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  1. Yeah whenever they go over a certain weight limit they cant "fast". Doesnt have to have them carrying a heavy weapon, it can be tons of ammo aswell.
  2. All but the brit and dutch campaigns have been updated, so far.
  3. Topography of the Lang Vei SF camp area finished. Map size is 3840x4720. Now to get started on decorating it upload pic
  4. AFAIK the javelin was launchable from inside a building even in SF1.
  5. Well it aids in having more chance of surviving the combat experience yes
  6. This is deffinatelly somethign that would really help
  7. One of my pet peeves with scenarios is time limits, Often i find them too limiting. When I run infiltrations, and assaults in real life they take way longer than the two hours alot of the long scenarios give you. I would always ask for atleast 3 hours...
  8. Good to see this is back, have been waiting for the new installment too long! Lets see how tough it become for the marines in the city.
  9. Sounds good. I can get started on the lang Vei part... I can maanage the contours atleast and finish that soon. Thanks for the sources! Good thing about Lang Vei there seems to be alot of photos and maps on how the camp was organized. Ill probably make the map bigger just to fit my own plans for the map but it can always be scaled down to fit the campaign
  10. @Combatintman Coincidentally Ive been playing the old Vietcong and that got me reading into the Lang Vei SF Camp battle, and thought of this mod...and the area seems doable to do as a master map...thought id give it a go.
  11. Any chance we can get our hands on atleast the map texture part of the mod? so we can make a map or two?
  12. BMP3s also have infantry manning 2 mgs at the front. so you can have one expel insane fire from the front.
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