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  1. I think it's switching control of aircraft to the player similar to CMBN and the other western front titles.
  2. <-- This guy. 🙄 Yeah I'm not Shakespere. Briefings can be tweaked easy enough down the line ahead of a patch. Work on F&R needs to come first. More importantly, did you scratch out a win in the scenario? How did you find it?
  3. Yeah we sound nothing alike. I mean there's no swearing going on when the others all speak so it ain't Australian.
  4. JuJu gave me his blessing, some psd files and assistance in creating an addon pack for his UI mod. Details and link found here:
  5. At work, so haven't had a chance to take a look yet. Do you need to have all the other CMFI Aris Sherman mods that he made pre-installed? Or is this an all in one package covering all Sherman variants from the base game/Gustav Line/Rome to Victory? Thanks for your efforts.
  6. Reinforcements that haven't arrived. These reinforcements may be designed never to arrive (reinforcements arrival time fixed at a point after the scenario clock runs out) as the designer wanted to give that particular side a morale boost to avoid auto surrendering. Just a thought though I haven't played that scenario before.
  7. I think that was changed with one of the upgrades (version 3.0?) when talking about infantry teams. Let's say you set the value to 10%. Before there would be a 10% chance that all casualites in that squad would be replaced between the battles. I think it was changed to all infantry units get a 10% headcount boost (back towards by not above normal full levels). I think before it was causing some funny look probablys when the replacements show up but get concentrated only in a handful of squads leave the other teams with only two/three men understrength. I could be mistaken though...
  8. Practice, practice, practice. I think it's also the fact that you will do one once every blue moon for a proper release means that former experiences can be lost when you come around to it again. Start small for only three battles or so and if that works then start adding on more scenarios. There's nothing worse than having 14 scenarios all ready to go for the game to go error with scenario 1. Try to get a hold of an existing campaign script to use as a template is also a big help. But it's always a good feeling when it is done.
  9. What do you want when you already have the dakka? MORE DAKKA! (You know just in case one jams)
  10. One Final Effort - I had some fun designing up a purely fictional encounter and the flexibility that came with it. I decided to throw limitations on ammunition/supply, which is narratively feasible for the last weeks of the war but is also a challenge for players that we don't tend to see much of in CM scenarios. Good to see that little quirk caught a tester or two on the hop. If anyone is taking a shot at this one don't fret about being the defender. Has it's own unique challenges. CMBB came out just during my first year of University and it just so happened that my first year's grades weren't exactly the best. Thanks Steve and co. I'm part of the club that misses the Axis Minors.
  11. Small announcement that's not a mod, not a map, but it's over at the new CMMODS anyways. The Ultimate Recorder excel based workbook has been updated with all the new R2V introduced goodies plus a few more tweaks and changes. Includes an updated read me. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-other/cm2-ww2-combat-mission-career-record-system/ For those that like to have a record of all their games and outcomes... or just to keep track of the number of pixeltruppen you've sent to the grave. A little dated video tutorial but the principles are the same.
  12. Step 1: And the end of eachtexture file add the desired word or 'modtag' in square brackets. For example: smod_german_lw_helmet-para[smock].bmp (Ensure you use the same file name as the stock texture. Step 2: Replicate. Create the number of mod tagged textures equal or greater than the stock number of textures. Otherwise stock textures will still be visible. (If you only want a smattering of SS smocks then you only need one or two). Step 3: In a simple text doc type in the word that is the mod tag. Save and exit. Step 4: In the editor open the scenario and click on the mod tag button. import the text document you just created. Step 5: Save and done. Note: Mod tagged textures won't be used if the the mod tag is not part of the scenario or is not one of the key words that is hard coded into that game. (For example "snow")
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