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  1. Since the Marines are historically, chronically short of supplies, I thought it my patriotic duty to make some stuff for them. Not posted yet because I need to become an author on CMMODS and double-check them for the umpteenth time, but hopefully by tomorrow. These are in Marpat Digital, Woodland, and plain OD Green. Each type will have 3 folders, for Gear, Helmets and Vests, so you'll be able to mix and match to give them a ragtag look if you want. Uniforms will follow soon.
  2. mjkerner

    What I'm watchin

    Love Peaky Binders!
  3. Thanks homewrecker! I definitely need to fine tune the camo because of that too-large purple splotch on the right thigh and elbow. I need to shrink the template for sure.
  4. Vet, that'd be up to the individual. I'm only supplying some different gear. Supply Sargeant has your uniforms, lol.
  5. mjkerner

    Why does my unit panic?

    They are all flabby-muscled girlie men, most likely!
  6. CMFDR, not a dumb question at all. I completely forgot we had the ability to drag files into the reply box, even though I see the damn instructions below left every time I post! I've been going the tedious Photobucket (those Bastaarrds!) route this whole time. (PM sent, btw.)
  7. Glad you like it. Actually, I just wanted to check the weapon swaps, some different camo versions, and hats/no hats. I will be doing the Rhodies after I finish my USMC mods (no uniforms at this time, just vests, helmets and gear) because they are the closest to being done. I plan on doing a bunch of different African types, including SADF, then IDF, then some SE Asia-based types. That's the rough plan anyways. Your maps will be awesome!
  8. Well, new haircuts or importing a hat (CMA doesn't have separate model skeletons for headgear), lose the gloves, we might be getting somewhere, Combatintman. 😉
  9. Combatintman, that map looks sweet! We’ll get this sorted. Maybe I can get MikeyD to agree to let me update his African terrain mod. And I want to thank him for giving me the solution to a texture problem...only the blank, black outline of the imported rifle would show, not the art. Thanks Mikey!
  10. Thanks MOS, the faces did take a lot of time and I’m still trying to fine tune them. In game you’d see plenty of glitches and problem with everything, especially the uniforms. There’s no shading to speak of to give them depth, stuff like that. But I’ll get cracking and try to finish some things up. I tend to bounce around on a dozen different items at a time.
  11. Success! Well, I need to add the textures, but it does work! Considering all the variants of the weapons in SF2 that it (and others) will replace, I now have a whole 'nother bunch of work added to my list!
  12. mjkerner

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Looks great, Cap'n!
  13. Holy ****zu, I forgot about MikeyD’s Turkish mod thread. If it is somehow, by chance, the old renaming mds/mdr files, we’re in luck. Thanks for the tip, C-man!
  14. Thanks Mord. Faces are a real challenge, but I'm getting the hang of it, I think.
  15. Surprised at at that, Steve. Bummer. I have never been hit through Paypal, which I have used for over 15(?) years whenever it's an option, and I do A LOT of online purchasing of books and miniatures and stuff for my better half. My CC has been hit 3 times over that period, though. Sux big time. (I apparently have an affinity for comp servers in NJ and Oklahoma, and gas stations in Los Angeles!