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  1. <--- Campaign author. Yeah mission 1 is just a simple test to see if you'll know about the minefields or not in Mission 2. It's a gentle ease you into the campaign type of mission. Mission 2. Yes they are meant to be plotted during deployment. Just try to replicate as displayed on the Tactical Map in the briefing - doesn't have to precise. There should be quite a bit of overlap between the fire missions. This is all to display the final stage of the creeping carpet bombardment that occured as the Canadians crossed over a mily of wheat fields to reach the town. If you don't follow this fire mission plan, later missions may 'look' a little funny where I had to recreate the map but in a badly damaged state. Enjoy and let us know how you got on.
  2. Holy cow! I'm impressed. Anyone who plays around in the editor a bit realises the more tools you have to craft more 'lived in' maps allowing you to tell stories to more power you have.
  3. I created that merged modpack yonks ago well before CMFB was on the scene. The pack was certainly setup for CMBN, not CMFB. Despite the face value similarities there are a truckload of different variants of vehicle in CMFB compared to CMBN so yes the files are never going to full line up. Not to mention there's no snow textured vehicles in CMBN. Aris disappeared around CMFB's release so not every vehicle received his love and attention.
  4. Check your PM. Oh and the "Night" modtag is working for me. I have different muzzle flashes for day and night.
  5. Pretty sure that's how it's meant to work. If you are using multiple support assets in the one fire mission then they must be all following the same parameters - therefore you adjust one you adjust them all. When CM2 first came out FO's could call in simultanous missions everywhere which wasn't very realistic for a 1940's battlefield, so it's one fire mission at a time for each observer/leader team. I think that was a change introduced with the 2.0 upgrade IIRC. The only exception to all this is setting up fire missions during deployment.
  6. In the Nvidia Control Panel application ensure that "FXAA" is turned OFF for any CM title. It maybe on by default as part of the global settings.
  7. Shameless self promotion. https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=4236 A little calculator to test different victory point allocations and player outcomes so you can get that 'feel' just right in terms of the degree of victory or defeat.
  8. Rule of thumb is if in doubt post it. If it looks odd when you see it in game immediately make a save game file just in case.
  9. - It was made before machine guns became more lethal with the 2.0 upgrade. - It was a community release made virtually right after release so I'm guessing the author was getting used to the editor etc. - Feel free to jump into the editor and make a better one. The 29th ID is certain'y a good division of focus. - The Omaha mission could work if changes were made to that scenario to account for dot point 1. Having the naval support from deployment to lay down a barrage? It could even work as part of a campaign still if the campaign script and overall design accounts for the horrendous losses the player is going to experience.
  10. Could the friendly edge for the scenario/map in question be set up the wrong way in the campaign? TacAI when controlling broken troops will naturally try to head in that direction thinking it's towards friendly lines?
  11. Please keep me informed. @Warts 'n' all - can you take a look at the posts above, did you hit any troubles likes this when you played the campaign last year?
  12. Okay I loaded up the mission file and plotted all the artillery missions and hit go and everything played smoothly. There will be a 'pause' given the amount of orders that needs to be initially processed even before the progress bar pops up, so don't hit any other key or mouse button even though it looks like the game has suddenly frozen up. I think that will cause a crash to desktop (a CM thing). Needless to say the progress bar will also not be at it's fastest. This scenario is certainly on the scale of the CMFI stock scenario "Hot Mustard" which also put some strain on people's computers when CMFI was released. (I didn't make it! ) A few ideas: - To confirm you do own the vehicle pack? The game shouldn't let you play this campaign if you don't but thought I'd check. - It could be your PC. (Mac's sorry I'm out of ideas...) I'm running an i7 that's a few generations old now but still plays anything CM2 can throw at it. - Mods being used. I think the latest popular sound mods are larger files and the need to play so many incoming artillery files at once may cause a strain on the CPU. Perhaps drop the sound mods for this one. I don't think it's the campaign file for a number of reasons: - It's been out for years now with over 1,000 downloads and only a handful of people have reported the issue. The upgrade to v4 of the engine also didn't break it. - The first "Mission 0" (The recce) and "Mission 1" (this one) don't have a large connection that would break something in mission 1. The only real influence the recce has on the campaign is to warn the player of the minefields across most of his front and a chance to pick off a few of the German sentries before the main assault. If it's any conciliation I've always wanted to tweak mission 4 of this campaign (which you play if you lose this one) to be a standalone scenario for H2H play. May take another look at that for you.
  13. <--- Campaign author. Ouch. Quick question for you both, did you win or lose the first recon engagement? @ChappyCanuck @Stonecutter
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