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  1. Yeah I'd suggest grabbing something like RevoInstaller and doing a full uninstall. Also troubleshooting: are the campaign files in your Documents>Battlefront>Combat Mission>Shock Force 2 folder? Narrows the problem down to know if the files are stored on your computer and the game is refusing to read them or if it's something else.
  2. Okay so to be absolutely clear: the manual is self-contradictory on what is hidden and what is not. A command described to 'detect and mark hidden minefields' is not obvious that it can only be used to target non hidden minefields. This is also literally the only move command that works like a target command. It's inconsistent with how all other controls work, if it worked like other move commands then you'd expect it to be a special form of 'hunt', which is clearly what so many new players expect.
  3. I love how your strategy for clearing mines is to have your squad of engineers stand and work right in front of a platoon of Abrams shooting downrange. I just came to the forum having experienced exactly the same issue. At a minimum it is completely intuitive and not really apparent from the manual that in order to 'mark mines' you have to actually see the mines first, and by 'see' them actually see them even if you 100% know they are there because the briefing and map tell you they are there. Right now the scenario is designed to tell you that CM doesn't handle mines well.
  4. My orders are gone, I put in a ticket at the helpdesk. This might be a bit awkward because my name and my email are the only things I can really use (other than dragging up bank records for transaction numbers) to prove I've actually bought the products I claim I have. Well that, and the fact that they're installed and licensed on my PC right now.
  5. Topic. Incidentally 1.00 of CMRT will launch with Sonic Suite 2 running, so something specifically with the change to the 1.03 CM engine broke the game in a way that I can't imagine how.
  6. Different circumstances. Cheating in MP is bad. But there's nothing really wrong with people messing about with the stats in their own games. Obviously self-delusion is self-delusion, but it's unclear why anyone following their Wehraboo fantasies to mod their own game should be stopped from doing so. Obviously if they're going to come online and claim that everyone's game should be modified so that the King Tiger has a layer of spaced Aryan superiority between its armour plates then they should be rightly mocked. But there's no virtue in shutting down moddability for the sake of having everyone play the One True Version.
  7. Oops, my bad. But still, there's no reason an IS2 should have any trouble knocking out a KT from any range up to around 2.5-3km, even a non-penetrating hit to the turret will cause enough spalling and internal damage to take it out of the fight.
  8. Because there weren't very many of them and the battlefield isn't exactly a controlled environment? It's just statistically unlikely to expect this evidence to be available when only 500 of the things were ever made, only a certain proportion of those went to the Eastern Front, and a hilariously large proportion had to be abandoned or destroyed by their own crews before they even got into combat because the engine broke or they ran out of fuel. And then we get down to the chance that a KT that actually gets into combat is actually on the same battlefield as an IS2. So the sample size isn't exactly huge, you know? We have the evidence we have, which is that in test conditions at 2.5km an AP hit from an IS2 can penetrate right through a KT turret. Note also that the tests with the D-5 85mm gun showed it could penetrate the front hull at 1km: http://tankarchives.blogspot.ca/2013/03/soviet-85-mm-guns-vs-tigers.html So if the KT couldn't be penetrated from the front in combat, one is left with the puzzling issue of why Soviet testing showed it could be, and why the Soviet tactics manuals for fighting Tigers say 'you should be able to penetrate it from the front from 1km away'. Finally as a side-note to the issue of penetration, one should not forget that a huge proportion of non-penetrating hits in testing caused spalling sufficient to eviscerate most of the crew and knock the tank out anyway.
  9. I presume it's a combination of: 1) TOW-2b having a range of 4.5km whereas the video says they fired the' HELLFIRE II missile from 6.4 km'. 2) Infolink with Apaches.
  10. EnsignExpendable (the guy who writes the blog I linked) is really good for this stuff. He's got access to a lot of archive material nobody else has, mainly because it's his job to research and translate the stuff. I really recommend getting in touch with him. He's also really used to the usual grognard forums arguments, from 'no, the KT was not an unstoppable uber-tank' to 'here is why German and Soviet armour penetration tables have different values' (hint: the Soviet ones are the right ones to use).
  11. When you are bundling out a Javelin launcher to every squad then that's your organic AT capacity. Putting a massive gun on a chassis that can't absorb more than light arms fire does not an AT capacity create. The Bradley has done okay in combat, but that's only because it got to fight Iraqi tanks with TOW missiles from beyond their effective engagement range. And in order to do that it had to be terrible at actually transporting troops. The job of the APC is to move troops rapidly around the battlefield/operational area while attracting a minimum amount of attention. If it's getting into fire-fights then it isn't doing its mission.
  12. Going to the archives: http://tankarchives.blogspot.ca/2013/03/is-2-vs-german-big-cats.html Nothing wrong with an IS2 penetrating a KT's turret at 1km. If anything the inaccurate bit is that the turret doesn't fly right off (engine limitations accepted).
  13. It's like Pentagon Wars all over again. The Army finally gets an APC that does the job of an APC and they're slowly trying to turn it into a Bradley. Ring alarm bells when someone suggest mounting Javelin launchers onto the turret.
  14. So I can believe that a rifle is accurate to x by y target dimensions at a certain range. I can also believe that a riflemen can work a bolt, level a rifle and fire it once every 4-5 seconds. But there's no way in hell that the rifleman in the second scenario is going to be achieving the accuracy in the first. That rapid rifle drill the British army liked to train for is about being able to cause suppression and win the firefight against another rifle-equipped unit, not about having an army of guys shooting down enemy soldiers the moment they appear. Never mind the fact that anyone firing 10-11 rounds a minute is going to shoot through all the ammo they have and find themselves in trouble very rapidly. So it would be nice if the game modelled riflemen from different nationalities and facing different targets varying their rate of fire depending on what they might plausibly have done in real life, but it seems like an incredibly marginal feature and rifle fire seems fine now.
  15. This. The level of spec knowledge on these forums is continuously impressive, but people have a tendency to fixate on an inaccuracy and suggest a fix to it which would completely upset the cart of abstractions and rules the game has in place to produce a plausible end result.
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