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  1. the video is a 4 man team, i was reffering to another game where a 2 man team was 40 yds a part
  2. I've noticed this alot lately , 2 and 4 men teams spreading out to far from eachother, I have a 2 man team in one game where they are like 40 yds apart.Some could argue this is smart and not bunching upis good.Has anyone else noticed this behavior?
  3. if we have 2 arc choices, we could have 3 or 4, would defenitley add to tactical, tough decisions on both offense and defense, adding to the depth and layers of the game
  4. So the engine does not need anymore commands?Did you think that when only the covered arc was available and the Arnor arc wasn't?what about the failed "follow command"?or ammo leveling?free thought for change of addition or subtraction should be encouraged
  5. A tanks only covered arc would make things significantly more interesting.Even more specifics such as Heavy tank CA and so on?
  6. i wonder if it will be changed to October. wouldn't shock me
  7. nope, its a what's The Path Forward thread?
  8. Whats the crop mod that makes the dizzy , swirly look disappear?
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