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  1. My mistake, have to de-activate one install before being able to activate another, thats fairly routine these days. Didn't help with the mission editor though.....
  2. Has anybody managed to produce a working mission with it as yet ? I havn't looked at this title for ages but spent most of this evening trying to make something very simple with the mission editor. Something very strange is going on with it. It outputs .msd files... But there is not a single .msd file in the game. The native mission files that PT boats uses are .py files ? Possibly the .msd format will work (the editor can reload them correctly which is a good sign isn't it..) but I wonder if the actual game can read them ?... (or I have not put them in the correct place, but I have followed the documentation that there is, its not very clear. I do see the mission showing up in the menu, it loads (thats the xml bit etc done ok) but then PT boats cannot read the mission file because it loads it instantly without a load bar... I doubt there is any point in holding out for anything more really with this is there :-(.... (To further compound my frustration, I bought this very early on release, a couple of computers later etc...and I went to install it in duplicate today to see if the mission thing was OS related and would be OK with an older XP installation. It told me I had used up my activations and would have to buy it again !. Thats about installation 4 and 2-3 years later.I was under the impression that I had bought and owned the game !. ) Buy this again...you must be joking ! Its an unmitigated disaster isn't it.
  3. Found these but I get a blank page when opening them with Firefox (or internet explorer ...:-(...) (is there a setting I should enable to view what they link to ?) Has anybody else had any luck with these ?
  4. I cannot seem to find any information about the editor. It appears to work ok, looks nice, and appears pretty powerful but I cannot find a read me ? (is there one and I have not noticed it ? Where should I look ?) I have played around editing missions into the campaign XML in the past before an editor and presumably this is how we will have to add missions ? Its great to have an editor now anyway. This turns KOTS from a bit of a 'lame duck' into a really versatile title at last Thank you
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