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  1. StieliAlpha, yup, saw the elephant first time. Figured, meh, stupid college students.
  2. For Henry, or "Hank", as His 12 best buds would often call Him.
  3. Dang, 12 passes the first time I tried the test, 14 the second.
  4. Until Elvis comes along, CMRT Fire and Rubble and a module (CW?) for CMFB, IIRC. edit: Duh, I looked right at the emoji and completely zoned it out!
  5. Thanks pnzrldr, you very succinctly cleared up my confusion regarding the titles after 1946! I updated my head tracker last year for a jet sim, but my Combat Stick needs replacing. I'm not sure (yet) about going for the new DLC versions, but definitely will start off with the package Barkhorn linked to. I know what you mean... I always enjoyed flying formation with Zeroes on patrol over Rabaul, Spitfires over the Channel, or Wildcats over Cactus. Great stuff!
  6. Elvis, you have smoke capabilities with any of your squads, for example those Sappers? Prolly too late, but in desperation I would have lobbed smoke at the Mark IV and close assaulted with a couple of squads. Costly, but likely to have taken out the tank.
  7. I agree with Erwin. I always buddy aid my men, even at times when the rest of the team/squad is really needed elsewhere. Like a lot of others, I use 2ic's and (occasionally) crews for that duty too, but prefer to have the same team/squad do it when possible, since they can use the weapons/ammo more than the other types. I always move bailed crews to the rear ASAP anyway, but the occasional casualty littering the path of advance is a good subject for their first aid skills.
  8. Here Erwin, explains BAT: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,63233.0.html
  9. Bingo, that's the site I was referring to above...and I completely forgot that I'm a member of SAS, lol! Thanks, Barkhorn!
  10. Have at it. There is a site that had basically a brand new dld for 1946 plus must-have mods that appeared to be easier to install, over all. Maybe it's in this place, but think it was another website. http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads
  11. Hey Barkhorn, you into IL2 (judging by the thread title mistake)? I played it virtually nonstop from 2001 until CMx2 came along, and even then split my time between them both until about 2012. I have looked into reinstalling it (I had every mod/module and addon and still have all the thousands of mods saved in a file). I don’t really have an inclination to go with the newer DLC iteration, but wondering just how complicated reinstalling everything is. Have you recently reinstalled it?
  12. If you like tactical WWII and Modern warfare (you know what I mean), get CMx2. Plain and simple. Anything less, and your friends and family will mock you unmercifully. Maybe even cast aspersions on your genderhood! I think Ultradave assumed you meant CM Shock Force 2 vs Shock Force 1, as I did before re-reading your post. Get it, along with all the other titles, or there will be that genderhood question lurking in the back of your mind for eternity.
  13. Your dead-dead (dark red-brown base, IIRC—I am using a base mod so not sure what the default colors are), as opposed to incapacitated wounded (bright red base), will not technically get buddy aided, only a quick weapons/ammo scrounge. After all these years, I still don’t know if the “refusal” to buddy aid is actually the pixeltruppen knowing there is nothing to scrounge off a dead buddy or not. Too lazy to test or bother to watch that closely, lol.
  14. Wait, are you referring to one of the training campaigns? I never played either one, so can't help you out there, pardner. Sorry.
  15. Hmmm, there's a Last Defense battle for CMBN, but I don't have any scenario named that in my CMFI scenarios. I have the whole shebang, too.
  16. Thanks everyone. More to come, once I figure out a conundrum involving the Sikh turban/beard face and a few other anomalies with the British and Indian troops. @ Aragorn, yes, like the BAR replacing an occasional FN lmg, and likely because the French utilize US equipment, some troops (leaders. assistant leaders and crews) are occasionally armed with Thompsons. PS: Mountains were gorgeous as usual!
  17. @rocketman, I noticed that when testing. I didn't mod any "coveralls" or the M41 uniform, just the French greatcoat. The game apparently draws the greatcoat texture for open top vehicle crews in winter settings.
  18. Have internet access for a short while...Aragorn, no, not annoyed at all. There usually isn't a lot of feedback for mods or scenarios and campaigns. It's just the nature of the beast. Thanks everyone, glad you like it.
  19. FYI, Bootie messaged me that he would get to uploading this at CMMODS IV today. I’m heading to the Wyoming/Montana mountains for the next 10 days myself, so I hope no one has any problems with the mod. I will be in occasional touch with the world, but don’t know when/how often. Fingers crossed that all goes well for you guys!
  20. Thanks Fellas, I'm actually happy with this one as well. I'll be working on modding the US and British into goumiers so that you will have a lot more scenarios to use them in. One thing I forgot to mention in the Readme regarding mod tags: although as stated I didn't use any of my own mod tags in this mod (I will use "goum" when I do get around to adding them), I did use all the default mod tags BFC uses for the faces (skins), because without doing so, I couldn't get my skin mods (bareheaded and with turbans) to show up in Quick Battles.
  21. Sent to Bootie, finally. Goumiers Mod Readme Goumiers Mod for CM Rome2Victory.pdf
  22. Last post until it’s done. More futzing because of the naming convention involving faces and getting the modded ones into quick battles. Figured it out, but will have to wait until tomorrow. Shiva H. Vishnu!
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