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  1. those extremely gamey tactics your refering to still can be used with "live" tanks.
  2. yes I think troops absolutley gain the cover benefit from dead tanks, but i dont think vehicles do
  3. i had a panzer 3 behind a Tiger wreck, the Sherman shells went straight through the tiger wreck and destroyed the pz3.
  4. I thought a vehicle could hide behind a wreck and use that wreck as a shield of sorts, much like house? But i guess that only applies to non wrecked vehicles?
  5. wait i thought the "scattering men" issue was fixed, so it shouldnt be an issue at all in patched up CMSF2.
  6. Can anyone who plays both CMSF2(patched version) and the WW2 titles comment on the benefits of the patch?
  7. i thought it was reality, that the flamethrower duty was extremeley dangerous
  8. Does the flamethrower have the chance of blowing up?never saw it as my flamethrower experience in the game is non-exsistent.
  9. Whats the difference between .30cal m1 and .30cal m2? can the mmg fire .030cal m1?
  10. ok so the mechanics are different on purpose between American and German Hts.
  11. ok i forgot, you have to first select open with American HTS, you do not with German. German HT auto open when you target, Americans do not.Why is this?
  12. Is there something different about the way American halftracks area fire then German?With German Halftracks i just hit the target button and select the building or area and the machinegunner stands up and fires, my American halftracks just sit there and do nothing when I select them to target something.
  13. not trying to be negative, how is the first picture anything to do with Rome to Victory bones?
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