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  1. We expect the module to be released in August the y did not specify 2019, i coudn't help it๐Ÿ˜“
  2. perhaps im delusional, i would think heavy buildings should offer better protection when hiding prone.
  3. Should 81mm mortar shrapnel be penetrating strong buildings ? is this correctly modeled? How does bf collect the data on this and simulate it?
  4. with all due respect, that map doesn't look finished at all
  5. Speaking for myself only , if there is a CM3 in the works? Once that would be released it would render all my CM2 games(everything Ive accumulated) obsolete in my book, just like i never played CM1 again after CM2 release.I cant go backwards.Or perhaps CM3 is not in the works and CM2 is designed for the long haul.This is the dilema, If CM3 is released should they revisit the same timeline of the usual" Normandy setting 1st", i hope not. No matter what course they choose I'll be on board, what other option do I have? Nobody does what they do.
  6. the real question is, and no one can answer , is CM2 done after the 2 new modules?
  7. true , but CM1 is nowhere close to CM2 in the intricacy and depth of gameplay , details, such as scope of vehicle selection or building height and variation, to mention a few
  8. Has there been any rumors or inkling of what"s coming? Could CM2 be done after the next 2 modules and onto CM3? It is 12 years old now, CM1 was done after 8 years.
  9. thats a massive task?someone should start an ancillary map making business , 10$ per master map, id pay
  10. yes i know, but none for Normandy
  11. Why weren't any Master maps provided for CMBN or CMFI?
  12. never seen that before, only time is when the building collapses normaly resulting in kia
  13. were real ww2 troops no matter the side afraid to occupy buildings against tanks ? you think it would be a safe haven?
  14. German soldier falls to ground from top of steeple, and not even wounded,lol.
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