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  1. Always look forward to your mods mate!
  2. As long as the scenarios are interesting and it looks mildly turkish no one is going to complain
  3. boche

    56th SBCT at NTC

    Great video. truly envy your instalations and your budget, having the ability to roleplay those scenarios so well. Wish we had something that good.
  4. Thanks Ian, I shall do that, and thanks for the links!
  5. Hi there battlefront, really looking forward to CMSF2! Quick couple of questions. I own copies of CMSF modules (one each and then i rebought the bundle) but I do not own a CMSF base game on your website. Question is will there be a discount for me say to buy and upgrade the modules separately from the base game? Say for example I preorder the base game now and then buy the upgrade for all the modules once that is available. Is that a viable option? Also I cant seem to find somewhere to download Black sea battle pack 1, i purchased it but I dont have the files anymore after having the PC brake. Where can I downlaod it? Thank you in advance
  6. boche

    Can we "bail" crew-served TOW's in SF2?

    Anyone who has had to carry a relatively modern ATGM system understansd why they are vehicles that take them...😌
  7. boche

    CMSF2 Demo

    FEDS: can you explain to us sir you business in Syria YOU: I wanted to recreate task force thunder. FEDS: what?!
  8. Great as always Mord. Glad to see we will have mods right out of the gate. Just an idea, any chance of changing the colour of the Uncon bandana? Instead of being fighter black? Or are these the portraits just for the fighters?
  9. boche

    CMSF2 Demo

    That Adidas wearing Uncon pic is top notch jajajaja that mod has to be put into CMSF2! Looking forward to getting my hands on some CMSF2, will bring back great memories ^^
  10. In his defence he did say NATO module forces
  11. boche

    New Uncon Models?

    this is something im very interested about too, id like combatants to have access to all the gear fighters do!
  12. boche

    New Uncon Models?

    hmm yes I remember the old CMSF. I did recall fighters having all that stuff, I should have said combatants. I would like combatants to have access to those things aswell, if not well those teams will just have to be fighters and that is that. Thanks Mord
  13. boche

    New Uncon Models?

    Someone (cough cough) may be already working on current Syria scenaros for CMSF2....I dont know who though....πŸ˜πŸ™„ PS. please tell me uncons have specialist teams with HMGs, ATGMS, etc...
  14. AFAIK Canadians in SF1 didnt have javelins, they had the eryx? and their wierd own atgm with lots of letters