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  1. mjkerner

    CMSF2 vs CMSF1

    Great, I'm usually spaced out when I'm playing; now my P-truppen are as well? This won't end well....
  2. The only time I’ve seen it is when, as Erwin stated, there was a live one hiding in amongst the dead...you have to look close sometimes, because the P-truppen often are literally on top of each other and their animations merge.
  3. Hey JulianJ, have you met C3K/Ken yet?🤣
  4. mjkerner

    CMRT Campaign: Rattenkrieg

    What he said! ^^^
  5. mjkerner

    A Thought Offered for Discussion

    RepsolCBR, you and I have a serious divergence as to what constitutes proper subject matter for a wet dream, lol!😉
  6. mjkerner

    CMFI Requiring 2.0 Key?

    Newtown, I'd follow Schrullencraft’s advice. He seriously knows what he’s talking about regarding all things CM!
  7. mjkerner

    CMFI Requiring 2.0 Key?

    Submit a ticket to the help desk. They'll get you squared away in a jiffy, newtown40!
  8. mjkerner

    RockinHarry Scenario Thread

    Lol, I did a video of that play test? I hope it doesn’t suck!
  9. mjkerner

    I need some help

    GLynn, check your Spam folder if you haven’t already. Help desk is always prompt and will square you away quickly and efficiently, from my experience. The one time I didn’t hear from them within a day or two, their initial response had gone directly to Spam.
  10. mjkerner

    Removing mods and stuff

    The only mod I’ve ever read about in here causing problems is Vin’s UI mod. I usually have about a hundred or more mods in my games at any one time, but I only take out that one, and everything has always upgraded fine.
  11. Pfffft! I have an IPad, I post from the shytter when the mood strikes!
  12. I haven't had any problems with them either. Thanks again, Thief.
  13. mjkerner

    Demo Feedback

    Good to know, Ultradave. Thanks!
  14. mjkerner

    Demo Feedback

    It seems that trenches aren't working properly. They line up fine in a straight line, but any attempt to make a T- or L-shaped fortification results in the intersecting trench piece to disappear. I've checked it a couple of dozen different ways nand it always comes out the same...a missing trench piece. I realize they are still testing the game and that Charles has removed "stuff" to decrease the size of the demo, so it may be no biggie. Just pointing it out should BFC not be aware of it. https://imgur.com/a/xypVP88 https://imgur.com/Q7fhFJY https://imgur.com/SQXdANo https://imgur.com/gZb3tLb Edit: Crap, first time trying to post an Imjur image...all I can get it to do is to link them. Should go back to Photobucket I guess.