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  1. I'm amazed the game actually allows this. As a historian I find this highly unrealistic. Though my opponent has pulled it off with an impressive amphibious force for December '39 landing 2 Armies and 2 Corps. I gotto laugh at this. I need something a little more realistic.
  2. Please forgive me if this is OT, but I saw the word suggestion, and not wanting to be the first person to start such a thread, decided to post this one here. I love the game and am eternally grateful the someone has tackled WW2 on the global strategic level. Lord knows I'm probably hated over at another company for trying for 7 years to get them to enhance the scope of one of their games to this level. Actually a couple things. One suggestion would be to allow players to open up the game while waiting for a move, allowing one to better plan. And the next one would be the ability to save a game mid-turn. I know there are some who consider time as an element of game play. One person actually wanted to use a chess clock. But it would be nice, especially when the game gets very complicated, to be able to take a break and go back to finishing the turn when more time is available.
  3. I'm looking for an opponent that will not loose his cool and delete the game if the turn doesn't get returned on their schedule. Also someone who realizes that effective communication can solve ANY problem. Someone who is content starting a second game with someone else if the turn is delayed. Early on the game is easy. But as the war progresses, the fact that one cannot save a game mid-turn can require a larger chunk of time than I regularly want to endure. That doesn't mean I don't want to play. I do. But I already have a job with a schedule. This is a game for fun and I play when I can and when I want to. I prefer Axis 39 but would would gladly give the Allies a whirl if that was all there was available. PM me if interested.
  4. Though I've not seen it printed, I have to believe the carrier air groups are like only 20% the size of the fighter groups. So it should be tweaked.
  5. If I haven't already said it, I agree this is not only a great game, but the shape of computer grand strategy, for pbem anyway. Upon reading the Wargamer critique, they mentioned slow ship transit time. Since units represented are considered to be deliberately scouring their area for enemy, and thus the speeds make sense. perhaps a mode(like with subs) could be added for increased transit time at a cost of vulnerability to enemy attack. Alternatively, some form of operational movement could be afforded to ships, with either direct enemy attacks(when called for) made with additional advantage, or even ome kind of MPP loss when passing through raiders/subs.
  6. A good idea. What I do is turn on Pandora set to Jerry Goldsmith and then open the game. It would be nice if I could turn off the opening music though, as it clashes with what's playing.
  7. Another thought was that, when upgraded, it would be nice if the infantry symbol were to changed to heavy/motorized or mech as well. Perhaps the same with tanks.
  8. My suggestions are probably already mentioned somewhere, regardless I would very much like a reasonable estimate as to what designs equate to which technology level for quick reference. I know there are 3D sprites as guidelines, but I don't use them. Perhaps there is still some debate, and I'm sure each campaign will have it's own. Does anyone have a chart made up I could copy and paste? I have my own ideas on the naval unit composition which I'd share if anyone is curious.
  9. If I could add a request that I somehow be able to mull over my game maps while waiting for a turn?
  10. Thanks for that explanation. Would it be alright to ask(since i can't seem to find it) what effect the supply level has on combat.
  11. I'm looking still, but have yet to see this covered in the manual. HQs act as beacheads? Come to think of it, I could use any information on supplies; effects of being out of for one.
  12. You're against digital downloads and I'm against any needless waste of paper. Though not against you wanting or having a hard copy. Battlefront is in the business of selling games, so I'm sure something will be done to accommodate you. My intention was to save you time and money by getting an equivalent quality hard copy printed yourself.
  13. Restarting the game with 1.01, it seems that overwriting old file names does not seem to save turns, or so says my opponent. i made 2 copies of my first turn, which I usually do to expedite new games, and it seems neither file either saved properly or will open as he claims to have an error showing. Is it him? I don't know. Is there anything anyone can tell me that may shed light on why this is happening(before i move again)?
  14. Your attitude, my attitude ...it's life being adrift at sea for 5 ...plus years on a lifeboat like that Alfred Hitchcock movie; everyone slowly losing it in one way or another. And to think all that time Battleground was dialing in my rescue. Grats. I am macgregor btw.
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