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    Para Berets

    Some inspiration for the mod: Its all about the maroon beret.
  2. nik mond

    Modding/photoshop problem

    Interesting, because I've never changed my color settings, they were set to North American 2 which is sRGB1996 and uses the color spacing I am pretty much accustomed to looking at. I changed to adobe RGB1998 had a look, and what popped out to me were the reds. Color spacing changes are very much a function of vibrance (or it is the product of). And I incorrectly went straight to the hue and saturation to tweak but no its actually vibrance. If things don't look right and its a color spacing issue in the game view, try a little tweak with vibrance.
  3. nik mond

    Interesting Read for IT Guys

    Corporate espionage sanctioned by a competitor perhaps
  4. At this point (In time). The draft was not enacted until March 1863. Prior to this it was a volunteer Army up until, and at the time of the proclamation. However, saying all was a bad choice in words because it excluded the questionable practice of pressing criminals, and immigrants into service. Speaking of press gangs it looks like your thread got pretty well shanghaied.
  5. I'm probably on the same page as you. A possible reason why the door is left open for re branding is because the beginning of the war: 1861-1862 gets skewed, skipped, glossed over, or just plain fast-forwarded straight to the Battle of Antietam, and then the emancipation proclamation in 1863. Going back to the beginning: The expansion of slavery is ceased for any new state (west) entering the union. Policies are set in motion to phase it out everywhere else in time. Now 11 states seceded. Yes the American Civil war was very much about slavery. Did the union go to war for the reason of freeing the slaves in the south? No, well not initially, the south was winning battles in the beginning. The union even looked for a compromise. Remember Lincoln did not want to interfere with the institution of slavery as he initially stated at his inauguration. There was a push to appease the border states and even pro slavery democrats in the North were appointed. So who freed the slaves? I suppose General Fremont gets initial credit for this in August 1861, he declared martial law in Missouri and freed the slaves there... But Lincoln removed him from command and modified his order. So the poor slaves are not free anymore. Again, it was the big fear of tipping neutral states to the Confederacy. These were the dynamics of the time, which explain so many things. Once the union started gaining momentum, the neutral states became irrelevant. Enter January 1863: The emancipation proclamation. Remember all soldiers were volunteers, and it was at this point they were fighting in support of this.
  6. If you are referring to the American Civil War then I am inclined to agree I find American history textbooks uncomfortably subjective (to put it mildly) regarding this subject.
  7. The exception to this is with broken troops in buildings I think. They tend to stay put and can manage to fire back.
  8. nik mond

    Question For Map Makers

    I think its a rock based life-form
  9. Depends which country you are playing as
  10. When the Huertgen took place the US army had a very efficient system of requesitioning replacements similar to replacing lost material. As a result the full picture was not initially recognized, meanwhile Frontline troops became greener as casualties mounted.
  11. nik mond

    Nvidia quadro vs GTX

    Fwiw I upgraded from a GT260 to GTX750 on my 1st Gen i7 a few years back and noticed a massive improvement in CM gaming. I was able to Max out settings for once. But that is going from a low end card. I now have night blade with gtx 1080 8gb and of course CM plays like dream because of the processing speed alone. I suppose if it's a 4km map of just buildings you would still get a lag at ground level but that still happens in the shooters I play that are maximized.
  12. Meeting Engagement objectives are always somewhat atypical. We can identify with hardpoints to hold, or swarm in an attack or defend scenario. But what objectives do you fight over when comparably sized task forces go BUMP. on a hill, in valley, in a forest. I think someone has a problem with these. If you don't have any hold objectives to reach, one of two things will happen: Player one runs straight to the hardpoints and fights a defend battle against an equal sized opponent, of course he wins! Or player two camps back then shoots at anything that moves, wins by attrition. Units that did meet, whether planned, or unplanned fought each other as the objective, and the need to lay claim to the key immediate terrain features which could change the tide of the battle. A cross road maybe, but also the building that covers the cross road, or the forest that masks the enemy's movements. You can't just say "oh I'd go around the forest, that's not a real objective" Well no, too late. Its a meeting engagement and you have a forest to hold, or a choke point, a hill, or building because your opponent will do it, if you don't.
  13. I use squad level scout teams alot more than I used to these days. Atleast one squad per platoon has a scout team detached. I don't actually consider this recon so much as I use it as a point man scouting ahead of the platoon to spot the enemy. Unfortunately he buys it first more often than not. But its a good way get a picture of how the map is occupied. This is slow plodding, and one hopes the time spent pays off when the fur flies.
  14. As long as it is expected for the player to call ceasefire at his discretion, then sure whats wrong with adding extra time. Personally I wish there was a "do you want to end scenario or keep playing" prompt for those situations when I caught on late to the avenue of approach or whatever. I was actually having a good time playing the battle. Experienced players who read the AI can really breeze through scenarios fast, shooting for an AI surrender. That can't be interpreted as a basis to set time for a scenario. Its safe to be generous with time allotment in almost all scenarios, you really can't go wrong. The exception being when time appreciation is the premise of the objective.
  15. In WW2 unfortunately that might have been the reality too often from the Russian front to the Hurtgen forest, realistic commanders following orders from their unrealistic commanders, or commanders with a bigger picture of timelines, or just other lives depending on your ill fated attack. But as far as the game goes, have fun, find the angle to crack the nut and watch the clock. No scenario should be impossible, that would be wrong, and if that's the case yes it should be corrected. I see what you mean by add 25pdrs, in some cases add 25 minutes... I've flat out asked people how the hell they beat that too.
  16. nik mond

    11/11 Never forget!

    Looks like you had a nice day for it.
  17. nik mond

    11/11 Never forget!

  18. nik mond

    8.8 cm Raketenwerfer 43?

    At 3000 units manufactured it would be rare, I wonder if they were more prevelent in a particular theatre. Basically a panzerschreck on a small gun carriage with twice the range.(Wikipedia).
  19. To my pleasant surprise one of my favorite novels has been made into a movie. I hope to see it sometime, hopefully North America will have access to a decent version with quality subtitles. Here's one excerpt linked from youtube.
  20. nik mond

    Tiger 1 cannon emergency trigger

    I have one of those on my propane barBecue
  21. nik mond

    Modders: Female Faces?

    In Canada the door is wide open. The goal is 50/50, equal opportunity. They're just not beating down the doors at the recruiting center yet. Those that do are not staying. I guess they are smart enough to find something else to do. Or have somewhere better to go. I also see more men than women sleeping on heating grates. So again, maybe they have better places to be.
  22. Tac Nukes are absolutely moot when discussing a prospective CM Fulda Gap or Reforger, or Gruner Laubfrosch etc. The game would be about the units that are fighting around or through the hot zones. The SOP's were solidly in place for fighting in an NBCW environment as the mentality was nukes were definitely going to be used. The emphasis was on how to adapt and mitigate the loss from nukes in order to carry on with the conventional fight. Units within brigades were spread out from each other. Always moving. Even defensive units were to relocate in their entirety after a short period of time (German roads were extremely hazardous when Corps exercises were going on). If the balloon went up these units would have operated this way for the real thing. Sealed in tanks, or dug in the ground Top High mode would have kept units with adequate distance peripheral to ground zero combat effective. It would have been rare to see many entire battalions wiped out from low yield tac nukes because of this. Once contact was made the threat of a tac nuke would be gone for the time being and that is where CM would take place. Direction finding a Div HQ and nuking it wouldn't be all that successful either as these units were sending signals remotely by linked radio vans miles away. Also radio silence and dispatch riders were still heavy relied on even in the 80's. Yes they were too optimistic with their mobile decontam centers and many soldiers would likely perish shortly after the war. But I really don't want to go there. We have Combat Mission Black Sea which featured nuclear super-power adversaries. I don't see nuclear weapons as a deterrent for the original topic here.
  23. +1 indeed. I would be curious to know why this era is a favoured epoc amongst many for CM2. Myself early 70's is the preference. There were significant improvements in HEAT ammuniton and conventional optics. I always wondered how the T64 would fair against a Leopard 1.
  24. nik mond

    Attacking a reverse slope

    I've had some success with lobbing direct fire from stubby barrelled howitzers like the 75mm L24 or the M8. They have an arcing trajectory that drops off. Typically when targeting the peak of the hill at more than 400 meters in game, further the better, shallow heights as well nothing too vertical. If the reverse slope is shallow you can get lucky with a round every once in a while, some land short others skim the peak and explode close enough to rattle someone behind it. It's not efficient but it's fun.
  25. The theory is tanks were suited for attack and breakthrough tactics, and tank destroyers were to counter the enemy armor spearheading such an attack. The shortcomings of such a doctrine is debatable but you still see tank destroyers today in different forms. There is also the allied tank destroyers with open turrets m10 m18, 36. In CM TDs are definitely the underdog, doomed if facing the wrong way when tracked, and have vulnerabilities, all have more vulnerabilities to infantry. I take too many chances with TDs. Tank destroyers are not tanks, and assault guns are not tank destroyers. AGs like the Stuh42 have a slow fire rate and few heat rounds, definitely made for anti infantry.