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  1. Wow! You were right! I think I've read that before around here. And the link IS in there! Good to know for future reference. Thanks again Sgt.
  2. Yeah I never got a confirmation email. Just a PayPal one. Come to think of it, I didn't get one for my last purchase a couple days ago either. Can you guys check to see if those notifications are being sent out? Thanks for taking care of this so quickly. Now I can try out Final Blitzkrieg this weekend as well.
  3. Same thing happened to me. There is no download link. My order is still in "Process" and not "Complete". I know someone had to push it along a couple days ago when I purchased an upgrade to another CM game I have. I'd like to know why this keeps happening. I don't want to go through this hassle every time I want to buy a CM game.
  4. Crud... I bought another CM game and it happened again. Is there a number to call? I'll open a ticket in the meantime.
  5. Does that mean there are only four activations and then we have to call again? It will probably be a year or two before I even use up my second license. Though, I really wanted to put this on my new laptop as well. I don't want to burn through them right away. At any rate, it's nice to be playing these games again. I re-purchased the first three games Battlefront made from GOG and they also work great. Good thing I kept those manuals. There's something about printed manuals I really enjoy.
  6. Thanks much! I purchased the engine 3 and 4 updates and they came with the full installs, which is nice. So, I uninstalled the original 1.xx disc version and installed 4 FULL. Now it works like a charm. I read somewhere that you can unlicense a game and not use up your licenses if you're wiping your machine. Reading up on that now. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Can someone please explain why in 2019 I have a downloadable PayPal purchase as pending? I bought the upgrade to Normandy and it didn't provide the download link. How many days do I have to wait for that to take place? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I tried installing it today and it just didn't do anything. Based on what you said, that makes sense. If I buy the upgrade bundle, do I install it from disc, and then install the bundle on top of it? If so, do I still need the disc to play as I only have an external blu-ray/burner only when I need it, and it's really flaky. With that said, I've really been eyeing Final Blitzkrieg. If I were to purchase that, does it come with a PDF manual or is it actually 8 extra dollars for it? Also, what can I expect as far as copy-right? Is it still 4 activations? As I said originally, I re-install Windows a lot and/or upgrade my computer, which requires a reinstall. How much of a hassle is it to contact support for additional activations. Sorry for all the questions, but it's been a LONG time since I've dealt with anything other than Steam or other related game services. Thanks.
  9. Hey all, I bought Combat Mission Battle for Normandy several years ago. I've got a hankering to play it again, but I believe I only had five activations. I rebuild my comps a lot, and I believe I went through all five--although not 100% positive. It's been at least 5-7 years since I opened the metal tin it came in. Will I need to buy the game again or will I need to plop down another 60 bucks for it? If it's the the latter, I may just move on and forget about it. I don't really believe in limited activations once I've spent money on a game. Thanks.
  10. I think I figured it out. Here's what was in the email they sent me. My email was changed to something generic for privacy purposes, or more precisely so a spammer doesn't get it: The User account jdoe_122@comcast.ne has this e-mail associated with it. A web user from http://www.battlefront.com has just requested that a new password be sent. Your New Password is: ****** If you didn't ask for this, don't worry. You are seeing this message, not anybody else. If this was an error just login with your new password and then change your password to what you would like it to be. So I logged in without the 't' on the end and it worked. The question is, how did I get the email? There must be some address corrective functionality somewhere. Thanks for the replies.
  11. Hey guys, Can someone help me out? I'm trying to login to the site to download my pre-ordered copy of CM:BN. However, when I try to login, it's as if the site doesn't even check that the password is correct. It just spits out a pop-up that the login name and password is incorrect. To make matters worse, I requested an email with a new password and THAT doesn't even work. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Thanks Moon. Wow, I was under the impression from others that you only have a limited number of installs per year. But it sounds like you can install it any two computers. If you want to move it to a third computer, you need to unlicense it on one of the others. And I'd imagine that works the same when you want to re-install Windows on your machine. I'm assuming you want to unlicense it before you format your hard drive to retain the keys. If that's the case, I don't see that as an intrusive DRM scheme.
  13. Hey guys, Long time member here, but had to re-register. I pre-ordered CMBN because I wanted the nice printed manual, but I'm curious about the DRM. Could someone please explain it or point me to a thread that explains it in detail? I'm a little concerned the way people are talking. Why would anyone need to create and image to play a game a year down the road. Do we own the game once we plop down the dollars or are we leasing it for a small period?
  14. Wow, they used the IS-2 through 1995. It must have been pretty impressive.
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