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  1. Good thing about the current version of the engine one can create similar looking Spec Ops units, attaching sniper teams, Jtacs, vehicles etc etc. So its just up the creators imagination.
  2. ahh right! good to hear will reinstall BS with all the updates. Thank you!
  3. Where may one download the CMBS Battle pack? its no longer listed to dowload in the website. Thank you.
  4. It seems to be all squads of all formations armed with PKMs. They all start with just 100 rounds.
  5. preety good man, ive been thinking of modding some of that area aswell.... looks great keep it up!
  6. Southfront is obviously biased, but if you can see through it its i believe one of the best sources of day to day news about what going on in Syria. And produce alot of very cool mini documentaries. PS: here is another extremely long but extremely interesting about "the workshop", where IS did alot of its modifications of alot of its armoured vehicles. It goes extremely into depth. Recomend if you have the time http://spioenkop.blogspot.com/2017/08/armour-in-islamic-state-story-of.html
  7. Hi there. im playing through the market garden campaign and im at the heuman lock BRIDGE scenario and im unable to cross the bridge. I saw there was a post on this but it was closed. Just wanted to see if there was ever a fix found for this since ive quite enjoyed the mission and would like to see it finished. Thank you!
  8. Hmmmm ive seen this beach assault before!
  9. jejejej dont worry, wouldnt be the first time i see a barren map and think wow excelent for my vehicles, to later find out ive had trees off all along 😁enjoy the mission!
  10. just a question, i think have you got trees turned off? I recall that mission is full of orchards in that area. EDIT: id deffinately say you have them turned off, that 2 story building at the top right was deffinatly infront of trees/bushes.
  11. id imagine using the Infantry Brigade Combat Team organization in the game should work for you. I cant say if they have the amount of javelins but id asume so.
  12. Probably one of the most insane things ive seen done with the CM engine...amazing work.
  13. was that really in BS? cant say I noticed that while playing and I have not noticed it in CMSF2
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