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  1. omg, what don't you guys get? to stay CURRENT and NEW has a price tag, I dont think BF charges enough for their products, i think they are a bargain.
  2. does that mean your done purchasing and playing their games?
  3. is that hinting at a cmas release? please say it isn't so
  4. speaking of "Fire and Rubble", we have rubble we just dont have fire
  5. I've learned the most by getting my ass kicked by a good human opponents , 2nd , play alot of hotseat to practice and understand all of the tricks under the hood like relative spotting and flow of information.
  6. what the hell are those pics?looks like they need a fashion makeover
  7. Correct. There is an old (banned but not for this) forum member who used to track the time from pre-orders opening until release. And that is what he found...I haven't look up his talley but my memory was that it was usually 6 weeks. For those that are interested in this kind of thing it should serve as an example of how unusual this is. I know you dont like it, neither do i , but your statement just is not accurate.
  8. yes i would love a CM encylopedia within the game, click on a vehicle , weapon or unit and "goto history" would be awsome
  9. Not really, CMRT and CMFB have tank riders, a very different and cool tactical treat.I purchase all titles to have the "full Combat Mission experience", each title has a unique feel to it, Do i love game engine changes and new features? yes(love them🙌) and I wait patiently for them, maybe major changes/additions to the CMX2 engine will never come and its run its course, I dont know?someone does though
  10. For most of their releases BF have been very close to the 6-8 week window from pre-order to release,just not on this one, there is an old customer service proverb, "Under promise and over deliver".
  11. why isn't this in the CMRT Module 1 bones?
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