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  1. Does anyone notice or have the same visual issue of the black font being very light and inconsistent in color?
  2. weapon2010

    Combined Arms.

    Combined arms set limits for infantry, armor, soft vehicles and artillery.I forget the percentages.Yes you can do it with mixed on a trust basis.
  3. Please , please Steve, put the combined arms option back into the quick battle options(like it was in CM1) in the next game engine upgrade.
  4. weapon2010


    could you not simiulate a basement by making a small square ditch lock and then placing a building on top?
  5. weapon2010


    Will a lower level basements in buildings ever be in a future version?I dont know how prevelant they were in Europe or Russia in the WW2 era?
  6. weapon2010

    Battle Packs?

    im not asking for them, just wondering if its on the list?
  7. weapon2010

    Battle Packs?

    Are battlepacks and vehicle packs in CMSF2 '.s future?
  8. weapon2010


  9. weapon2010


    What will be the cost difference from upgrading CMSF and all modules to CMSF2 vs buying CMSF2 from scratch?
  10. weapon2010

    A distraction while we wait..

    Oh please don't misinterpret, I am hooked. My original point is to stay graphically competitive so we can get more "hooked",just like they have with shot damage on tanks.Wall damage and rubble could really use a boost, its not even upto current BF standards, because alot of the stuff in CM is beautiful, they do a great job with trees and vegetation.
  11. weapon2010

    Extracting the Demo scenarios?

    all but Closing the Pocket
  12. weapon2010

    A distraction while we wait..

    Yes I agree, it is a different audience, but the entire gaming audience is where you get new customers from.You can't flourish without a new customer base.Some may look at the Post scriptum game and try the demo because the game "looks so pretty".They get hooked, buy the game and start playing, now CM is cut out.They are cut out do to time constraints, customers only have a finite amount of time in a day to enagage in video games.These customers wont even try CM now, sadly because most humans buy based on looks.And I have no problem at all with CM graphics, BF just needs to "up their game" (like they did from CM1 to CM2 )for the potential customer who does. Im sure this is no great revelation to BF.
  13. If I extract the Normandy demo scenarios and put them into my 4.0 Normandy game will they work and function up to date?I really just want the maps.
  14. weapon2010

    A distraction while we wait..

    the graphical bar is set very high by , BF will have to "up their game" or face potential loss of new market share
  15. weapon2010

    AI Plans

    What is the best way to understand making good AI Plans?Any resources or videos?