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  1. I've had this before, just move the mortar and it should resolve it. Probably a bug though
  2. Im sure I've seen friendly fire casualties caused by .30cal, only when such rounds were bursting on trees though
  3. I think its in the repository, the other mission from the demo is anyway
  4. CMBN is quite sluggish for what you get graphics wise, but the figures you give for your spec are way lower than they should be. Depending on the map size i get 20+ FPS at max settings with shadows on, yes i get a massive increase in FPS with shadows off but there is definitely either something wrongly configured in your system or it just doesn't like your system
  5. Just did a quick test A squad will throw grenades on target order but only once they have expended all rifle grenades/zooks I personally think they should put it back to how it was in CMSF
  6. The main big difference is that MTC would never tire out troops, hunt will tire troops out quite quickly in CMx2
  7. Oh yes, saving private ryan, that well heralded, verified documentary that should be the cornerstone for any historically accurate normandy game
  8. Hamachi is likely to be your problem. If you use the free version you get a very low priority of bandwidth on the hamachi servers
  9. Define "fast internet" How did you guys connect to each other, do you both go direct from your PC into a modem and as such just use a direct IP address or do you use a client such as Hamachi This isn't likely to be a graphics issue, as far as i'm aware no graphical information is sent in multiplayer. Go to these 2 websites http://www.speedtest.net/ http://pingtest.net/ And run a test on each and let us know the results
  10. I have both having an uber PC rocks, although it still sometimes gets sluggish so i'll turn the model quality down as far as improved on the fly. I do tend to run 2 screens at a time though.
  11. Perhaps the size isn't random, but the strength of the bocage is? certain spots of bocage are set to be weaker and will blow a vehicle sized hole every time. Best way i've found to get a vehicle sized hole in one charge is to blast diagonally across an existing mini gap in the bocage
  12. I believe we had official word from BF on this that KO'd vehicles offer inf cover but not vehicles
  13. LOS shouldn't be abstracted. Sometimes it can give dodgy results against buildings as LOS is calculated from/to the centre of the buildings, so even if your troops can spot 1 edge of a building if they cant plot LOS to the centre you cant order them to target it (altho if they spot a unit they can and will shoot at it) Could you provide screenshots?
  14. WEGO is the future, despite being uh the past Seriously RT is virtually impossible on anything bigger than a CO size for most players, for me on anything more than platoon lol
  15. The base game only covers up to end of august 44 so that would be why that one is not in there
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