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  1. Thanks Croy. I did try the enviroments as named but no good. I can only hope that someone from Battlefront or Akella can answer these questions.
  2. Thank will also try it and report back. Croy thanks for the help but I do not have any of those enviroments in my gamedata\enviroments folder. I did try several of the ones I had but again -FAIL!!!!! What kind of product control is ...bah **** it. No response from anyone at Battlefront so why should I care. I will wait for someone to figure it out that has more time available or wishes to bash their head against the keyboard in frustration. I will not buy SG until they fix this issue with the mission editor. Fool me once shame on you. Buy software from a company that has already screwed you once before shame on me.
  3. Come on throw me a fricken bone here.... As soon as the 1.3 patch with mission editor was available I d/l-ed it and..FAIL the patch was screwed up. Okay no problem no one is perfect (like the multiplayer function never working) 1.4 hotfix comes out. I am there with you brother! Quick mission creation following the somewhat confusing instructions. Load mission, great there is the brief and...FAIL. I get the boat controls and UI but the viewing area is black. Please fix this. I think this could be an awesome game.
  4. Same situation here. The files contain no information. Please post the help files seperately.
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