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  1. was that really in BS? cant say I noticed that while playing and I have not noticed it in CMSF2
  2. Afghan Commandos and their US Special Forces Handlers clear a room Mods used: CPT Millers US Army Multicam Division Pack SIr Lancelots Syrian Realism Mod 37mm Ak74 to m16 pack
  3. I do! 2nd Battalion Almansa Regiment is an armoured cavalry unit today. 3rd Battalion Almansa Reg. was indeed a mechanised unit but was dispanded early 2008, coindidently 😅 Im going to see if I can find a TO&E for spain circa 2008, see what we can extrapolate from that.
  4. Id go maybe with republican guard? or Special forces with woodland camo mod? thats how I have my Afghan commandos in my mini campaign. An example: ANA commandos with MARSOC. Mods: SIr Lancelots Syrian Realism Mod Mjkerners USMC Helmets and Gear.
  5. Sure! Just the only thing I believe should be looked at is that the "Almansa" battalion is a cavalry unit, not a mechanised infantry unit. And the Toledo "Airborne" battalion is just airborne by name,. like its brigade. It was created with the purpouse of being an air assault brigade but never really got to that level and preety much just kept its "airborne" designation right up to 2015, and even today its still comonly known that way. If you want to change the names after this info I can give you some data. 😋 This is all superfluous really anyway but hey...If only wed get some spanish in CM!
  6. Just a quick question, what are you guys doing to upload screenshots? I keep getting the message "you are only allowed X amount of KB". Im saving them in jpg to make them smaller but still....cheers in advance
  7. Im curious about the Spanish OOB and where you got them from.Where those the units assigned as quick reaction forces that year?
  8. Maybe you could add in RPG7 teams to the platoons using the specialist teams menu?
  9. Boche

    campaign Semper Fi - AAVs everywhere

    No worries, learn something everyday . I also found all of this curious when i started the USMC campaign back in CMSF1 and got into digging. If you want to read more you can always wiki what a Marine Expeditionary Unit (what you play as in the campaign) is all about:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_expeditionary_unit A snippet from what you play as in the campaign: "The ground combat element (GCE) is based on the battalion landing team (BLT), an infantry battalion reinforced with an artillery battery, amphibious assault vehicle platoon, combat engineer platoon, light armored reconnaissancecompany, tank platoon, reconnaissance platoon, and other units as the mission and circumstances require. The total strength is approximately 1,100 members, including navy sailors."
  10. Boche

    campaign Semper Fi - AAVs everywhere

    The AAV is the only mechanised vehicle they have to trasport people. in 2003 thats what they rode. Ofcourse they arent designed to take much damage so...use them as such. I think the only scenario in the campaign is used them to fire on positions was mission 2 where they was just no other unit available. Also take into account an AAV platoon conists of 12 vehicles. The`proportions in the campaign are correct. YOu never see more than one AAV platoon in any scenario. One AAV platoon carries a Marine company.
  11. looks great, will be giving it a go!
  12. Excellent! time to give "The Factory" another go