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  1. Get the game. I did. There are as many scenarios as you can create.
  2. DLaurier

    Operation Uranus

    All the early T34 models. BT 6 and 7s. T28s Pz II's and III's, and 38Ts Romanians.
  3. Somebody has to clean them once in a while
  4. DLaurier

    Quick battle maps

    Map editor is a good tool.
  5. DLaurier

    AT Grenade

    i dont think so
  6. A Partisan expansion with older period weapons? Yes I would like this. There were still active partisans in mid/late '44, harrying AGs center and north... which is where (and when) Red Thunder happens.
  7. DLaurier

    Non-gameplay improvements to CM

    More variety of uniforms. Puttees, Pilotcas, Older style gimnasterka, etc.
  8. So I downloaded the demo. Looks good. Guess I'll be putting a bit of money aside to buy the game.
  9. It happens far too often. Random everything, and hit [START]. And there is a crowd of panzerjager crews on my setup area, Each with a driver, a gunner, a loader, and a comander... but no vehicles for these crews. So I look around the map, and sure enough, far outside my setup area is a fleet of empty marders. But wait, those marders are in what looks to be the enemy setup zone... or at least far across it. And doesnt a marder have a three (3) man crew? Why do all my crews have four (4) men? Crews will not mount untill that extra man is killed, but then they first go into PANIC and run all over the map for twenty minutes or so This gets most of them killed. So 30 to 40 minutes later, I have a few surviving crews that are able to mount their vehicles. And a few surviving vehicles to mount. Mix and match till I find a crew that CAN mount that vehicle... or not. In the end I have three or four operational marders. But one in stuck inside a building, and another is hung up on a wall. Several more have not surviving crew, and are utterly useless to me. I also have a few crews who's marders were destroyed in the first minute. And some artillery spotters, but no artillery. These are my infantry. Anybody else have this experience?
  10. Could be worse. The crew could be all the way across the map. And have too many men to be able to mount the vehicle.
  11. saw it. Wasnt bad, as a kid's movie. No grog could sit through it without having a stroke
  12. At this rate, my daughter will be the one playing the early war scenarios since I'll be too old.
  13. DLaurier

    Is Panther that invincible?

    You had a bad day. I've seen panthers taken out by those little 45 mm pop guns. I've seen panthers shake off 155 mm rounds like raindrops. it depends
  14. DLaurier

    Attacking dug-in germans?

    ps. post a screen shot