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  1. Africa or early war? Both. Barbarossa: Would flip the game on it's head with the Germans being the ones on the major offensive rather than the usual Allies vs German defenders set up we have now. Not to mention Axis minor nations. Africa: Well I want to see Australian forces eventually. In my mind at least Africa could work well with the family/module system except you'd work back wards through time rather than forwards like we see now with CM2 titles: 1. Base Game - Operation Torch to Tunisia focused. Nov 1942 - May 1943. US, German, Italian forces. (Maybe Vichy French?) I'm also assuming the US forces first policy would be continued. 2. Module - El Alemein. Time-frame extends back to June 1942. Commonwealth Forces to cover the famous battles in Egypt and the Mareth Line. 3. Module - Early war Africa. Time-frame extends back to cover 1940 and 1941 in the desert. Tobruk, Crusader etc. 4. Module - The Balkans, Greece and Crete. Considering the Commonwealth shipped forces from Africa seems like a nice fit. Meh, we can all dream.
  2. Ithikial_AU

    The state of CMSF2

    This reminded me of a long held but often forgotten wish of mine. One day in the future is it possible to have the scenario selection screen reflect a bit more info up front as you scroll through and filter for the scenario you are after. (Without needing to click on each item to view additional details. Something similar to the old CM1 days. It was just that bit easier to scroll through when deciding what type of battle you wanted to fight based on size, nationality, number of turns etc. And I never knew GOG sold CMBO. Things you learn.
  3. Thanks, hope you enjoy. Call me overly competitive in the wrong areas but it's good to see this one still towards the top of the dload count over at the Scenario Depot even after all this time. Hope the folks who have played through it found it enjoyable or at least got some use out of the master maps for some MP action. You don't get much feedback as a designer...
  4. Ithikial_AU

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Many blue moons ago when the whole Upgrade system was announced I mentioned that long term it was going to turn into a bit of a logistical nightmare trying to balance multiple number of game 'families'. At the time there was only two families (I think), now we're heading for six. Has this experience changed BF's thinking around release strategy? For instance bolting on on more modules to CMRT to push that front back to say Kursk, rather than releasing a whole new family for July 1943 - May 1944 eastern front? I'm no programmer so no idea if it would make a difference man hour wise but logistically/project management wise wouldn't there be some gains?
  5. Ithikial_AU

    A long delayed update

    I'd be more interested if this was the 'bigger' sub-bone... What can I say, I'm an Aussie so it's the only way I'm ever going to see some of my mob in the CM2 engine.
  6. Ithikial_AU

    A long delayed update

    Is there any chance that there could be multiple payoffs for BF with doing this TOE hard slog for Rome to Victory? For instance, the work done for US kitted out French forces appearing in this module being the basis for them appearing in CMBN/CMFB via a module/pack?
  7. Ithikial_AU

    The state of CMSF2

    Great news. Looking forward to playing through the old missions again. There's still one certain scenario from the British campaign... a certain riot/militia attack on a police station that still gives me CM nightmares. God knows how lethal that will be in Engine 4.
  8. Ithikial_AU

    A long delayed update

    Thanks for the update.
  9. Beautiful looking map. Now for a scenario and AI plans.
  10. Just an idea to help out the newbies buying a copy of CM for the first time. Would it be wise to add statement against the item in the store saying only purchase this if you purchased your copy of CM:XX before "Y" date?
  11. There will probably be the odd team that will be added for individual scenarios seperate to the core unit file. I think I've mentioned the bunker issue before on one of the forums or in one of the videos before so that's a good example. However I don't want to get caught up relying on these 'once off units' too much. The player has to feel they are making a difference as they push forward up the hill. Being able to push in and eliminate the Germans from three lines of hedgerows in a single battle, only for the next battle to see those lines manned with fresh forces would just be a slap in the face to the player. If you have a nasty fight that leaves one of your companies severely bloodied but you know the enemy got just the same treatment, you should feel safe in knowing that overall it was probably worth it. (And rotate your forces around for the next engagement- giving time for the weakened company to recover). I don't mind the player winning the campaign (in fact I want them to!). The best result would be once the end of campaign screen comes up they sit back and feel they had a challenge but one that was never felt insumountable and a frustration to continue. Purely my own personal opinion -> Even some of the stock scenarios/campaigns have probably fallen more into the frustration basket. Campaigns where your forces are whittled down to being a shell of their former selves and you simply can't progress during the next scenario. You hit the ceasefire button and see you have a dug in battalion in front of you. Ok a bit of an exageration but the player should never get to that point where the follow on sceanrio they enter is simply unwinnable. That's not fun and this design encourages players to just give up or begin save scumming to play through a campaign.
  12. Two new videos in the blog series. SPOILER ALERT - Talking about my thinking around unit selection, so if you want to one day go into this one blind then suggest not taking a look. Enjoy and hopefully a few ideas around things to think about for others wanting to take the plunge into the editor. The US Army (the player's forces) is up first. And the German Heer.
  13. Sources are mixed on this one by this point. Not exactly a lot of time for record keeping during the Battle of St Lo. However the KG was about 1,800 men spread over two battalions with some support weapons. No armour to speak of. There will be a video blog on it soon.
  14. I'll have to check my maps when I get home but the FJ around St Lo were operating to the east of this action. The Germans in this vicinity were from the 352 ID, which in reality by this stage was a division in name only. The 352 ID was a series of KG's that had been cobbled together from surviving troops from multiple shattered divisions that had been in engaged since June 6th, as well as reinforcements from the divisions rushed over from Britanny to build up the resemblence of a fighting force. The KG holding this strongpoint was actually from the 266 ID. Totalize was more traditional open ground affair wasn't it? Also occuredfew weeks later than when this engagement is set.
  15. Not really but I think the map itself sort of lends itself to being an infantry heavy affair. If you want to try and push a full mechanised force through some dense hedgerows and forests be my guest. The campaign eventually will be heavily infantry based as you command the 2/137IR of the 35 US ID with some minor armour support. Be curious to see a how a Commonwealth force pushes up the hill against some dug in German defenders but that's only a curiosity, obviously not part of the campaign. Thanks benpark. Don't worry I've noticed some over time while fighting over your maps.