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  1. mjkerner

    E-mail too long for log in

    Lol, read the directions from Steve. He explains that truncated email thingy.
  2. mjkerner

    I Don't Read the Dev Updates BINGO!

    absolutmauser, Back to the Future for you!
  3. Bulletpoint, I thought that is exactly what mortars do on Target Light...after spotting, 3 rounds per minute as long as you leaving the Target Light order in place. Although I didn’t count them, that’s what I’m certain was going on last night when my GIs were attacking some town in France...
  4. Thanks for the informatiomn, LNM.
  5. LiveNoMore, what scenario is that from?
  6. mjkerner

    Tanks and Roads

    And no kettle-calling-the-pot-black comebacks. I'm definitely much, much more handsome than you!
  7. mjkerner

    Tanks and Roads

    But, unfortunately, you are very homely. Sorry, but I just state the facts, Sir.
  8. mjkerner

    Recce in force article.

    Yes, envision the penis as a salient, er, penetrating the line. What does one do to eliminate a salient? Why, cut it off at the base, of course. Now, the vagina could be seen as a kill sac....oh, never mind, but I blame the Battle of the Sexes for this divergence from proper decorum.
  9. mjkerner

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    So, last year everyone was atwitter (pun intended) about starting a war with the Norks. Then there is a summit (detail negotiations by underlings to follow) and Trump is accused of legitimizing Kim by giving him a world stage! How the **** are you going to de-escalate peacefully without talks? So, the act of attempting to negotiate is in and of itself wrong?!?!?! The frenzy created about Trump through the media is ridiculously outrageous and disingenuous, to say the least. SoIt appears some people spotted Prez Trump walking across the Potomac River...on top of the water. Next day's headlines: Trump Can't Swim!!! I will never again post anything political here again, I swear, but the pretzel logic of certain groups of people and the media (by-and-large) is astoundingly hypocritical, disingenuous, myopic and over the top regarding ANYTHING the man does, and shows a level of either plain idiocy or intentional deception (or self-deception) that goes beyond the pale. Rant over, and I'm self-exiling myself from this thread. Cheers!
  10. mjkerner

    A long delayed update

    I just spit my drink out, Mr. Bennett. Well played, Sir!
  11. mjkerner

    How Exciting...

    Well Firehead, either I’m hearing you, or there’s an echo in here!😆
  12. mjkerner

    Editor Trick/hack.

    Wateryall thinking? Don’t sink to c3k’s level.
  13. Excellent, Stephane! You’re famous now! And considering your hat’s pedigree, I’ll gladly take it off your hands if you ever tire of it, lol!
  14. I put this same notice in the CM Normandy forum (beat JK by a day or two, lol!)...certainly it applies to that one?!?!
  15. PS: I’m not sure, but I think only some of the helmets are mine. If some aren’t, the modder should be credited.