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  1. Empiresofsteel.com - and I assume that's where most people are actually finding your game if they're not active followers of Battlefront to begin with.
  2. Well, as someone who has just stumbled over the game, played the demo, and who also comes from a game marketing background, I thought it would be worth it to chime in. As others have said before, you definitely need to decide which audience you want to tackle here. You have a very robust base game going on, but it's too simple for hardcore wargamers, while lacking transparency for the more casual crowd. As a matter of fact, I think your game's graphics are one of the strongest points - in a world where most wargames have terribly inconsistent art direction with muddy, downright ugly graphics, you got some excellent clean and pleasant visuals going on. At this point, the game really feels too generic. I am a bit younger but I've never heard of "Empire" so constantly using that as a reference point won't really help me or other players of my age (early 20s). The generic-ness isn't really helped by the decision to use anonymous unit names such as "Infantry 1" etc. This is such a good place where you can inject some own flavor into the whole thing! The UI in general still feels a bit too cluttered, which goes against the clean, actual graphics. If you're going for the more casual crowd, this needs to be cleaned up a bit. More game options for additional flexibility have already been mentioned. Adjustments for game speed etc. by means of different starting scenarios etc. would be a great help. Make the game cross-platform. With Steam now coming over to OSX, indie gaming is gonna be gaining a lot more traction on Macs. Then use that opportunity and go Steam with the whole game. You get in early and your game will get free publicity on the sole basis of being one of the first indie games being distributed via Steam on OSX. As others have noted, Battlefront simply doesn't suffice because your game is sitting between the chairs, so to speak. Also - and this is perhaps more important than the game's current flaws itself - you SERIOUSLY need a better website. Sorry but it's barely serviceable at this point. Coming from a review somewhere else, it's okay enough, but otherwise - it's a mess. Put some review quotes on the home page, some of the features that make your game stand out! Get yourself a web designer, go for a more modern look, more colors, some nice artwork! This will make it a LOT more appealing to people. Get people to talk about and review your game. Hit up places with hardcore PC gamers like www.rockpapershotgun.com. You need more exposure. If you can manage to polish up your game a bit and spread the word, you have a wonderful gem on your hands here. All you need is a more distinct direction for the game itself and a better way to present it on the web. Hope that helps.
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