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  1. I cant say enough about the depth of this game.I have been a World War 2 nut since I was a kid.I am really impressed with this game.I bought the download and my boxed game should be coming in the mail.Looking forward to watching this game expand.Thank you Battlefront!!!!!!!!
  2. These pics look excellent.We all appreciate the hard work.Just shows the Theatre Of War community keeps moving forward.
  3. We all appreciate the hard work your putting into this.I personally do because its going to expand the game more.We all salute you THANX!
  4. Can anyone give me the trigger-Army B reinforcements attack rect-1.also whats the trigger to have my reinforcements move to a rect.Any help would be much appreciated.The Uchroniemods first mission has enemy airborne troops dropped on the map that would also be an good trigger to know.I played that mission 3 times and got my butt kicked.It was a challenge but really enjoyed it.I dont understand my objective because its in French.everyone should try that mod its excellent.
  5. Gamefront-It just says massive mod pack for theatre of war.
  6. I dont know if its because its summer or what,But the Theatre Of War forum has really slowed down.I am going to start uploading the Missions I have been working on just to share and possibly start waking up the best group of modders online.I use to look forward to all the new things people modded and to help me learn.I still think the first Theatre of War is the best and WILL continue to try to improve my missions and campaigns.I am going to start putting more time into it myself.I practice what I preach!Right now I am working on a Battle Of The Bulge Campaign.I will upload as soon as I think Its ready.I am now running a 1900 x 1000 resolution.This just keeps getting better.I downloaded a 4-part mod off a website that had a large group of maps.One of them was Berlin.It was all city.I cannot get that map to work.I wish I could to Modify it to make A Bridge to Far type Campaign.Any advice would be appreciated.Im sure other people downloaded it.How did you make it work?
  7. I dont know if this will help but you can turn off the icons for the units.
  8. Where do I get Balance mod 1-5-2 ?I think I have my copy of Africa is only up to 1-3-6.
  9. Thanx Arzok your always there to help,I really appreciate it.Using the triggers makes the theatre of war series endless as far as what you can do.I hope in the future they make a Pacific War game for Theatre of War.Island fighting,Jungle,beach assaults ect.I will continue to ENJOY the games I already have.Theatre Of War to me is still the best military games out there,and this is still the best Forum.Thank you to everyone who contributes.Have there ever been groups that mod together or create campaigns or maps?
  10. If I want to delay reinforcements for 10 minutes.What would the delay be and where in the trigger would it go?
  11. Thanx.I will give this a try.To me triggers are the hardest part besides making maps.
  12. I have been working on my own missions.I am wondering if anyone can tell me a simple trigger for making the AI attack my forces.Army B to attack Army A.I want my forces to defend.Same thing with reinforcements.How to make reinforcements attack a certain Rect?:confused:
  13. Started playing last nite.everything installed great.I like the new markings on tanks.I just started the 14 mission campaign.
  14. It worked perfect with the mission generator.Can this be done with all the maps in Kursk?It would give us a lot more options creating Campaigns.
  15. Thanx.I look forward to the campaign creator.I wish they would have done that with Kursk.I enjoy all the TOW games.They just keep getting BETTER.
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