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  1. grounds and units graph SC1 (Retail European version) => awailable only for 7 days here http://static.blog4ever.com/2014/07/777980/SC1_Grounds-Graphs.rar
  2. welk

    Mod "Third Reich" for SC1

    A new "war map" added in the mod. It uses the original Third Reich PC map, resized for SC1. Flags are not exactly in right places because scale and form of 3R and SC1 map are not identical. The mod is used on a french version of the game but it works with english version without any pb I think http://i39.servimg.com/u/f39/14/77/32/83/_war-m10.jpg' alt='_war-m10.jpg'>
  3. welk

    Mod "Third Reich" for SC1

    The mod is not uploaded in the repository because the repository display e-mail adress of submitters (Spam robots may take mail adress and it is not good) If you know a serveur that does not need registering to be used, I may upload the mod on The files are approx. 30 Mo (because the mod use large files of a other old Mod after some modifications : "Guy elite Mod" -Credits are given in my mod)
  4. welk

    Mod "Third Reich" for SC1

    Mod is now finished. It uses for interface graphs some stuff of other mod (STRATEGIC COMMAND "ELITE EDITION" GUI MOD, made in 2002 by HolzemFrumFloppen) The game has the entire and exact look of the old (and excellent game) Third Reich PC, including some 3r PC sounds and interface images Same modding work will be made for Sc3 when released (2015 probably)
  5. welk

    Mod "Third Reich" for SC1

    Look of the "official" Third Reich PC
  6. welk

    Mod "Third Reich" for SC1

    A new "total Third Reich" mod (including Third Reich PC sounds) in work The red and blue circles are the exact reproduction of the blue (Allied) and red (Axis) circles that are displayed in Third Reich Pc Avallon Hill to distinguish who controls places on the map. Original sounds of Third Reich PC were extracted from the game and they replace the original sounds of SC1 (same for graphs units, graphs maps, etc). Work on counters units is in progress (not finished). Interface screens will also be worked
  7. welk

    Mod "Third Reich" for SC1

    If someone had download in the past my old mod "Third Reich PC" for SC1, would be nice for me to keep it again Thanks Welk (fantomas)
  8. welk

    New Map mod for SC1

    I play again SC1 and I search my old SC1 mod (Third Reich PC mod, etc). If someone has downloaded them in the past, it would be nice for me to keep them again Thanks Welk (fantomas)
  9. If the game return to hex (no more squares), without doubt I will buy SC3
  10. Is there anybody who have downloaded here my classic boardgame mod for SC2 ? (when I worked here for SC2 mods as "Fantomas") It would be nice to get it again and to try to rebuild it for "SC2 Global conflict" Thanks a lot