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  1. Yea basically anyone still playing/ up for a pbem game with a noob like me Zolacat123@googlemail.com
  2. It is also better for destroying entrenchment it takes 2 points off not just 1.
  3. ah right thats a shame, thanks for the help though, its a great game just a shame that you sometimes run out of time when you could carry on.
  4. Had a go with the campaign editor, it is quite simple to use but i couldn't find any feature that allows the campaign time to be extended.
  5. Thanks managed to get it to work and won the match, Once I had got paris his income start to fall and I pushed him back further into Germany Then the time ran out and I achieved victory, are there any mods to take away the time limit
  6. Whats the best way to attack and capture paris? Its currently 1946 and its looking like its gona be a draw which is not to bad I don't think, it doesn't look like the axis player is gona be able to take england or usa as he is still stuck in the med and north africa, although he doesn't have to worry about russia which is annoying I have about 3 usa armies on the spanish border I own the port at the top left of france cannot think of its name as im typing this now and I have 2 spare half strength corps near the port. He has a corps in france and in the rest of the french towns but no spare units that can move around. In the economic situation We are currently both got the same amount of income around 400 ish each I have slightly more and within the next few turns when I border my unit next to paris My income will go up considerable and I will have a good economic advantage. I have around 5/6 15 strength air unit on the english coast but the corps in paris has level 6 entrenchment, The problem I've got is that I need to be able to take it very quickly once I make a move, currently the axis player is not trying to push me out of the top of france or spain as he is plowing most of his money into turkey. However, most of my usa troops are being sent to turkey to try to stop the axis from taking it. So once I make a move on paris he will immediately start to buy alot of troops and corps to bolster the defenses there which will make it very hard to take. If I do manage to take it and hold it it will give me a good advantage and If i can hold it till 1947 I think i'll win.
  7. Oh brilliant just tried it and so it does, well that has defiantly helped, no if I could just get paris then I might stand a chance of being able to win
  8. Hi, Love the game but cannot find any active forums, and I do have a few questions, so i'll fire away and see if anyone still visits these forums. Right so Im playing a hotseat game against a friend and he is axis im the allies he has taken out france, but russia is set to neutral as he has not played the game much to give him a sort of advantage. he took out spain and portugal but i got an american army 15 strength into Gibraltar to stop him advancing into north africa which I have conquered he tried to kill the army but once it got weak I just brought another one across and replaced it in the same turn so in the end he gave up and moved his air units to turkey to start an attack there which is currently still ongoing, I then counter attacked in spain and push him back liberating spain and portugal but my problem is the strategic resources are all at 50% efficiency so the spanish citys only produce 5mpp why is this and yes i have held them for a few turns but they do not recover to full strength.
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