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  1. From the manual: Typical Setting - For all of the above settings except Vehicle Status, the option “Typical” is also available. This choice randomly sets the value to be a typical (historical) value for the selected formation and the selected timeframe. Typical is the default setting for all options and is a good way for the scenario designer to get some variety for his scenario without having to adjust each and every unit individually. As for leadership soft factor for the leaders, my understanding was the speed of the information transfer was still affected?
  2. Ithikial_AU

    Improvement suggestions

    One more 'wish list' topic. Oh why not. As per usual, it's a wishlist with no appreciation or knowledge of the required time and effort it would take to program it in. I should probably make a video of my long list and just link to that each time a thread like this starts up. Editor - Ability to import map states from saved games. Ability for map states to carry over to the next battle in the same campaign. - An 'undo' button. - Scroll wheels for force selection. - Better interface for flavour objects etc. (Maybe there is just too much junk in my head because of work, but I can't remember all the different numbers to flavour objects under each category ). - Increased use of the 2D Editor to 'add additional layers' to action squares. Why can't we plot out minefields/foxholes/barbed wire etc like we do with fences/walls/trees in the 2D editor? - Ability to lay out AI plans in the 3D Preview space. Essentially a designer has the option to plot out an extended set of orders like playing a game against an imaginary opponent. Existing AI group system would still be required for QB's etc. - A script (or something) that allows a map designer to quickly create a ruined version his map. A brush tool that randomly assignes craters and damages buildings it goes over? We fight over a lot of pristine landscapes for warzones. - Reserves arrive on map when position on map is reached. Opens up possibilities for designers both in terms of when friendly/enemy units arrive but also narratively like position reached = prisoners located. - New Victory Condition - Objective Held/Taken within 'X' period of time. Allows for designers to be a bit more liberal with their scenario time allocation. If the player can take their objective within 45 mins they get 500 VP's which maybe enough to make it a total victory rather than only a Minor Victory. Alternatively it allows the creation of new scenarios design opportunities for defenders. eg. Hold out for 50 mins get X points. Hold out for 90 mins get Y points. In Game - Dynamic weather that can change during the course of a battle. (Pre-set by Scenario Designer). Wind direction, speed, precipitation etc doesn't stay fixed for 2 hours at a time. - Fire. Understand some earlier statements from BF around the fear of it being abused by players (area denial) but it's still a tactical problem on battlefields. - High chainlink fence. A fence you can see and shoot through but infanry can not climb over/move through. - Greater variety of fortifications. (Though appreciate it's more likely more a pack than an upgrade issue). - Ability to sync up commands between units. For example - Unit Y does not try to complete waypoint A, until Unit Z reaches waypoint B. This would give the player much more control in tight situations like building clearing or bounding overwatch over fields. Can control this by only allowing it between units that are within command and control and/or have experience levels that are commensurate with some level of training. - TacAI - Units on the move appreciate what terrain they currently occupy and what terrain is in their immediate vicinity when they come under fire and deciding how to react. Sorry a huge pet hate of mine if you've watched any of my old YouTube vids. Infantry running across a street are almost at their planned location behind hard cover/in a house and come under fire. Rather than rushing into the building after taking a casualty they turn around and run directly back across the street from which they came and back through the enemy LOF. - Tooltip - Ground type is displayed alongside mouse pointer when plotting movement/fire orders. - Off map support - "Repeat last mission" option for off map artillery and mortars. Understandable for restrictions in place to avoid abuse such as must be ordered within X minutes of mission finishing. - Aircraft shadow flying over the battlefield. It's a nice cosmetic touch and would complement the AA fire racing up into the heavens.
  3. Oooh nice. That's actually the historical track you're on then. 'Digging them out' is what I'd focus on if I were to make this into one semi-historical scenario. The Allied Player has 'all the toys' so to speak. Don't be upset about what happened in the 'No F.... tanks' engagement. Pretty much the historical outcome. It was only when I was designing the map after reading some accounts from this infantry battalion that I realised the sheer stupidity of this approach. With most of 3rd Canadian Infantry Division staff already planning for the larger Charnwood operation, most of Windsor's planning was done at the Brigade level. Maybe this is partly the blame for the bad approach direction. There wasn't much oversight from Division or anyone else with Windsors planning. Missing that extra pair (or multiple sets) of fresh eyes to look over the plans and point out problems. Sorry to hear about your health, trust everything is well.
  4. I must admit that sounds tempting. Did you be chance keep a record of the chronological order of the scenarios? Wonder if anyone is game to try and marry up all the Blue Force campaigns into chronological order. It would be a nightmare for unit assignment and AI plans in the editor. You'd probably run out of unit goups to assign.
  5. Ithikial_AU

    Changing light

    A bit of a self plug here. The changing light conditions is actually a factor in one the scenarios I made. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/mg-joes-bridge/ It's likely more of an issue for WW2 titles when there isn't any night vision option available. That being said, does anyone know if there is a scripted light conditions/time determined in the modern family titles where troops will 'auto-equip' their night vision gear and vice versa?
  6. 300 foxholes plus other assorted fortifications placed. Plenty of places for the German defenders to hide. I think that about covers it.
  7. Ithikial_AU

    Para Berets

    Must admit I miss the berets from CMBO days. Any chance you will post to CMMODS?
  8. Ithikial_AU

    Range info

    That would be Marco's UI mod. Brings the UI in some respects back to the CM1 days with more information for each weapon. Can be a touch time consuming up front to set up yourself but if you want some help with ranges etc then this one is for you. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?page_id=5#search/text=marco The other big UI mod for the WW2 titles is JuJu's but they don't be default include range information.
  9. Ithikial_AU

    Mine flails

    Thanks for the plug. Yes the flails show up from virtually the start. Given one of the pathways the campaign can go down you'll also have some fun with many of the Hobart Funnies found in the Vehicle Pack in one of the scenarios.
  10. Ithikial_AU

    FXShine shader

    Can you flick me your version of Carl's Frag file? Dloading from the link above it just turns my screen to 'green.'
  11. Ithikial_AU

    FXShine shader

    Sorry for digging up this thread from the grave and I realise some of the key members haven't been around for a while. I just discovered using Barbico's shaders that (for some unknown reason) I finally manage to get soft shadows in the CM engine even when not in WM mode! Rather than just squarely dark blobs. I've never been able to achieve that even though I've always used 'top of the line' GTX X80 cards from Nvidia. I downloaded Carl's version from the link above as well since I liked his screen shots, but unfortunately when I switch to war movie mode with this file in my z folder it just turns to sceen brown. Am I missing something? Do I need to turn certain parts of Carl's file on/off before using? Do you delete all of Barbico's files and just add the one frag file into your z folder instead? @Bil Hardenberger @Bootie I see you at least some point managed to get it to work. Do you still use it/have a working copy? Cheers
  12. Ithikial_AU

    beta tester?

    Okay that just looks like the top of Batman's head. :P
  13. Ithikial_AU

    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    Idea... 1) Deploy the forces on the ground floors 2) Select troops you wish to occupy second stories and group them together. (Assuming HMG's etc to provide overwatch). 3) Set up an AI order to move as soon as the battle starts. The order is for this group is three fold; a) to 'move' to the same action squares, 2) deploy on top floors, and 3) face towards the enemy. 4) Let them sit there and shoot for the rest of the fight/set engagement ranges etc as per normal. Just ensure the buildings have windows facing the appropiate direction. That way they will move upstairs but will have no door to move through to occupy the balcony. Can't help players manually positioning forces on balconiesduring deployment. The problem is the AI may move fireteams around in an odd manner initially to occupy action squares away from where they are initially deployed (rather than just climing the stairs in the same building). Shouldn't too much a problem if the order is given arly enough so this 'cheat' won't disrput the flow of the battle with the player. Multiple AI groups could be assigned in this manner for different areas of the map to ensure the troops don't wander off too much - but that does reduce the number of AI groups available overall.
  14. Ithikial_AU

    Building degradation upgraded?

    @LongLeftFlank and other St Lo fans.... *cough* *cough*
  15. One thing I've picked up reading first hand solider accounts (particularly from the western Allies perspective) is that every sudden rifle shot firing from an ambush seems to be a sniper. There's no mention in these accounts if these soldiers followed up and found the 'sniper' and scoped rifle or even confirming the bullet impact was exerienced before hearing the shot signifying very long range. Many of the nations also didn't really have unique and dedicated sniper rifles like modern militaries. The Germans with their scoped K98's, the Commonwealth with their scoped Lee Enfields. More a designated marksman. In terms of an infantry only affair, it would be a good investigation for some historian to look into claims of coming under fire from a sniper rather than some regular rifleman waiting in ambush. When you're on the receiving it's really not the front of your mind when the bullet zips over your head. :) It's sort of like every rifle shot must be a 'sniper' like every German tank was a 'Tiger.'