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  1. weapon2010

    A distraction while we wait..

    Oh please don't misinterpret, I am hooked. My original point is to stay graphically competitive so we can get more "hooked",just like they have with shot damage on tanks.Wall damage and rubble could really use a boost, its not even upto current BF standards, because alot of the stuff in CM is beautiful, they do a great job with trees and vegetation.
  2. weapon2010

    Extracting the Demo scenarios?

    all but Closing the Pocket
  3. weapon2010

    A distraction while we wait..

    Yes I agree, it is a different audience, but the entire gaming audience is where you get new customers from.You can't flourish without a new customer base.Some may look at the Post scriptum game and try the demo because the game "looks so pretty".They get hooked, buy the game and start playing, now CM is cut out.They are cut out do to time constraints, customers only have a finite amount of time in a day to enagage in video games.These customers wont even try CM now, sadly because most humans buy based on looks.And I have no problem at all with CM graphics, BF just needs to "up their game" (like they did from CM1 to CM2 )for the potential customer who does. Im sure this is no great revelation to BF.
  4. If I extract the Normandy demo scenarios and put them into my 4.0 Normandy game will they work and function up to date?I really just want the maps.
  5. weapon2010

    A distraction while we wait..

    the graphical bar is set very high by , BF will have to "up their game" or face potential loss of new market share
  6. weapon2010

    AI Plans

    What is the best way to understand making good AI Plans?Any resources or videos?
  7. Im sure most of you are familair with the MG42'S in the back of the trucks in BOTB.I would think this would be a real tactic by putting your MG deployed facing out that back of your truck, say at the crest of a hill and then you could quickly escape danger without having to "pack up".Or use it in a shoot n scoot?
  8. weapon2010

    Pacific in WW II

    If CM Afghanistan exists, anything is possible.
  9. weapon2010

    Pacific in WW II

    I know its a niche within a niche game, but I would pay big bucks for a Viet Nam CM.Talk about the devs recharging their batteries, It would have to include VC tunnels and tunnel movement,NVA, Hueys helicopters visually represented on ground and in the air,Napalm, booby traps , civilians, rice paddies, thick jungle terrain,River boats, M48 Patton tanks and on and on,it would be awsome, Ive always been fascinated with the Viet Nam war, even though its a sour topic in this country.
  10. weapon2010

    Boring Time

    maybe add some light fixtures and outlets to the walls
  11. weapon2010

    Boring Time

    I dont think its a waisted effort at all, adds visual interest to interiors much like doodads, keep up the cool work
  12. weapon2010

    What will the next CM be?

    Panzer blitz was the very first wargame I ever played.
  13. weapon2010

    What will the next CM be?

    CMAB, Combat Mission Angry Birds, Im bored and couldn't resist.
  14. weapon2010

    What will the next CM be?

    No the next Combat Mission is a simulation about a customer base waiting with great anticipation for a new product.The new game is tentativley being called CMBP , Combat Mission Beyond Patience.