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  1. Dontcha just hate getting old, Steve? And think how I feel. I've got 6 years more of it than you. And poor Emrys has about 50 on me, and Wart's 'n All, well he's just basically a cantelope!
  2. Yes you can, Ian (disks, anyway. I have the CMSF2 disk sitting on a shelf atm). I always order them along with digital downloads. I like having the physical copies around. Gives me a sense of ownership, lol!
  3. Hey JM, sorry to keep you waiting. One thing after another this last year or so. Since March, I've only had time to browse here. As one piece of ****e real life thingy is concluded or survived, it's time to take another bite of the ****e sandwich. The thing is, I'm really close to finishing this one, at least the DPM version. Knock on wood, August is looking promising.
  4. I agree 100% with Repsol, at least before BFC added triggers (haven’t messed with making my own scenarios in a long while). We’re the commands changed when they added triggers?
  5. Kevin, if you double-clicked on the Platoon HQ, the whole platoon will light up. Well, I should qualify that, since I rarely do battle post-mordems anymore. The whole platoon will light up during the game when you do that, and I *think* it's the same when you do post-mordems.
  6. Okay, okay, grab the ¥§$#@& tires and put ‘em in your stupid sandcrawler, but then get the hell outta here, ya little sh*ts!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement, Splinty. Settling up my Mother-in-law's estate, cleaning out the house, etc., etc. has been taking up most of my time. I also hit a big snag with the mod, when I discovered that a part of one of my template layers was fipped around. It was the seams in one of the base layers, so I wasted a lot of work and time. Don't know how I missed it. Fingers crossed I can get this out the door in a week.
  8. Hell, it's bad enough at 65. I'd say you're doing pretty well for 400!
  9. Frenchy's right... smod_american_helmet-soldier smod_american_helmet-soldier 2 smod_american_helmet-soldier 3 smod_american_helmet-soldier 4 smod_american_helmet-soldier 5 ...should do it (I put 5 variants of helmets for each division, IIRC. I have no idea how the patches are working, because the FB naming convention is also different for uniforms from CMBN. It sems to me that someone else either did patches or updated some of my uniforms after v.4???
  10. Crommie, are they the ones I did? If so, I’m pretty sure they were done under v1 of CMBN and I never renamed them. Thing is, my uniform patches I think we’re done under v1 as well, so they shouldn’t work either...except I may have updated them for CMFI/GL and just not bothered with the helmets. If it’s not my mod, then in my best Emily Latella voice...”Never mind!”
  11. Gotta hand it to you, Harry, you know your animations!
  12. The ditch/trench...maybe not an obstacle per se, but it's one of the things they jump over. I use akll your other animation mods, but how would you get them to jump over a wall and not anything else? Eliminating the jump would be worse I think.
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