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  1. The only alternative I can think of is something like what Paradox is doing with their grand strategy games. Linking functionality changes (effectively 'Upgrades') to a DLC release. But the customer needs to buy the DLC to get the most out of the 'free upgrade'. For what it's worth I've kept a track of game ownership and asking questions on purchasing habits over at the FGM. 79% of respondants state they pick up upgrades and modules either as a 'Day 1 Purchase' or 'Early but keep an old version of the game' on their hard drives as well. (For ongoing battles including PBEM). Most of the other 21% say they'll wait until there is the inevitable post release patch to fix bugs that have cropped up. Granted membership would be more reflective of the non-casual 'dip the toes in the water' CM/wargaming crowd. For the FGM tournies/campaigns it basically shows we're safe in running a CM event (or updating existing events) to include latest CM content directly after release.
  2. And I'm still around. 2017 for me was crazy as RL work skyrocketed. I was head to and getting home from work in darkness. It's better now but my CM time is now taken up on other projects for other parties, for example: @Rinaldi and others. I've still got all the files from where we left off on my hard drive at home. The project was literally at the stage of making the last few maps and then going in and placing the units and working out AI plans. The research and unit selection was largely done. I think we had a pretty detailed in game master file for the CCA, of the 4th Armored to use for the Allies. Also plenty of posts about Sherman variants. I've still got bookmarks and post it notes inside the books I was researching from.
  3. Silly question. Was the aircraft fired upon by the Syrians or the target near the edge of the map? Unguided munitions may fall off target (and potentially off map) if aircraft is forced to abort their run or it simply missed.
  4. Play 'We Go' turn based play. Most of the Combat Mission regulars and I'd guess all the old timers from the old days of CM1 when this was the only option. It let's you pause, rewind and rewatch the action and gives you plenty of time to plan out and set detailed orders across multiple units to ensure they are supporting each other. The RTS option may be tempting, particularly if you've come from other RTS titles, but I promise you that you will miss little details when commanding anything larger than a company on a wide map.
  5. Thanks. Went back to take a look and it's still weird listening to your own voice.
  6. Tanks may just feel overpowered partly due to the timeframe the WW2 CM titles portray. 1944-45 means: - Radios in each vehicle allowing them to share spotting information is common. - Most front line armour has 75mm or greater main guns. - Ammunition loadouts can cover most circumstances a tank will find itself in whether it's going up against enemy infantry, fortifications, enemy armour etc. - Most nations have infantry held AT weaponary. Bazookas, PIATs, 'schecks, and 'fausts. This is all a combination of years of hard fought experience the different armies had endured before the time period of the CM games is reached. Though there are in some ways exceptions to this such as the early CMFI period or comparing the fight against German infantry in Normandy vs the Bulge with the latter being more risky due to longer range panzerfauts being standard. It's part of the reason I'd love to see an early war title one day where all these problems with equipment and doctrine were being sorted out. For instance: - "Pfft, you don't need a radio in every tank!" Spotting information can't be as readily shared between comrades unless the tanks are unbottoned and within visual range. I'm thinking early Soviets here. - "Pfft, this 2 pounder main gun will cut through anything the enemy will throws at us." - Some vehicles going into battle with only solid AP shot and smoke rounds. - "So you want me to fire this AT rifle continuously at what now?" Just some of the new problems a player would face in a 1941 era title. Not to mention you'd fear a Panzer IV appearing on the horizon. If you want a greater challenge with armour in current titles push into the 1945 and take them into urban environments. Good luck. Or you play the modern titles where it's largely a case of: "Mind that Abrams" "What Abrams?" <Bang>
  7. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7766 And a bit of playing around with the extracted data in Excel. I'll probably release it following the final CMSF2 campaign revamps are released. As for the revamped campaigns downloaded from the website, they should be the same names when copying you should get a confirmation to overwrite the existing file warning on your desktop. As long as you haven't started a campaign before you do this you should be fine.
  8. Honestly unsure. However if you download the updated campaigns from the BF website and then paste them over the existing files you will defineatly be playing the CMSF2 revamped versions. Only the British and Dutch campaign updates are yet to be released. Interesting sidenote, I've actually generated a spreadsheet that organised all the individual campaign missions into chronological order. (Along with the individual scenarios). Some are a little off but it would be interesting to play all the stock campaigns missions 'in order.' Whether it is intentional or not I have no idea but NATO forces striking from Turkey jumped off their start lines the day before Taskforce Thunder.
  9. It would be probably up to the community to jump into the editor and start playing with the other half of the game to see more Operation Cobera come to fruition. (The editor doesn't bite ). All the tools are there waiting inside CMBN. Sadly the community mapping exercises I've tried to instigate fell over after about 6 months as real life got in the way for both myself and the others. I'm sadly looking at the Arracourt file on desktop right now. Anyway it is quite feasible for a small team to all chip away at a single large master map and upload the updated file after each of their editor sessions into dropbox. The editor overlay feature in the editor makes this extremely easy indeed. You would just need a tracker sheet to make sure no two people have got the file checked out at the same time!
  10. What Panther vairants are in question? Which one is missing a modded texture? Possible scenarios.... The same turret texture is used for two different variants of the panther but the hull texture is different? Aris modded the turret and hull of the model that appears in CMBN and CMFB, but not the other Variant. The game picks up the modded turret for both variants of vehicles and applies to both. Defaults to standard texture for second variant's hull since there is no modded texture to draw from. Or maybe the hull model and texture for that Panther variant got a change and rename in patch after Aris left the community. Clear as mud?
  11. <--- This guy. That CMBN pack was created before even the Market Garden module was released yonks ago so even that pack is missing some vehicle textures for a full CMBN installation. There are big gaps in the vehicle modding space in the community at the moment following Aris' departure. It probably comes down to bandwidth, but if some of the current crop of YouTubers wanted to bundle their mod folders and publish a 'pack' on the CMMODS website (while providing credit to the original mod authors), it would probably be the best bet in making mod installation simpler for the average player. It gives you a starting point with a video reference to what your game would look and sound like. However that's a big question for @Bootie if he's willing to entertain that idea.
  12. Um... you do know which theatre CMFI is located in right? (I jest...)
  13. US Army, US Marines, German Army and Canadian Army campaigns have been revamped to take advantage of CMSF2 capabilities. The British Army and Dutch Army campaigns are still being worked on by part of the volunteer beta testers behind the scenes. Preview of the Dutch Campaign I posted last night: As for you query, the answer is no. CM campaigns are still relatively small scale affairs and usually over a small time frame (a few days). A few days of combat doesn't turn a green horn into a crack commando. Those types of RPG elements are well outside the scope of CM.
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