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  1. Any news? Any news?Any news?Any news?Any news?
  2. do it doit dot! but do it fast! i wait soooooo long!
  3. Tartari, can u Upload ur mod again? I lost it after PC crash
  4. Tartari, work faster, the TOW-Fans need ur Mod :-)
  5. Thats Great. I hope we havent to wait longe :-)
  6. Tartari...we need a proof of live
  7. That sounds great. Good mods need time. and if i have to wait i will wait a long time for ur great mod :-)
  8. hey tartari, are are waiting for news :-) I tolds lots of my tow friends of our mod, all love it!
  9. That sounds great! :-) I wish i could help U!
  10. Tartari, do u have some new infos for us?
  11. yeahhhh thats great. i love mines :-) When will u integrate TOW1 tanks from poland and france?
  12. Do u will integrate Tank- and Infantry-Mines?
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