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  1. For me, unacceptable is dependent upon how many pixelletters I feel like writing to all the pixelwives, pixelparents, or pixelsweethearts of the fallen.
  2. You do realize how many vehicles (and variants) that aren't in RT but are in the other games, right? You want them to work on those, or keep working on the modules and CMx3? Personally, I prefer the latter. YMMV.
  3. Lol, watching CM Youtube AARs I'm constantly trying to manipulate the camera.
  4. I do the same, Howler (almost always breaking squads down), and other than yellow-wounded troopers lagging behind over longer distances, I don’t experience many “wanderers” either. That’s over all titles/modules (except I rarely play CMBS), all updated to the latest iteration. I get occasional (pretty rare though) odd pathing movements or weird trooper separations, but mostly in urban terrain with a lot of rubble and walls around the buildings, or “busy” hedgerow terrain. So I’m curious if you guys seeing it happen again are by chance using split or un-split squads?
  5. Yes, please do. Copyright still protects the creator, and you always needed permission from the copyright holder to use their work—even before “corporate welfare”. Thank you.
  6. All those pauses you both mention are normal. Depends on size of scenario or campaign, how many mods you have loaded in the game, your system, and other factors. And for me, the load time for the individual games or modules varies a lot. BN takes minutes, Shock Force 2 and FI hardly 20 seconds. FB is fairly quick, too. RT is somewhere in between. The game engine/platform is just not optimized for today’s comps...there’s been much discussion about it over the years.
  7. If you’re not going to somehow try to sell them, there is no legal problem to modifying any stock BFC campaign or one made by a fan/player. But as noted, if it is one made by another player/fan, have the courtesy to ask permission, before you share it with the community. If you are just messing around with them for your own ****s and giggles, then no problems and no permission would be necessary, of course. Same goes for scenarios. I have a hundred or more modified scenarios across all the games, all just for my own enjoyment. Many others do, too.
  8. Never send a whole squad when a fire team will do. Never send a fire team when a scout team will do. Except for travel far from the front, to establish a heavier base of fire at a particular spot, or a quick dash from cover to cover (and even then, rarely), I always break down squads. It cuts waaay down on the number of targets er, pixeltruppen, in the fuster-cluck pile-ups you describe. And I rarely notice any morale hits they are supposed to take for splitting up, unless they are really bad troops to begin with, in which case you have a whole ‘nother bunch of problems to deal with!
  9. I use covered arcs sparingly, and Hunt not much. Mainly use CA on HQs, FOs and schreck troops so they don’t go popping off at every little distraction.
  10. Like Vacillator sez, there are 2 places the game installs files. Don't ask me why.
  11. Mr. Sayle's production company/recording manager also don't know how to spell it! Plus, he can't pronounce it very well.😉
  12. BFC didn't want to go back and build new models for all the armored vehicles in those other titles (need to build "seats" for them to sit on, or some such, IIRC).
  13. Wart's, by my reckoning, you lost several points for spelling "Hello" wrong in the title. Or was that the sound you made when your head separated from the rest of you?
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