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  1. sure how do i do that? file was to big to attach
  2. I am on the 181st turn of a very large scenario, and the game stops loading at 36% , i hit cntrl ,alt , delete to get out of the screen and is says CMFB fatal error, out of memory, any thoughts?
  3. I understood, i was just pointing out that 25min load times is something that needs to be addressed , with all compliments and respect to the amount of work that went into the BMM.
  4. I love this aar , but maybe not something to get to excited about😃
  5. This is not a big deal,have an upfront agreement not to do this, anyone who would (take advantage of this is ) to begin with is a moron, it would easily be found out at the end of the game when you see the tank crews bailed out and hiding in the back , or if you see them scouting? game is VOIDED, will you play him again? no.
  6. even more confounding , the sherman is not firing at the Tiger
  7. they are all still at spotting at the end of the turn , which does not make sense because someone yelled at "Panzer", its spotted, unless they lost sight of it, but it should go back to a generic tank marker
  8. Is there a way to make a huge factory ?, like we could in cmbb?
  9. Is this confirmed by BF?are they addressing it? I have not experienced this yet.
  10. i think we tend to remember and notice, and get frustrated about a leader WIA , and forget about the times it never happens.
  11. I just noticed this as a playing option, I thought this doesn't work, does it?
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