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  1. The US still has a stockpile of M14 toe poppers for use in Korea. That's about the only weapon left designed strictly for maiming. The problem is the geneva Convention obligates those who signed on to treat the enemy injured same as their own. So guess who's logistics get tied up.
  2. No need to worry, underfunded, hastily designed, and the French contribution was wrought with inefficiencies and plane ol bad luck. It was doomed to fail.
  3. Oh now you did it.
  4. 🤭 Oh Man, did you make that up all by yourself?
  5. I had remarkable opportunity to talk to a Lancaster navigator many years ago. For them spotlights were a real threat as they were tied into the sighting and plotting of the flak. If a Lancaster got lit up they immediately changed course and altitude. I mention this after watching wicky's video link above where it was not a factor for American crews on daylight raids. Digressing further, but this gentleman showed my father and I has flight logs, he would flip to a couple entries and well some pretty hairy stories.
  6. Can't fool you. UV(B) mmm good... If you are a cannabis plant. Not soooo good for growing corn and soybean, and things you might want to eat. Ozone depletion occurred at an exponential rate, literally that is. I am not sure what you were referring to as false exactly, But a big hole in the ozone over major crop belts would have been a really bad thing if left undiscovered. Its been slowed but still growing. Major polluters now are hospitals, anything that uses anesthetic type gases, fluranes N2O. But that is changing now too. Its only because of some scientists in the late 70's that we dodged that bullet.
  7. The discovery of Ozone depletion and its causes is an example of the "Oops" line in Sburkes intricate graph. That was discovered just in time. Trying to convince a world of politicians this has to be stopped now was another remarkable feat in itself. Crops and healthy soil don't exist after years of UV radiation. umm, Good catch guys
  8. There is certainly room for tank on tank battles. There weren't many for the US vs NVA but there definitely enough to make more than a few scenarios over the course of the entire war such as Ben Het. For the ARVN vs NVA armour, lots of mixed tank on tank. Just need some PT76 and M48 to add to the mix.
  9. I am late to the party. But I brought up a similar topic back in 2011 with my little "single guy" campaign. And ran into the same things like requiring restarts to actually to get 1 guy. Then in the second battle the troops would lose their primary team weapon. But, if the morale was set to Fanatic and the leadership 2+, actually all attributes maxed out so you could get the guys to move, it was fun in a Sgt Fury Howling Commando way.
  10. If it was HE then that is entirely possible.
  11. Regret my Samsung 32" 60Hz 4ms Curved PLS LED Monitor (LC32F391FWNXZA). After 1 year, lots of stuck red pixels showing. Tried all the tech advice remedies. No joy.
  12. Scripting syntax is pretty much the same for all high level languages , and many people would be able to jump right in. But for people who have no experience it is not really a problem either. Just having a couple pages of example scripts to use, or paste can get you started. Community feed back to help with the debug issues would bring people up to speed to tackle a scenario. A hybrid system would be awesome too. The Precanned scripts in CM2 work fairly well, the immediate shortcoming being the commands are linear, and lack branching (OR) conditional statements, looping etc. Having larger selections of AI commands, perhaps layered would be a good alternative for the next gen
  13. Some inspiration for the mod: Its all about the maroon beret.
  14. Interesting, because I've never changed my color settings, they were set to North American 2 which is sRGB1996 and uses the color spacing I am pretty much accustomed to looking at. I changed to adobe RGB1998 had a look, and what popped out to me were the reds. Color spacing changes are very much a function of vibrance (or it is the product of). And I incorrectly went straight to the hue and saturation to tweak but no its actually vibrance. If things don't look right and its a color spacing issue in the game view, try a little tweak with vibrance.
  15. Corporate espionage sanctioned by a competitor perhaps
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