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  1. All games. All active public forums have this to varying degrees. The more realistic the game is, yes you are correct, more nitpicking. The more abstract, then some issues are avoided, like Bomber Crew and their cutsie cartoon B17's. But even that gets its share of nit picking. Nothing I see on these forums is different compared to other game forums.
  2. The coverage by CBC has been utter subjective garbage. They lost all objectivity and are extremely insidious in their broadcasts to a level rivaled by Pravda. Fortunately not everyone is as gullible as CBC thinks. People started avoiding China town in Toronto when this happened. The CBC reported this as "racism", yes CBC redefined that term. I think its ignorant if people avoid Chinese restaurants during the Corona hype, but it is not racist. Very irresponsible reporting.
  3. Using a target arc as an example where max distance was preferred. In CM2 for panzerfausts I would not use anything less than the max effective range for a target arc for a Pz30 to Pz60. Simply because I've had a fair bit of success doing this. I don't do this for the panzerfaust 100m or a panzershrek. If I was setting an arc for those, it would be 75m and 150m respectively. As mike said, luck and skill. If you can afford the shot we've all seen that arcing tracer heading for our tank from 200 meters... No! And on occasion the panzerfaust guy who flubs his shot at 15 meters.
  4. Those are the effective ranges according to any source I looked at.
  5. That's the one thanks. This guy did a job defending the obj. I've been on the receiving end here too.
  6. Yes indeed. If I do have an XO team, then I am more apt to to send my HQ forward. Use them as both an alternate forward observer, and a morale boosting leader for units nearby. If... more like when he gets killed, the XO takes over, In which case he sits out a few bounds to the rear somewhere and drinks coffee.
  7. So it only started after R2V was installed. I'll have to fill in the blanks and assume it is persistent, and occurs randomly during a scenario. Maybe a resource specific to R2V was corrupted during install, or its missing. Something as simple as eg. a canister round missing will cause a crash every time a unit goes to fire one. A reinstall of R2V would overwrite a corrupted object file if that's the case. But concurrently post in the CM2 General Tech Support forum or even create a work ticket, you might be waiting for a while to get the correct response here.
  8. ... And ball bearings. Lots and lots of ball bearings.
  9. I like it. reminds me of those war docs from the 70's. The cut scene photos are a nice touch. Looking forward to see how you make out.
  10. Grenade attacks on tanks are very effective in this game. The grenades represent an inclusion of RPG, gammon bombs, stick bundles in the mix in which case its possible to disable a tank, or KO. Although anti personnel frags shouldn't do anything to a tank that's buttoned. It often comes down to last tank standing. But they still have to keep their distance from infantry to stay alive. Its difficult to maneuver suicidal infantry attacks on a tank but there are ways with a little distraction and luck.
  11. I feel sorry for the guy who had to wear the CGI motion sensors and then get kicked around like that. Probably a fan boy who wanted in.
  12. Yes, scenario designers can set the intel strength up to full for the scenarios. This will provide ghosted icons of enemy units on start up.
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