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  1. Hey ive seen ths before....ah thats right! x png
  2. interesting, I will look up "a bloody ride" and "Zawiya uprising", I dont own CMFI, yet atleast :P. cheers for the reply!
  3. What other campaigns have you made mate? 😁
  4. the campaign isnt mine πŸ˜… its already published
  5. Sweeet, got my teeth into the totenkopf Kursk campaign at the moment so will look forward for some more totenkopf action!
  6. for the past couple of months ive been trying to roleplay C2 as much as I can, craeting my CPs and liason points. I have to say I have noticed how info travells up and down the chain and my units seem to spot quicker and act better. Nice to see this concept in the mission!
  7. So awesome jajaja, how you guys pull this off is fantastic. Are there multiple AI plans? I mean will each playthrough give a different AA for the enemy?
  8. Genial, he visto tus videos y me han molado, sigue asi!
  9. Well its only 2 scenarios long jajaa but I have to say you have motivated me to get back on it. I dont know when but I will finish it soon! I will need help when it comes to making the actual campaign files etc though. will let you all know.
  10. I still have all the files...all i need is some tweaks and the motivation/time to finish it all up... πŸ˜…πŸ˜Œ
  11. Im playing the dutch campaign and have to say the same thing has carried over from SF1, im suprised no one has mentioned it. The dutch GILL ATGM is completely broken. I havnt done the maths but im getting less than a 10% hit rate in all my launches. The missiles constantly over shoot the target and drop 50-100 meteres behind the target. We use that ATGM in my unit and although it depends alot on the users skill its nowhere near a less than 10% impact weapon.
  12. Another thing has come up. Whats up with the GIL ATGM? almost 20 launches against static targets and just 3 hits, all of the mises falling just behind the target. AI know the GIL i just another name for the Spike ATGM, which ive worked with. I accept they can be some misses sometimes but this many?
  13. Great to have the dutch back ! Im just having one issue with the CV90s. They are using their airburst rounds all the time instead of just targets in the open or in trenches, which means they waste their rounds targeting buildings etc. Here is a photo. All this makes their HE rounds useless when supporting. https://resizeimage.net/viewimg/ZONS707GAIwgjdOg/xJ7Uo/sin-t--tulo.bmp
  14. That harris detail is amazing jajajajja. Amazing work as always Oleksandr, great to have you around again! Downloading! Is there anyway you can make the Harris mod for the rest of the countries?
  15. Well if its that effective in real life...then thats what the game is supposed to represent. Ive fired AGLs at targets almost 1 kilometer away and they spread out but the group was tight, and this was from an AGL mounted on a humvee-like vehicle. And yes I have notied that tripod mounted AGLs shoot a tighter group. They also seem to fire off extremely long bursts. MIx the long burts with almost no accuracy makes them useless.
  16. Yeah i dont like the mk19s in CMSF2 either. The spread is awful. Im playing the CMBS battle pack and some platoons have 3 out 4 strykers armed with mk19s and its just bad. Much prefer the 50 cal. I believe this was addressed some time ago but i dont know what came of it.
  17. Yeah whenever they go over a certain weight limit they cant "fast". Doesnt have to have them carrying a heavy weapon, it can be tons of ammo aswell.
  18. All but the brit and dutch campaigns have been updated, so far.
  19. Topography of the Lang Vei SF camp area finished. Map size is 3840x4720. Now to get started on decorating it upload pic
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