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  1. I just noticed in a Military.com article that the Stryker is getting a 30mm upgrade. There’s still time to get it into the next patch? (Hope,Hope,Hint,Hint)
  2. Just curious, were proximity fuses ever utilized in the 4.5" rocket artillery? Given the Americans' penchant for '155MM Recon', it seems like a swarm of airbursts from a Xylophone battery would just about sterilize the strike zone.
  3. Do we have a timeline yet on CMFB’s first BattlePack?
  4. tankgeezer

    Compass Mods

    Well crumb. Back in the day we used a marine dome style compass on my Dad’s Tolleycraft Sedan (Lake Powell). The other type still confuses me to this day.
  5. tankgeezer

    Compass Mods

    Is there a compass mod out there whereby the compass rose rotates instead of the arrow?
  6. tankgeezer

    Two Measly Rounds of Small Arms

    No, unfortunately I'm several turns past that incident.
  7. tankgeezer

    Two Measly Rounds of Small Arms

    But my boys were locked into the Veteran mode in the setup, which is why I was so surprised. The Chaffee displayed the 'pop smoke' indicator for just an instant, then went dead. If I read correctly, crews were are now more likely to button up quicker when under fire.
  8. My Chaffee squares away at some infantry occupying a two story building and begins to receive some small arms fire (it’s unbuttoned). A couple of rounds ‘ricochet into the opening’ (commanders hatch). Nobody is hit but the crew bails out anyway and the tank shows knocked out with no indication in the damage panel what got hit. Not real sure how two rifle rounds could K.O. a tank or is this just the worst luck in the world? Hope this doesn’t turn out to be a bug exclusive to the Chaffee.
  9. tankgeezer

    Shoot and Scoot

    BullsEye, Pak40!! If I remember correctly, that's exactly how it seemed to work in CMx1.
  10. tankgeezer

    Shoot and Scoot

    And; I might add, still keep the one-click 360º!
  11. tankgeezer

    OK... that was awesome!

    I can still remember the first demo on the very first Combat Mission game. It was a revelation compared to everything else out there, back in the day. When was that, anyway?
  12. tankgeezer

    Shoot and Scoot

    Hear, Hear, Shoot & Scoot I say. Bring it back (along with the auto-180º target arc).
  13. tankgeezer

    Mac OSX - Sierra

    Oopsie! couldn't see the forest for all them dang trees, canceled my ticket & now have all my games up game engine v4. ( see my solution over in the Red Thunder forum - )
  14. tankgeezer

    ShoutOut to Steve G. & John C.

    I may be old, but at least I'm slow. Finally dawned on me as to why the upgrade was breaking the game. When the installer originally runs it put each game into its own folder in the Application folder (Mac). I move all games into a sub-folder called Game Thing. The game needs to be in the root(?) level folder for the updater to function. For some reason I drug only the app back out & ran the updater against it (which promptly broke everything). The updater needs to see the entire game folder in order to function. Yup!; 'ToolTimeTim' finally gets it right, I now have functioning CMFB, CMBN, CMRT & CMBS running the v4 game engine.
  15. tankgeezer

    Mac OSX - Sierra

    AlllRighty Then; Sierra installed & directories rebuilt (DiskWarrior), all my other games seem to be doing fine. StarCraft BattleNet & my Steam portfolio all working nicely. Tried a couple of Quick Battles in CMBN & CMBS (v4.0), no glitches at all. I guess it's time to head over to the Mojo Help Desk & open a ticket on CMFB. Wish me luck!