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  1. Yes that's one of the little tweaks to the early part of that campaign revamp we made. If you win the first mission, the next two (which occur simultaneously) are set at dusk, but if you lose the first mission they occur much later on in the dead of night and IIRC the troops start those battles in a tired state. Just simulating the advance being stalled somewhat once the Dutch force crossed the border from Turkey.
  2. Master maps weren't 'a thing' back with the Commonwealth Module was released. Also the Scottish Corridor campaign takes place over a very large area so perhaps not Master Map material. You can use one of the campaign extraction tools to draw out all the individual scenarios, delete all the units and AI plans and you'll have a blank map to play with.
  3. I always wondered what would happen if CM did away with it's complex code running behind the scenes and just had health bars and fixed damaged values instead. I'm guessing a complete replacement of it's player base as a starting point. Personally it's ARMA3 > HLL and PS. The big difference is variety. ARMA is a sandbox with a much larger array of opportunities for different missions and setups to keep it fresh from the user end. Even after all this time something keeps bringing it's players back in whether it's from the devs or community. Other titles are relying more on map and expan
  4. My research at the time, plus other historians suggests the organisation of Operation Windsor was done pretty much at the brigade level rather than the at the Division level. Rod Keller, the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division commander at the time was too busy planning Operation Charnwood with the Second Army, and effectively delegated Windsor to his 8th Brigade under Col Blackader. (Not that Blackadder). Windsor as a replacement to the aborted Operation Ottawa still went ahead to both keep up the pressure on the Caen sector of the front following the end of Operation Epsom, but also the capture
  5. I've never been to Canada and nothing ever came up in my research about where they got the name from. Probably some staff officer who named it after his home town?
  6. I've noticed this as well with the Germans. I don't think it's something to do with the Target Light command ending but more about the TacAI deciding what weapons to use on it's own accord. The Panzerfaust 3 TacAI is apparently using them to target buildings where there are enemy present. This in itself isn't bad (it's like RPG7's with the Syrians) but I think players would prefer to have control around whether the faust is used or not to try and dislodge and enemy. The long range of the faust means it gets used pretty quickly as soon as enemy are spotted so players playing WEGO really have no
  7. Manning the Combat Mission Help Desk count? He was back a little way but near the objective for most of the game. You can see his peak cap in one of the last photos. I was just running out of men given so many were panicking and going to ground after a few seconds of combat at that point. I needed every and rifle forward. Now benpark... there's a slacker for you. I think he found some Berliner's liquor cabinet before the battle began. Granted he was probably tired after building all of central Berlin. It's actually showing off the RPG-43. And yep.
  8. And just like that it’s all over. (Just to prove that yes Volkssturm are indeed in the game. ) There isn’t much different in terms of positioning of each of the Kampfgruppe compared to my last update with a battle map image. A victory is a victory but it was damn close. I never saw the human wave assault coming towards the end to try and break into OBJ Beer. My pixeltrüppen Fallschirmjäger were panicking quite heavily after that – a second wave right behind it would have meant a contested objective and a different outcome. Virtually all of my infantry and panzers
  9. We're close gents. Probably one last big update once it's all done and dusted.
  10. Bullets to the left of me, bombs to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you... There's at least two aircraft flying overhead dropping bombs and raining .50 caliber rounds. Three bombs so far. The Ostwind is working overtime. No sign yet that I've scored any hits but those large 37mm shells are from the Ostwind are causing the aircraft to veer off target most of the time. North As per my little teaser I thought I had this flank in the bag. The Panzer IV started roaming shooting up every Soviet infantry spot it had. Then out of no where a heavy round at close range took
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