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    I'm glad that people are still trying to offer ideas to Brit, but this one is stupid. EoS has too little visibility in the market as it is, going solo would mean only the hardcore fanbase (US) would follow it. It would be nearly entirely word of mouth, or it would cost more due to advertising costs.
  2. Noway! I'm a fail hobby programmer and this is my first project, not playable yet. I've got to rework how the program selects a astronaut for a mission then add a bunch of statistics in and it MAY be playable then Its getting closer though! I got this out of it today: A suborbital mission.
  3. I know this isn't relevant to EoS, but I thought as a new NASA contractor you might like to see my little amateur pet project! http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=75230.0 It's essentially a text adventure game where you play an astronaut. Simple. I've been teaching myself python extremely slowely over many years, and i'm finally at a stage where I can complete a program! Its not finished at all, within the week I'll finish up the basics and have a working Mercury/Vostok program. Once this is done however, it's largely entering statistics into the code rather than actual coding so it will probably advance to the Apollo stage very quickly. I'm making it for me, it's probably going to be too simple for anyone else to like anytime soon. But i'll be putting the code up anyway on that forum as people have helped and given ideas on it. Deadmeat P.S. people have had some good ideas programming wise, if any of you have any ideas whether they be programming or just ideas, feel free to chip in!
  4. *I did mean Empire 2 I see what you mean, It is lacking in the Empire department. From my experiences Empire Deluxe is superior to all, including EDEE.
  5. Tested EDEE, seems like it could be good, but needs 'absorbing'. The Interface at first glance is painful, but im sure there are ways to streamline it to ones own preference.
  6. So, despite Rich's ranting on ai, he did mention the older empire games. Which brought me back to thinking about them. While EoS is empiresque I think its in its own arena so they can be enjoyed side by side with EoS, rather than instead of. (as some may have said). I was personally wondering what peoples opinions were on these three. I liked Empire 2 personally, it seemed the most polished. But I cant say ive tested the AI considerably. EDEE I havent tried at all, but I've installed the demo for a test sometime! Empire 2 also had some nice scenarios!
  7. I suggest someone lock this thread, it kills braincells just reading peoples replies to Brit.
  8. Ah nice, that will be good.
  9. Rofl this 'AI iz broked' dead horse has been beat. Give it up guys. This is what happens when developers get too friendly with the consumers - some of them give themselves false airs and an aura of authority. There is no authority, you bought a game, you have no weight here to throw about. Your Ideas have been noted by all parties. Give it up.
  10. Did it ever get implimented? I'm sure i remember a update log mentioning it. I ask because I'm planning a cold war scenario and it would add historical accuracy if i could have 'events' in it.
  11. I like this, I made one similar before for my own use. I may use this as the basis for a larger scenario containing a more comprehensive technology tree along side it. Good units, they work well.
  12. Run as admin? usually fixes annoying crap that happens to me.
  13. Good luck Brit. Don't step on any craft with the designation '13'.
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