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  1. mjkerner

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Yes, we hates it, yes we do. It steals our Precious, yes it does.
  2. Looks like the “other” General Discussion site has been hacked?!? PS: I don’t know oriental characters...maybe Korean, or Japanese, or....
  3. mjkerner

    9-11 Event

    Where are you at, Erwin?
  4. Lol, that pretty much sums up in a nutshell why I play CMx2 games in the first place!
  5. mjkerner

    ARMA 2 and 3 demos

    Lol, Erwin, good one! And yes, game afterwards, of course!
  6. mjkerner

    ARMA 2 and 3 demos

    Holy crap! I’m getting it tonight!
  7. Great job, Julian. I’m glad you managed to figure it out. Another modder to watch!
  8. Oh yeah, I’d throw in a $100 easy for a CM:A redo!
  9. mjkerner

    Target Reference point icon?

    Well, I for one agree with many of the same points weapon2010 agrees with regarding weapon2010’s points, but I also agree with some of weapon2010’s points that weapon2010 doesn’t agree with. Then again, I don’t necessarily agree with the above point.
  10. mjkerner

    Building degradation upgraded?

    Maybe, but I would much prefer he revisit DBP, you Fanboi, you! (I know I’m not our old friend Broadsword, but I do recall pulling off a pretty good ambush on you back in the days of your Hamel Vallee days...)😎
  11. Gotta love present day politics! Not really.....
  12. mjkerner

    Scenario designing with AI

    It doubled to 16 terrain objectives, IIRC. I believe it was in v.4, but might have been v.3. AI groups doubled to 16 at the same time.