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  1. Lol, she already did; that’s why it’s getting done!
  2. Thanks Mord! It means a lot coming from the Master! I really need to get off my ass on this stuff. But Martha has me working on finishing her tack room that I promised her a while ago, so acouple more days at a minimum before I can dive back in.
  3. Progress, what’s that??? Oh, you mean as in moving forward, completing tasks and the like, right? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! No.
  4. Hey Splinty, how they hanging? Didn’t I already release those, lol? I guess I didn’t. I’m waaaay behind on modding; RL and other hobbies keep getting in the way. I have to finish the Goumier for Rome to Victory before I finish the MTP for the Brits. But I’ll get there.
  5. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. Last game, in fact, I'm thinking why are my leaders’ not throwing smoke grenades like I ordered? Under fire, bad morale? Several turns, and a couple of shot-up squads crossing a street, later, it dawned on me.
  6. Speaking of hats, will we get the iconic German fatigue cap in this module?
  7. Well, it never occurred to me that there was anything insulting about it; I thought it was just good-natured ribbing. My chums and I do that type of stuff all the time. But I guess it's umlaut call.
  8. Sounds interesting, user1000. Could you tell us a little more? Playable from both sides? Company-sized? Thanks!
  9. Sun's breaking through from the left.
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