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  1. A certain "other game" on this website (cough Russian) vers 2 and 3 did a pretty good job of rendering elevation to lighting with dynamic shadows. Not to mention some very slick background horizons. The scale and play could be considered comparable to CMBN. Unfortunately, or fortunately for CMBN, superior tac unit AI rests with CMBN.
  2. I find myself using mostly point target for this very reason
  3. Is there any way for you modders to set the time of day in quick battle maps and have it stick? Some of the quick maps look like crap because if day is selected they are spot lighted directly from the overhead. Too bright. No means of discerning small changes in ground contour. Dusk and Dawn is too dark. There should have been, in addition to Day, Dusk, Dawn and Night, a Morning and an Afternoon option. I have started to fool around with the scenario editor to change this but it seems quick battles might be limited to the 4 extreme times of day.
  4. I've lost more of my own troops to emergency Artillery than the enemy it was intended for. An emergency barrage could land anywhere the spotting round typically would have. So rule of thumb make sure friendlies are far away from the impact zone.
  5. Maybe someone could do a small voice mod for air and artillery call-ins portraying a sense of urgency, and maybe some prc25 style impedence. Not meant as criticism for the game as what is there is fine, its just something that hasn't been modded yet. You tube has some actual recordings for examples. I know they are mostly viet nam, but it gives a good idea. Also a voice announcing reinforcement arrival. On occasion with all the mayhem going on, explosions, tunnel vision, I have looked back wondering how long have those guys been sitting there.
  6. My bet's on the new fiscal year. BF don't want to give the tax man his due without using fresh deductions in a new year.
  7. This can be a bit of a struggle at times. I ordered a soldier into an immobilized Kubel wagon to acquire rounds but he kept jumping out. I had to hit the escape key just as he got in, transferred the ammo. Is this something that can be done if in close proximty to the vehicle? Im thinking soldiers don't like to jump in the drivers seat of an immobilized jeep.
  8. for a sale price I'll buy. Sure I've been playing CMBN like everyone else. But I may go so far as saying the one place Tow2 is a little better is with the simple editor and mission generator. Now that i've finished the campaigns I may go to Tow3 Korea while waiting for the CM sequel.
  9. Well the contract to purchase chinooks got stalled by the NDP so resupply will have to be from good ole Jingle trucks again. Unfortunately the guy with the Carl Gustav is on LTA right now and won't return until after block 6.
  10. Just wondering what exactly happens to your tank when the commander gets killed. Is there a C2 style delay. Or does accuracy or other attributes get penalized. Also if a gunner is killed does the loader sub in. Is damage even compartmentalized in this fashion.
  11. the game is 12 years old. Lets move on to the next generation and port the strategic layer to the new engine. Sorry but I gave my pentium 1 away along time ago.
  12. you're gonna hate TOW1. Yes Kursk would be a better example. Afrika is OK too if you don't mind the desert.
  13. How are houses for LOS now. I found them OK in TOW2, but they took a step back in kursk and maybe caen where lone soldiers didn't look for LOS from within the houses or went to the wrong window, or the LOS was too narrow. I realise Korea would not have strong houses like brick so this might not be a concern in this game.
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