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  1. Um... you do know which theatre CMFI is located in right? (I jest...)
  2. US Army, US Marines, German Army and Canadian Army campaigns have been revamped to take advantage of CMSF2 capabilities. The British Army and Dutch Army campaigns are still being worked on by part of the volunteer beta testers behind the scenes. Preview of the Dutch Campaign I posted last night: As for you query, the answer is no. CM campaigns are still relatively small scale affairs and usually over a small time frame (a few days). A few days of combat doesn't turn a green horn into a crack commando. Those types of RPG elements are well outside the scope of CM.
  3. Good evening all, @BFCElvis has granted permission for some preview pics to be shared with the community of the upcoming Dutch Campaign revamp. (The remaining CMSF campaigns haven't been forgotten ). Dutch Campaign revamp for CMSF2 is being handled by @Imperial Grunt and Ithikial_AU. Some of the key changes from CMSF1 version (slight spoilers) - Reworked briefings to provide more narrative flavour around the Dutch effort and it's role in the wider conflict. - Lowered campaign difficulty to be more accessible to players of varying skill levels. (Don't worry I don't think having to undertake MOUT missions with a small Company(+) force will be considered "easy"). There was an initial 15% casualty rule in the old campaign, equating to automatic scenario and potentially campaign loss - this was considered pretty harsh. Some hunting around archive forum posts on the Battlefront forums helped identify issues. We were also aware the CMSF engine had evolved since the original release, with automatic weapons now being much more lethal making this parameter difficult for players to meet. - Victory conditions and campaign script reworked for some scenarios to reflect their close timing and geography between battles. For example, shared support assets, no ammunition resupply, the next missions time of day dependent on the outcome of battle before etc. - Infantry replenishment added at key points of the campaign. - Maps tweaked to take advantage of new map features (water, bridges, fortifications etc). Some urban maps have been cratered/ruined to reflect the timing of the campaign in the wider conflict. - Changes to AI plans to take advantage of new features introduced since CMSF’s release. - Joint ops for all. (You'll have to play through the campaign to know what that means). So I guess the cat is out of the bag. I was asked to come on board to help out earlier in the year and the first task I got was helping out on this one. Most of the work is done with scenarios individually tested and tweaks made. We're just waiting on briefing graphics and final blind runs through the entire campaign to see how it plays. Obviously R2V has priority at the moment but for the modern war fans there's something around the corner. Cheers Ithikial "MOUT again?" Tweaked mission conditions and maps. The Syrians get some new toys. Your air support is no longer invincible. Reworked maps. In this MOUT engagement the city isn't as pristine as it once was.
  4. So no one wants to tackle this one as the Germans?
  5. What is that? Steve has posted before on this, they know and appreciate their customer base is a niche market. Though selling more product than they expect is always a good thing they also know roughly the budget they have to work with. <Economist hat on and a quick google search because it's my lunch break and I'm lazy> In economics, productivity refers to how much output can be produced with a given set of inputs. Productivity increases when more output is produced with the same amount of inputs or when the same amount of output is produced with less inputs. <Hat off> Never assume having more people on staff means you will produce more. Anyone who's worked for an organisation with 100+ workers and a dedicated Human Resources team knows this first hand.
  6. I've found over the years you need to be careful reading AAR's, particularly as reported in secondary sources focusing on a wider battle/campaign. Many authors generally don't drop down below the battalion level with their writings, saying "The 1st Battalion launched a dawn assault on the village of 'X'." At face value seems like overkill for such a small target. Dig a little deeper elsewhere and you realise it was only "A Company" with a few sections of HMG's provided for additional support. Rule of thumb read multiple sources and double/tripple check everything. When I committed to recreating Operation Windsor in Lions of Carpiquet campaign it was a Brigade level engagement but for the most part (and as you'd expect) the battalions were operating independently, so with the exception of two engagements there were never going to be more than one Canadian Battalion on screen at once with a set of objectives to meet. What turned out to be a huge help relatively late in the piece was discovering someone had scanned the original operational briefing material and made it available online in a PDF. Have this primary source really outlined how everthing was meant to proceed and what forces were committed when. But that doco allowed me to confirm was the intent to proceed forward in the standard 2 companies forward 2 companies behind box like shape the Commonwealth used quite regularly. It didn't happen on the ground because the German's shelled their deployment at kick off time and everyone was intermingled from the get go, which I could then represent in the appropiate sceanrio with the extensive use of reinforcements coming onto the map with no real order/command structure intact. Of course no plan survived contact with the enemy so this great source becomes useless after about Mission 2. There's another idea that I'm still toying with for over a year. A CM campaign on the same map where each scenario is one distinct objective. The scenario designer is like the battalion commander ordering he forces around with distinct objectives and the player is the poor junior officer that has to carry it out in the field. For instance, there's an end goal but to do that the player has to hop across a series of objectives successfully before progressing. Failures lead to repeats of the same objective rather than a whole new campaign path, though the player can also 'do what they want' if they feel like it - for instance ie hunting down additional enemy units early that may make future objectives easier to complete. Though I started to try and do this in CMBN as outlined here... http://community.battlefront.com/topic/126346-experimental-design-cm1-operations-in-cm2-video/ , I'm currently of the mind that maybe the modern era is a better fit where the player can have a much smaller effective force to cover a wider open map allowing much more freedom of movement and exploration. One massive problem however is the lack of carry over battle damage on the map. Doesn't make the concept impossible but makes the force selection somewhat more limiting - ie no major high explosive support that can level city blocks.
  7. <--- Campaign author. Yeah mission 1 is just a simple test to see if you'll know about the minefields or not in Mission 2. It's a gentle ease you into the campaign type of mission. Mission 2. Yes they are meant to be plotted during deployment. Just try to replicate as displayed on the Tactical Map in the briefing - doesn't have to precise. There should be quite a bit of overlap between the fire missions. This is all to display the final stage of the creeping carpet bombardment that occured as the Canadians crossed over a mily of wheat fields to reach the town. If you don't follow this fire mission plan, later missions may 'look' a little funny where I had to recreate the map but in a badly damaged state. Enjoy and let us know how you got on.
  8. Holy cow! I'm impressed. Anyone who plays around in the editor a bit realises the more tools you have to craft more 'lived in' maps allowing you to tell stories to more power you have.
  9. I created that merged modpack yonks ago well before CMFB was on the scene. The pack was certainly setup for CMBN, not CMFB. Despite the face value similarities there are a truckload of different variants of vehicle in CMFB compared to CMBN so yes the files are never going to full line up. Not to mention there's no snow textured vehicles in CMBN. Aris disappeared around CMFB's release so not every vehicle received his love and attention.
  10. Check your PM. Oh and the "Night" modtag is working for me. I have different muzzle flashes for day and night.
  11. Pretty sure that's how it's meant to work. If you are using multiple support assets in the one fire mission then they must be all following the same parameters - therefore you adjust one you adjust them all. When CM2 first came out FO's could call in simultanous missions everywhere which wasn't very realistic for a 1940's battlefield, so it's one fire mission at a time for each observer/leader team. I think that was a change introduced with the 2.0 upgrade IIRC. The only exception to all this is setting up fire missions during deployment.
  12. In the Nvidia Control Panel application ensure that "FXAA" is turned OFF for any CM title. It maybe on by default as part of the global settings.
  13. Shameless self promotion. https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=4236 A little calculator to test different victory point allocations and player outcomes so you can get that 'feel' just right in terms of the degree of victory or defeat.
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