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  1. The scenario was Right Hook at Sopockinie.I like the idea of keeping a few Stugs back out of action. In a normal 1-2 hr scenario ammo is not an issue , im just pointing out that a 3hr plus game will present challenges in ammo use.
  2. I know of no such bug? actually could have used it in a few h2h games😂
  3. I think an ammo truck or dump for tanks with their appropriate calibre needs be on the "must have list".I just wrapped a 2hr30min scenario. I've played very conservative with the ammo with very short arcs, but all Stugs are out of HE. This does not translate well to a 3hr plus game.
  4. Will there be any issues with all of my CM games after i do this?
  5. I put some fireflys into some qbs and they show up with 4 crew members, is that normal?
  6. SPOILER Can someone look at this scenario and see if the firefly crews only have 3 crew members and if so why?
  7. How did the entire invasion armada make it across the channel without being detected by German u-boats or surface boats?
  8. omg, what don't you guys get? to stay CURRENT and NEW has a price tag, I dont think BF charges enough for their products, i think they are a bargain.
  9. does that mean your done purchasing and playing their games?
  10. is that hinting at a cmas release? please say it isn't so
  11. speaking of "Fire and Rubble", we have rubble we just dont have fire
  12. I've learned the most by getting my ass kicked by a good human opponents , 2nd , play alot of hotseat to practice and understand all of the tricks under the hood like relative spotting and flow of information.
  13. what the hell are those pics?looks like they need a fashion makeover
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