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  1. I'm sure you know that this is far from the only game that has problems with Windows 8. You were, however, one of the first to provide an "official" fix. So Thank You. If you don't mind me asking, is Windows 8 all that bad? I read another developer on another forum call it "evil." From a user standpoint I kinda like it but find the UI to be cumbersome - but that is because some old habits were put to the sword. I essentially got rid of Metro with one of those UI fixes - but I still go back to it here and there - when I want to. Anyway, Merry Christmas and thanks for the fantastic game!
  2. Downloaded the patch for Breakthrough last night and all looks good so far on the Windows 8 front.
  3. I do not see this but don't take it to the bank as I am not exactly certain what I am looking for.
  4. Worked like a charm. Game up and running. Played a couple of turns - everything seems great. Playing full-screen, quick map scrolling, etc. Thanks!
  5. Your attention to this is very much appreciated. The game does not launch. I click the icon and get the error message I noted. I'm starting to get sick of Windows 8.
  6. Well, installed the patch and got a "Current system does not support a 0x0x32 resolution" error when I try to start it up. Running Win 8-64 Radeon 9750
  7. Yup, SC is the superior game (IMHO) but both are very good and will be on my hard drive for a looong time to come. SC also has an entire WWII game included, which is incredible value for the money.
  8. Just an FYI. Just put together a new PC this weekend and the OS is Windows 8-64. Loaded up the games, turned off full screen, turned off map names and Breakthrough ran fine to the end of 1914 (when I quit). Did not try the original game.
  9. Good question. I always upgrade immediately. Like to see what is going on. I do like Windows 8 very much. IMHO, the negatives are way overblown. The OS is pretty darn smooth. The Metro "Start" screen is enjoyable to use, with or without a mouse.
  10. Well, played a game into 1915 as the Germans. Game crashed twice which never happened under Win 7-64. Such a drag. I know it isn't anybody's fault. Hopefully we can get a Win 8 patch. Such a great game. Anyway, my copy of Win 7 is OEM and I have the same PC so I'm guessing a virtualization deal might work. (dunno if the link is good). Still have it on my laptop too which is Win 7, but the game is soooo much better on a 23" screen.
  11. Hey thanks man. Running Breakthrough in non-full screen mode does allow the game to operate. Scrolling is kinda slow but it does play. I suppose they'll be a patch to spruce things up eventually. SC WWI will not run tho.
  12. Just tried the base game and that won't even start. Darn it. Error msg about resolution and shuts down.
  13. Hey folks. Was running Breakthrough just fine in Win 7-64. Upgraded to Win 8 Pro-64 and I can no longer run the game. It loads fine but as soon as the map appears I get the following error: draw_map_to_screen DirectX failed: dder_exception The messages appear whenever I hit a key or click the mouse. I have a Radeon 5770 1GB with an E6600 CPU. Most current driver available from AMD. Can anyone assist?
  14. The Manual lists minimum specs as 1ghz CPU, 512MB RAM, CPU with 128GB VRAM. Pretty mild. I have the game on a Core2Duo laptop with a dedicated GPU with 256 MB VRAM and on a desktop that blows that out of the water. Both machines have 8GB RAM. Runs smooth as butter on both.
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