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  1. Yes, it works. What problems are you experiencing?
  2. You might try reinstalling the game first as some of the supporting files may have become corrupted. You will need to bring up the version number to the same as before to be able to open the file.
  3. Hi Ace, I'm running Win 7 Ultimate and Win 10 Pro on another machine and had no problems unpacking the mod on either one. If you can post some more information on your system and the software/anti-virus/etc you are running,I'm one of us on the forum can help you. And yes, it is a great mod! Will
  4. Hi Battlefield, Thanks for sharing your mod and please take the time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done! The new sprites are very spritely indeed and I do very much like some of the unit properties you have changed. The corps having two strikes works very well. The additional graphics also add to the flavor of the mod without imposing additional burdens. The AI is also more aggressive than I've seen in other mods although it is still rather easy to sink the British fleet piecemeal in the the North Sea. Changing the deployments to concentrate the fleet in the northern area of Britain (per historical) may help to remedy this some. More later after I've completed a few games. Very snappy response times too! Will
  5. In the US we refer to this sort of thing as "the lights are on but nobody is home". In other words, whomever reviews and approves these things is not paying much attention. This seems to be the case with much of the SC2 franchise as there is a distinct drop off in activity. Unfortunately, the dearth of information on SC3 is troubling also. Makes me wonder if it it's all worth the wait and I suspect I'm not the only one pondering this question.
  6. Patches are usually inclusive. If you are viewing them from the Battlefront site the description should say what is included and what is not.
  7. Yes, they do run with Win 10. I'm on build 10130 and have had no issues so far with AOD. I have not had to make any adjustments to the compatibility settings either. It should run right out of the box. As with Win Vista/7/8 you will have to run the program as an administrator. Just set this in the compatibility tab. Will
  8. Had the same problem myself and the helpdesk sorted it out for me within a few days. This takes a while because the retention policies were different in 2010 and you need to be issued a new license to download the exe. I'll be trying out SCII on my laptop using the Win10 technical preview soon. Hopefully, it will be an easy adaptation.
  9. Any one want to start a pool on when we will see more than just a hot fix for AOD? My guess is this thread will over a year old before AOD 1.04 sees the light of day, if ever...
  10. Seems like the whole thing is on the back burner with the heat turned way down.:confused:
  11. I've seen the first part of the extended series. It's a little different than most documentary - docudramas on the subject but its well done and well worth checking out. Don't know if it's available yet on DVD or blu-ray but I will buy it if it is!
  12. After executing the 1.3.2 hotfix I can no longer run the editor. It crashes with a delphi error (Exception code: 0x0eedfade). It may also be related to a number of updates to Windows 7 which have come out lately. It will no longer run on Windows 8.1 as well. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? The game engine runs as normal. Will
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