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  1. I'm up for a game if anyone interested, side or battle doens't bother me, Aus timezone, Pbem
  2. Completely agree with above statement. QB feature alone I would pay for.
  3. Hi all, Shouting out again, looking for opponents for the below games, had a good run a while ago with some really good people, looking to start again, kinda dropped off from having a new family but have got some time back again finally. games are... CMBN all modules CMFI+GL CMBS CMFB Also have CMSF and all modules but would probably wait for x2 Also have dropbox. cheers all.
  4. Richi

    CMBS - New player LFG

    yea i dont bother with the helper, i find it easier with dropbox, account is free. if you like mate get dropbox, setup a BS match and we will get started, ill message you my email to send dropbox invite
  5. Richi

    CMBS - New player LFG

    Hey Bufo, I'm always up for a match, im in AUS timezone, usually 2-3 turns a night i can get out. do you have drop box for file swapping?
  6. Richi

    Wanted, CMSF Players

    haha no worries, check pm mate
  7. Richi

    CBBN and/or CMSF

    Looking for players for either... have all modules for shock force except nato have all modules for normandy and v4. can do 3 4 turns a day min, more on weekends.
  8. ah ok, so unlike me buying update 4 for BN because i purchased BS only a few days ago version 4 and the 2 patches released so far are included in the game? i have no problem if i have to buy v4 for BS but if i don't bonus, it gets to go towards FB haha. cheers mate
  9. Hey Mate, I'm up for multi, just picked up black sea so although experienced with SF and BN BS is new to me, so would appreciate smaller scenario to start with, also if you have a look at my forum post below for 6 years ive been looking for a multi game but unsuccessful, so this would be my first and i have no idea what i need to do. also im Aus timezone if that matters. cheers mate
  10. Hi all, Just purchased black Sea, installed it and when i activated the key it says it unlcoked Black sea and Engine 4? I start the game up and it sase game engine 4 and game version 2? So is v4 included and do i need any additional patches? as game says version 2 but download patches are only at version 1.04? thanks all.
  11. Richi

    Wanted, CMSF Players

    Resurecting this bad boy!! Im still looking for a SF opponent....6 years and counting by the look of it... also cmbn and i have all modules....if BS is more populer could pick that up still yet to play against someone...real time or pbem im happy with, no idea how to pbem or where to put files though.
  12. any chance we can turn it into a rolling preview.......to the border......or should i do the melb ---> syd drive for this.....hhmmmm
  13. Hi all, Been trying to get up and going with multiplayer but can never seem to find opponents for RT, ive installed both the 3rd party chat room things, himatchi and tunggle, but no dice, just wondering if any aussies or anyone in sync with our time frame is up for some games, im still yet to try this game multi, also i have all xpacks and not fussed with what i play. cheers all.
  14. so can i manually do that to all campaign missions and scenarios and missions, across all xpacks?
  15. yea wha im after is even extentions to the max, as i find 3/4 of the time i spend prepping and moving into position, but as im executing my plan i find im almost out of time so i have to rush alot of units and end up with alot of casulties as opposed to seeing my plan through. Would there be any possibility of moving everything to 2 hrs, even if it means the enemy AI just react to my moves rather that doing things on there own? thanks for the replies as well guys.
  16. Hi All, I asked the question ages ago about a mod for removing the time limit completely, anything like this been released yet or in the works? really enjoy the games but for me i like to plan and execute with longer then they allow. cheers all. richi
  17. Hi All, Looking for someone for real time CMSF games, i'm in Melbourne, Australia, may be a bit hard but sure it can be done I have all modules but not fussed which one to play. Best way to get hold of me is through Steam, as it's the fastest, and by the time I read my email or here I could be a day or so late :/ Anywho, lemme know and give me a shout, Also I am a member of the Battlefront Games group on steam. Cheers, Richi
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