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  1. I was re-reading the other thread you mentioned above just last weekend and was going to try it myself. But, to be clear, you can see the tall hedge/bocage in the transferred map in-game in CMFB and that the map works fine (but you can't edit the hedge's orientation in the editor)? I'd just be happy if most maps (some buildings aside) can just be swapped around!
  2. My recollection is that signs are applied randomly, so might not work like you want. Plus, I don't recall offhand if adding numbers to the textures/bmps will produce multiple distinct signs or not. I never bothered to mod signs.... But looking forward to the campaign!
  3. Probably because they are no tall "hedges" in CMBN. There is only a hedge, and it's short/low. There is tall "bocage" in BN, but you know the difference, right? CMFB also has only a hedge (low) and "low bocage", so not sure what the map in FB is trying to render...and I bet the map is wondering the same thing!
  4. StieliAlpha, yup, saw the elephant first time. Figured, meh, stupid college students.
  5. For Henry, or "Hank", as His 12 best buds would often call Him.
  6. Dang, 12 passes the first time I tried the test, 14 the second.
  7. Until Elvis comes along, CMRT Fire and Rubble and a module (CW?) for CMFB, IIRC. edit: Duh, I looked right at the emoji and completely zoned it out!
  8. Thanks pnzrldr, you very succinctly cleared up my confusion regarding the titles after 1946! I updated my head tracker last year for a jet sim, but my Combat Stick needs replacing. I'm not sure (yet) about going for the new DLC versions, but definitely will start off with the package Barkhorn linked to. I know what you mean... I always enjoyed flying formation with Zeroes on patrol over Rabaul, Spitfires over the Channel, or Wildcats over Cactus. Great stuff!
  9. Elvis, you have smoke capabilities with any of your squads, for example those Sappers? Prolly too late, but in desperation I would have lobbed smoke at the Mark IV and close assaulted with a couple of squads. Costly, but likely to have taken out the tank.
  10. I agree with Erwin. I always buddy aid my men, even at times when the rest of the team/squad is really needed elsewhere. Like a lot of others, I use 2ic's and (occasionally) crews for that duty too, but prefer to have the same team/squad do it when possible, since they can use the weapons/ammo more than the other types. I always move bailed crews to the rear ASAP anyway, but the occasional casualty littering the path of advance is a good subject for their first aid skills.
  11. Here Erwin, explains BAT: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,63233.0.html
  12. Bingo, that's the site I was referring to above...and I completely forgot that I'm a member of SAS, lol! Thanks, Barkhorn!
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