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  1. I wonder if there is a mod that would give a feeling of, you know, desaturated colours.
  2. Hi , do we just have to keep them close to the related AT/MG ? how far ?
  3. Thank you ! and where can i find PBEM players ? i d like to start a PBEM game, (i have CW too)
  4. for me, Combat mission has always been an "Advanced Squad Leader boardgame" for PC. so it's WEGO !
  5. thx a lot, i ll try different things and eh, i love battlefront so much i ll maybe buy the game even if i have to run it at minimum settings !
  6. i can play it at 1280 800 with all set to minimum (models and textures). it is smooth but not really beautifull as soon as i raise a little the setting it gets really slow (just a few fps)
  7. it's a laptop but it meets the minimim requirements. (2ghz, enough ram etc) my card is a Radeon mobility HD3740. i think it has 256meg i m so sad i ll have to play at work lol)
  8. Hi, i love this game but unfortunatly my computer can t really handle it but in minimum settings. i tried to open Display Size.txt and put 800 600 but when it won't work. is there a way to play this game 800 600 resolution ? ty
  9. What if : sub targeting is not allowed on "in fog of war cities" ? you need spy plane above , or people to actually see the target
  10. ok now that i spent a few hours playing, i can say that this game has the Sid Meier's "on more turn" syndrom. i just can't stop ! awesome. i ll recomend it. good job !
  11. HI, i am new, i just bought the game. i wanted to let you know that i bought it thanks to the video described above. and i don't have any regret. Of course, i'm a wargamer. So i think you should target grognards and wargamers audience BUT , your game is so easygoing that you could also target a more casual audience like the one who plays WEEWAR you are in what we frenches call a ``niche`` (a nest) , so you just have to be a sniper at targeting audience, and you ll be fine. You could also communicate a little more around your user created content INTEGRATED tools (with no funnel effect) , because that is the future and you are already there. Don't forget your 2 targets : 1- wargamers who like historical realistic stuff BUT ARE FED UP with Matrix Games stupid mission editors ! they want to be able to create a theatre in 15 min. 2- casual turn based players who plays Weewar and Advanced war and also , i did not hesitate a long time before to buy it because i played Combat Mission series and love them. so because it is labeled BATTLEFRONT , i trusted. give trust is what you do well , but this takes LOTS OF TIME , so the last advice is , keep the good work , cheap and smart ! Thanks for this nice game tho.
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