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  1. weapon2010

    Demo ?

    ok thats what i have
  2. weapon2010

    Demo ?

    Why does the Demo description say 6 playable scenarios? I have a training mission and 4 playable scenarios.
  3. weapon2010

    Combat Mission future

    Combat Mission future???, how about we do Combat Mission present, which is now past.
  4. weapon2010

    German sub mg squads?

    ill delete you
  5. where are they hidden in the quick battle options?
  6. weapon2010

    AFV Show & Tell

    same people that made the movie White Tiger in 2012 which sucked and this will suck to. You can see right through it.
  7. no other object cahnges price based on experience, ie hedgehog obstacles
  8. i call for a temporary ban on all junior members
  9. The bunkers are not occupied but the price changes per wether you by a conscript bunker vs a veteran "empty bunker"?whats up with this?
  10. Are there any German sub mg squads in RT?and if so where are they burried?
  11. weapon2010

    Target Reference point icon?

    good point Ian, i agree with alot of the points you make.
  12. weapon2010

    Target Reference point icon?

    i dont know, excellent point! i agree with alot of the points you make.
  13. Minor issue but please change the icon to something that makes sense, the foxhole icon makes sense, why do they need to be the same?
  14. Does anyone notice or have the same visual issue of the black font being very light and inconsistent in color?