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  1. thanks for the reply. I dont have any mods or packs. I recently updated to 3.0. Ive played most of the battles. and some of the campaigns. was just wanting to play some more random stuff with the quick battles. If i cannot reliably do quick battles, can you reccomend some mods or packs for new content. other than purchasing market garden or blackseas or final blitz. thanks.
  2. Hello. Trying to play a quick battle against ai. purchasing airborne unites. Only available is anti tank platoon. the + shows has hq team 3x anti tank section 390 points. No matter what I do when i enter the game I only have the hq teams and any one off teams i purchase. I know im probably missing something but for the life of me cant figure it out. Also, when I click on it to select units automatically, there are never any unites selected. get to battle screen with no units lol. thanks in advance.
  3. Doh. I should have figured that out. Thanks.
  4. In one of the scenerios, roadblock? cant remember. as the us side. after a few minutes you get reinforcements. A halftrack i think and a towed gun which shows status as limbered. How or can you tow this gun with the vehicle. I cannot find any command for it. thanks
  5. thanks. Alot better now..bouncing between 350 and 800kb/sec now..better than before for sure.
  6. Ok i downloaded flashget..it asks for the url to start it? i used the url of the download page that pops up from the email. the one where you click to start the download but it downloads some little file..probably the page..i dunno
  7. Ah so its mostly just everyone getting water from the same hose..so everyone is fairly slow?
  8. Right now im getting 49.6 kb/sec download estimated at over 7 hours. I have a cable modem that doesnt seem right. Is there something i can do to speed this up?
  9. The very firt battle where u recon the landing zones. How much contact should i get into. On the left there is a big building around where that tank is. should i avoid most contact and just concentrade on the obj;s. I have not finished this battle with a very satisfactory....feeling i guess. Best ive done is loose 3 of my seals. Cant find a video or anyinfo on this campaign. thanks
  10. So, if i downloaded a campaign would it going in the same "game" file then into the campaign folder?
  11. Well the title kind of explains it. i downloaded a mod. 310 to yuma. I have CMSF marines. It gave me a Btt file. Reading some things it had me create a z folder inside the Modules folder and place this file here. When I fire up the game it is now where to be found in the campaigns nor the battles..am i placing it in the right place? thanks in advance
  12. I just bought this game. I found the online manual and read it as well as i could, dang small print... anyway I was wondering if there were any guides or strategy information out there? ive read almost all the posts in this forum. Some good information but a little lacking.
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