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  1. Okay, I understand this is an old game, but I just bought it a month or so ago. Kind of game I wish there were more of. But a couple of points in the rules puzzle me. Like #1: Strategic bombing doesn't seem very effective. Bombing a city tends to knock it down by 1 -3 points typically (per attack). You also destroy a number of points "in the bank" by, what is it, 1 - 2 times the step reduction? So say you get a good die roll and knock the city down by 3. It recovers at one point a turn, so total loss to the defender is 3+2+1=6 points. Say you take out another 3 from the bank. Grand total loss =9. Each bomber point initially costs 50 to build. So if just one bomber is shot down for each 5 attacks, the attacker will lose more PP's worth of bombers than he destroys. I'm not quite sure how to work out the expected bomber loss, but empirically I think the attacker loses about 1 bomber per two attacks or so. This doesn't even count the oppportunity cost, i.e. the money used to build bombers could have been used to build something more effective. Am I missing something or is strategic bombing pretty much a waste of time in this game?
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