an "idea"of what lies ahead. For to avoid firing (cheating) with tanks into that direction without the tank commander having any information about a target we would need a new button called "blind fire" for example. As long as a tank commander (and crew) has no concrete/specific/spotted (or heard of) target, the regular/official aiming/fire button is "blind" (deactivated) and can not be used by the player. The tank can only use "blind fire" and that means that you can shoot in a direction but there is only a hit rate/chance for hitting of 5% in that mode. So it would be a pretty waste of ammo PLUS an extra risk of 15% of causing a cannon jam/temporarily stoppage of gun or even a barrel burst - just in order to sanction that kind of cheating/godmode play. Later when a tank crew has an information about a possible target (enemy position) but still can't see it by itself, the player still can't use the original aiming/firing button but only another button called "area fire" which is a bit more precise than "blind fire" with a hit chance of 30% and no risk of barrel burst. As I said only in this special gaming mode "real iron" which is extra desigend for realism fans. Other names for this extreme realism mode could be "super iron" or "hardcore" ... When the battle has ended, the player can watch the whole battle again as a movie, with replay function of the single 1 minute time segments (each is selectable like movie scenes on a DVD min001, min002 etc.). It can be watched either with all units visible or from the perspective how the player saw the battle (resp. his men). Viewer can switch between these modes and so you can see what you couldn't see during the battle. So, in summary, you could say that we need different kinds of aiming/firing buttons for every unit and these better/more precise buttons are only enabled when the unit can actually see or hear a target. A wider variety and harder restriction of aiming possibilities and hitting chances brings more reality to the game.
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