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  1. What do you want when you already have the dakka? MORE DAKKA! (You know just in case one jams)
  2. One Final Effort - I had some fun designing up a purely fictional encounter and the flexibility that came with it. I decided to throw limitations on ammunition/supply, which is narratively feasible for the last weeks of the war but is also a challenge for players that we don't tend to see much of in CM scenarios. Good to see that little quirk caught a tester or two on the hop. If anyone is taking a shot at this one don't fret about being the defender. Has it's own unique challenges. CMBB came out just during my first year of University and it just so happened that my first year's grades weren't exactly the best. Thanks Steve and co. I'm part of the club that misses the Axis Minors.
  3. Small announcement that's not a mod, not a map, but it's over at the new CMMODS anyways. The Ultimate Recorder excel based workbook has been updated with all the new R2V introduced goodies plus a few more tweaks and changes. Includes an updated read me. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-other/cm2-ww2-combat-mission-career-record-system/ For those that like to have a record of all their games and outcomes... or just to keep track of the number of pixeltruppen you've sent to the grave. A little dated video tutorial but the principles are the same.
  4. Step 1: And the end of eachtexture file add the desired word or 'modtag' in square brackets. For example: smod_german_lw_helmet-para[smock].bmp (Ensure you use the same file name as the stock texture. Step 2: Replicate. Create the number of mod tagged textures equal or greater than the stock number of textures. Otherwise stock textures will still be visible. (If you only want a smattering of SS smocks then you only need one or two). Step 3: In a simple text doc type in the word that is the mod tag. Save and exit. Step 4: In the editor open the scenario and click on the mod tag button. import the text document you just created. Step 5: Save and done. Note: Mod tagged textures won't be used if the the mod tag is not part of the scenario or is not one of the key words that is hard coded into that game. (For example "snow")
  5. There's always modding and mod tagging if you want to create your own HG scenarios where you feel the oakleaf smocks should be used. I'm not 100% but pretty sure the models are the same so it's a simple texture replace.
  6. Only the British Campaign remains to be completed. Unsure if the revamped campaigns that came out after release have been included in the master installer as of yet. Play it safe, download the files from BFCElvis' opening post and replace the content in the campaign folder before starting a campaign.
  7. I do have a habit of losing Stummels at a rate close to the generic poor pixeltruppen that has to be a halftrack gunner. The big trap is expecting them to do miracles alongside say a StuG. As mentioned above they really can't go toe to toe with anything that can look at them funny. The key uses and my tips: - Building destruction to clear LOS or eliminate enemy strongpoints in an urban environment. Save the ammunition of your more versatile and resilient panzers. - Long range direct support - particularly when your mortars are out of ammunition. - Keep an infantry screen in front of them when deployed within 500 meters of a known enemy. There's a good chance there are enemy even closer than can take a shot at them with a HMG/Anti-Tank Rifle/Bazooka/PIAT/Grenade. - Use together if possible. Particularly the Stummel formation that is groupped together in the armoured panzgrenadier formation. Multiple 75mm HE rounds hitting the same target will clear an area each turn in WeGo with minimal expenditure of ammunition from each vehicle.
  8. <-- Scenario author. Yep already flagged behind the scenes. I'm unsure if it's a bug so some unintended consequence of the US MG's being barred from deploying their weapon when inside a shelter and being unable to fire from the semi-deployed state. The bunker itself is not an MG bunker. The mission was intentionally designed to be played from the German perspective first and this MG issue would make the mission a touch easier. Even though this issue slipped through testing the Beta Testers struggled to scratch out a win on this one as the Germans. See if you can do better. I don't think it's a repeat of 'Kiwi Soldiers' level of difficulty but there is a reduced margin of error available on this byte sized battle. In H2H I'd advise a mirror match arrangement.
  9. The only alternative I can think of is something like what Paradox is doing with their grand strategy games. Linking functionality changes (effectively 'Upgrades') to a DLC release. But the customer needs to buy the DLC to get the most out of the 'free upgrade'. For what it's worth I've kept a track of game ownership and asking questions on purchasing habits over at the FGM. 79% of respondants state they pick up upgrades and modules either as a 'Day 1 Purchase' or 'Early but keep an old version of the game' on their hard drives as well. (For ongoing battles including PBEM). Most of the other 21% say they'll wait until there is the inevitable post release patch to fix bugs that have cropped up. Granted membership would be more reflective of the non-casual 'dip the toes in the water' CM/wargaming crowd. For the FGM tournies/campaigns it basically shows we're safe in running a CM event (or updating existing events) to include latest CM content directly after release.
  10. And I'm still around. 2017 for me was crazy as RL work skyrocketed. I was head to and getting home from work in darkness. It's better now but my CM time is now taken up on other projects for other parties, for example: @Rinaldi and others. I've still got all the files from where we left off on my hard drive at home. The project was literally at the stage of making the last few maps and then going in and placing the units and working out AI plans. The research and unit selection was largely done. I think we had a pretty detailed in game master file for the CCA, of the 4th Armored to use for the Allies. Also plenty of posts about Sherman variants. I've still got bookmarks and post it notes inside the books I was researching from.
  11. Silly question. Was the aircraft fired upon by the Syrians or the target near the edge of the map? Unguided munitions may fall off target (and potentially off map) if aircraft is forced to abort their run or it simply missed.
  12. Play 'We Go' turn based play. Most of the Combat Mission regulars and I'd guess all the old timers from the old days of CM1 when this was the only option. It let's you pause, rewind and rewatch the action and gives you plenty of time to plan out and set detailed orders across multiple units to ensure they are supporting each other. The RTS option may be tempting, particularly if you've come from other RTS titles, but I promise you that you will miss little details when commanding anything larger than a company on a wide map.
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