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  1. mjkerner

    Special Effects Mix

    Gotta hand it to you, Harry, you know your animations!
  2. mjkerner

    Special Effects Mix

    The ditch/trench...maybe not an obstacle per se, but it's one of the things they jump over. I use akll your other animation mods, but how would you get them to jump over a wall and not anything else? Eliminating the jump would be worse I think.
  3. mjkerner

    Special Effects Mix

    RH, that's just how the animations work in CMSF2. I asked that question when it was first released because I thought it had to do with the old trenches by default turning into fernces. But those in the know said it was just how the animations work for most (all?) obstacles.
  4. Hey Z, you’re on a roll, so I say go for it. Pretty sure you can swap an M16/C7 for an AK, or an rpg7 for a faust, etc., etc. I swapped in a FN-FAL from CMBS, but haven’t had time to check out swapping around weapons within CMSF2 yet. Don’t see why not; shouldn’t be anything more than a model swap via renaming. But, someone will come along soon and straighten my thinking out if I’m full of it!
  5. Not sure I follow you, hypeman. You mean you would like a folder with the original uniforms (in BFC lingo, “skin” is the term used for the face textures) from the game in the mod download? If so, I can do that. But just so you know, if you just use the Rezexplode tool, you can explode the original brz files and copy the uniforms and gear pretty easily yourself. Btw, I thought I would be done with this mod by now, but my Mother-in-law went into hospice two weeks ago, and passed away 3 days ago, so I haven’t been at it for a while. Anyhoo, thanks for your interest and compliments, they are much appreciated. (As far as I can tell, there is no way of determining how many people downloaded the USMC mod, so I can’t tell how well received it was except by comments on the forums.) I’ll add a folder with the stock uniforms and gear when I upload this mod. (You may need to remind, though, cuz I ain’t getting any younger!)
  6. mjkerner

    Inaccurate Mission Briefings

    What Howler said...+1
  7. mjkerner

    CMusic Mod

    Nice one, Claude, thanks!
  8. mjkerner

    USMC Helmets and Gear

    Thanks for posting that, John. I missed this somehow at the time, but looking at it with fresh eyes, so to speak, made me realize that, unfortunately, I need to correct the arms on all the Marine uniforms. The way arm textures stretch, I need to re-orient the camo, and they should look much better. I’m finishing up British uniforms atm, but will issue updated versions ASAP after that.
  9. I have no idea whether it is observational bias—it probably is because I too recall BFC’s saying it makes no difference what we mortals do—I agree that it sure seems to help pausing/slow moving.
  10. mjkerner

    Syrian Army Realism Mod 1.0

    Got that right!
  11. Thanks for the information, Combatintman and Wicky. I wasn’t planning on actually doing up a version, at least not for the present. The pic above was, literally put together in about 3 minutes, just to see if that was the combo Sequoia was talking about. I have samples of the “faded” woodland dpm when the time comes.
  12. mjkerner

    Syrian Army Realism Mod 1.0

    They look really good to me, too, Pquum. I am getting netting for the British helmets by just googling "Netting" or "Helmet Netting". Lots of real life textures out there!
  13. I sorta remember that thread, Sequoia. In the field at various times, local conditions, etc., and depending on the higher-ups, there seems to be a lot of variation in uniform and kit. And I would think especially when new paterned uniforms were issued. I'm certainly going to do a lot more ragtagging when I get to the Syrians. I want the Army to stand in for generic MENAs, and the combatants and fighters to be generic rebels and jihadists. Anyway, back to the British, like this, ya think?
  14. Desert DPM Pattern. There are two or three Desert DPM variations, and then a Woodland DPM version (IRRC). It's difficult to keep up with the ever-changing military uniforms, equipment, and weaponsaround the world these days.
  15. I agree 100% with all of your improvement suggestions, Macisle, especially the Editor and AI ideas, and Target Heavy. I wouldn’t be surprised if BFC implemented many of them over time.