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  1. Elvis, keep these bone fragments coming , very much appreciated!
  2. I have been noticing for some time now that when a unit is given area fire orders , they do not stop engaging "the area" if a more significant/closer threat should be spotted.They ignore the closer more ,ominous threat to themselves and concontinue area firing through out the turn.
  3. My mg hq called in an Artillery strike, the delivery time is about 10min, he was killed a few minutes after the Artillery was called in.What happens to those Artillery orders, it seems locked now and nothing can be done? Is this correct?
  4. One golden rule of thumb I've learned and live by is this , "You can't trust trees!". Or any foliage for that matter, all foliage is squirrely and unpredictable when spotting is concerned.
  5. so the men acted as normal in the foxholes when you started up the Rittersprung scenario i sent you?
  6. it wont let me attach it, i think its to big

    1. BFCElvis


      would you like to try email? My email address is john@battlefront.com



  7. scenario is rittersprung, does it with and without mods, only does it with the foxholes on the downslope, when the foxholes are brought up to level ground they kneel as normal , no standing
  8. i have never seen it either , i will take all the mods out , how would a mod make a soldier stand?
  9. Why are my men standing in foxholes? makes no sense!
  10. I started an h2h game , my opponent send me the 1st turn , i can preview the map, is there a way to see what qb map # it is?
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